"Boycott Cheerios" for Race-Mixing Ad, CoCC VP Urges
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 07 June 2013 23:04
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"Boycott Cheerios" for Race-Mixing Ad, CoCC VP Urges

WINSTON-SALEM, NC. Friday, June 7, 2013. Economic times are far worse
than the politicians let on, leaders of the Council of Conservative
Citizens (CoCC) told the 49th semi-annual meeting of the White rights
organization here today. Leaders called for grass-roots activism on
the part of America's dispossessed Majority.

"Times are so rough that many people who are counted as 'employed'
are, in fact, in part-time jobs at the minimum wage," said CEO Gordon
Lee Baum. Because of these difficult times, "the Council has
experienced strong interest from people in their 20s and 30s, from
areas like Pennsylvania and Ohio. We have made constant progress in
bringing in new people."

Now is the time for grassroots activism and political involvement,
Bill Lord, Jr., Vice-President of the CoCC and Senior Field
Co-ordinator told a panel at the opening session this afternoon. "We
must make an example of Cheerios. When their manufacturer General
Mills starts losing business instead of gaining it, maybe they will
stop insulting us." Mr. Lord was referring to a television ad that has
gone viral on the Internet as a lightening rod for criticism. The ad
features a mixed race couple -- a White mother and Negro father and
their mulatto daughter -- promoting the breakfast cereal as being good
for one's heart. "It promotes interracial marriage and we're against
it," Mr. Lord argued. Mr. Lord urged CoCC members to write protest
letters to General Mills when they return home.

People must get involved with politics on the local level, Mr. Lord
said. "Get involved with your local Democratic or Republican county
committee," he urged. Mr. Lord in Vice-President of the Carroll
County, Mississippi, Democratic Committee. Thirty of the 36 members of
the committee are Council members," Mr. Lord beamed.

The conference continues tomorrow

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