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Battles for Freedom


Straight is Great Demonstration

London, Ontario

July 11.04





Where: London Ontario

Date: Sunday July 11th

Contact: [email protected], [email protected]


For the 3rd consecutive year, Canadian Heritage Alliance and Northern Alliance have united against the Gay Pride Parade in downtown London, Ontario. The Pride Parade begins at 1pm on Sunday July 11, moving along King Street between Richmond and the Western Fairgrounds.


This year, protestors will be holding up signs along the parade route defending traditional family values and denouncing Bill C-250.


Canadian politicians recently changed Bill C-250 to add �sexual orientation� to the Canadian �hate propaganda� law, making public criticism of homosexuality and �sexual orientation� a crime.


This Bill is one example the anti-free-speech measures proposed by our politicians and the growing trend of censorship in Canada against unpopular beliefs, violating our rights of free speech and religion.

The protesters include representatives from the Canadian Heritage Alliance, Northern Alliance, and individuals who oppose the homosexual agenda and the newly introduced Bill C-250.


Bring a sign and help us protest the parade. For additional information about the Straight is Great Demonstration of 2004, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]



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