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Battles for Freedom


Listen to the speech by Steve McNallen in REAL AUDIO!



A CAFE meeting was attacked on Saturday Feb. 27, 1999 by assortment of hoodlums from a terrorist GOVERNMENT FUNDED group called Anti-Racist Action. They have been long known for violent and ILLEGAL tactics in Toronto, including doing a reported $30,000 damage to the home of a member of the Heritage Front in full view of the Toronto Police. See bottom of document for links to info on who the Anti-Racist Action is.

On Saturday Feb. 27, 1999, CAFE held a meeting in Toronto to have Stephen McNallen speak, who is an activist from California. He is a prolific author and former soldier. The topic of his speech was "Who is Kennewick Man & Why Does He Matter?".

The meeting was to start at 7:30pm. At approximately 7:15-7:20pm 20-30 scruffy looking members of Anti-Racist Action broke a window in the corner of the meeting room and charged down the hallway leading to the meeting room.

Stephen McNallen

A lady was standing in the door and they pushed her trying to gain entry to the meeting room. Immediately members of the meeting rushed to the door to help the poor female out, from being physically assaulted further.

Only 3 members of the meeting held off the raging mob of bandanna wearing thugs from entering the room. Immediately one of the Anti-Racist Action hoodlums tried to punch an old gentleman in attendance. This elder, former soldier, grabbed the shirt of the ARA punk and pushed him out the door. More and more Anti-Racist Action troublemakers tried to rush the door.

ALL WERE REPELLED from gaining access to the meeting room. A fire extinguisher was let off in the hallway which had the effect of clearing out all ARA punks from the hall.

They regrouped outside and started to chant such slogans as "Lock the Nazi's in - Burn the Building Down" which seems like a veiled threat after remembering the firebombing arson to Ernst Zundel's place back in 1995.

To be true to their coward form, the mob of ARA members harassed people still coming to the meeting. An elderly gentleman on crutches was pushed and almost knocked to the ground as he tried to pass the raging screaming mob to get to the front door of the meeting hall. All in sight of the local police who stood by and said NOTHING as the ARA mob physically attacked and threatened people going to the meeting.

A strange quirk of oddness came when the police originally showed up. The mob of Anti-Racist Action protesters were yelling that the police and CAFE were "Hand in Hand" but oddly the police *ONLY* harassed people going to the meeting asking to see ID's and taking down people's license plate numbers. No ARA members were asked to show ID, even though, they had broken the window of the meeting hall with a brick, and physically attacked several old people trying to attend the meeting and attacked an elder gentleman who was on crutches. All younger people attending the meeting passed the crowd with little to no difficulty, as per usual the crowd of rabble would only attack people over 60 on CRUTCHES and ALONE! When some of meeting attendees tried to stay outside to help out other people coming to the meeting they were forced by the Police to go inside or leave.

Above: Lobby wrecked by ARA thugs. BELOW: The cleanup starts


With shouts coming from the raging mob outside, the meeting went ahead undeterred and CAFE director Paul Fromm gave a great speech setting up the featured speaker from California, Stephen McNallen. Mr. McNallen told the crowd about what the discovery of the remains Kennewick Man meant, and that people of European origin were first on North American soil and by the evidence gathered by the wounds of Kennowick Man were GENOCIDED by the Indians.

This revelation sheds new light on what the Indians have long since claimed, and blows out of the water the claim that Indians deserve any sort of special treatment or "reparations" as a result of the second wave of European settlers coming to North America, "taking away their land".

He also described in length how the Indians have tried to sabotage further study of Kennewick Man's remains. Kennewick Man's story may never be told through science due to their tampering and contaminating of the evidence.

To order an audio tape of Stephen McNallen's great speech send $5 to the address below.

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