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February 07, 1997

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Paul Fromm Defence Fund

I'm really embarrassed to have to write to you so soon after so many of you were most generous in response to the annual C-FAR fundraising campaign. I'm doubly uncomfortable about having to ask for help in an area in which I have a personal stake.

However, your organization has decided to set up a defence fund to assist me in my fight to keep my job as a teacher in Peel County. You'll know from the January/February Free Speech Monitor which accompanies this mailing that I am again under attack -- it's been six years since the first big campaign to get me fired in 1991 -- by the dark forces of political censorship. The League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith has teamed up with Alan" the Grantcatcher" Dutton to try to have me fired from my position as a teacher.

A Board letter to me seems to suggest that one must subscribe to a form of New Age political orthodoxy in order to remain employed. You "have demonstrated a profound disrespect for the principles of multiculturalism and ethnocultural equity, which are fundamental values of the education system and the Peel Board," I was told. Just the opposite. My treatment of all my students has been scrupulously fair and caring. All students have been treated with equity and concern.

Of course, there's no allegation of misconduct in the classroom. I have an excellent rapport with my students, about 50 per cent of whom are visible minorities. I have stacks of embarrassingly kind letters, notes, and commendations from students thanking me for my concern and help.

No, the attempt to damage me and my family through unemployment is motivated purely by political animosity. It is motivated by the dark, twisted desire to squelch anyone voicing views to which the self-appointed censors of B'nai Brith and the Grantcatcher -- the $725,000 Man -- object.

My situation is very dangerous. The noise from the censorship groups tends to spook politicians. The legal climate has hardened since the Malcolm Ross Supreme Court decision. However, I teach adults, not children. There has been no "poisoned environment" proven or even alleged, except by the B'nai Brith outsiders. There are a host of likely violation of my rights, including a denial of due process: I was given no opportunity to answer any of the allegations before senior staff recommended to the elected trustees that I be fired. Most difficult of all, the warning I received from the Board in1993 was so vague and the incidents that were not to be repeated were so questionable that it would be impossible for a reasonable person to govern himself accordingly, except by complete silence. Requests to clarify what was meant went unanswered.

On the positive side, I have an arsenal of excellent information and documentation for my defence. A number of senior academics in Canada and U.S. are sending the Board letters supporting me, as are many of my students and former colleagues. The response has been most gratifying.

However, I need a strong, fearless advocate. I have such a man. THE BEST! Doug Christie has volunteered to represent me. So, it's DOUG CHRISTIE FOR THE DEFENCE. He is the most experienced lawyer in the country in this area of the law.

However, the "Counsel for the Damned" lives in Victoria. I'm just outside Toronto. Mr. Christie's modest fees, transportation and accomodations will have to be covered. We are also demanding a full and proper hearing, hopefully at a later date at which we want to call witnesses. Their travel too must be covered.

That, therefore, is the purpose of the Paul Fromm Defence Fund -- to help cover the expenses needed to effectively fight off the forces of censorship who wish to inflict poverty and unemployment as the price for any opposition to their agenda.

I must ask that you be as generous as you can. Perhaps, you might wish to send in several postdated cheques to the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

The latest attempt to get me fired is another assault by the dark forces of political censorship. As their favourite causes grow less credible each day, they must strike out furiously at any and all voices raised against them. If I'm fired and crippled financially, these forces know I'll be less effective politically. That, of course, is what they're after. They hope to throttle a writer and spokesman for the views you and I share. It is only on this basis that I feel comfortable appealing to you for your help.

I hope that once again I can count on your support.

All donors will receive a copy of our special Teacher Under Attack Kit, where you'll get the full text of the B'nai Brith press releases and many other fascinating documents.

Donors of $50 or more will receive a tape of Peel Board Battle Update, my speech of February 1, 1997 giving a blow-by-blow account of this latest battle.

Again, thanking you in advance for your concern and generosity, I remain,

Sincerely yours,.

Paul Fromm

p.s. Unfortunately, I need commitments almost immediately. Please use the enclosed self-addressed envelope to make your contribution to the Paul Fromm Defence Fund today.

Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc., Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Paul Fromm Defence Fund

__ Keep up the fight, Paul. Here's my contribution of $ ______ to help you in the fight against B'nai Brith & Alan Dutton to keep your teaching job with the Peel Board. Do rush me your kit entitled Teacher Under Attack. [Donors of $50.00 or more receive Paul Fromm's February 1 speech Peel Board Battle Update.]

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