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Battles for Freedom

UPDATE: On the TV coverage of the Oliver Rally - by Doug Collins (Twisted tales from the tube)

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Doug Collins- Paul Fromm
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Doug Collins
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CAFE's meeting in Oliver went ahead, despite the mayor of Oliver and the British Columbia's Attorney General attempts to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of association.

Sol Littman calls Oliver, B.C. the "Hate capitol of Canada" ... but is it really?

Earlier in the week, Oliver town council had agreed to let the meeting take place, and ads were placed in local papers at a great expense to CAFE and its director Paul Fromm. At the last minute, Oliver Town Council held an emergency meeting and chose to break their contract with Bernard Klatt and not rent the space after all, and then the entire council drove to Mr. Klatt's house and personally dropped off his hall deposit cheque. Oliver Town Council claim that the RCMP had warned them of the potential violence between "racists" and "anti-racists" and that's why they shut the meeting down.

But CAFE is not deterred by small town wannabe censors nor police forces who see fit to try to make their job easier by shutting down meeting before they take place. They seem destined to harrass the motoring public, instead of doing their jobs for which they are paid very well.

Former North Shore News columnist Doug Collins talks to CBC reporter

Undeterred free speech advocates hold "Freedom of Speech rally" on the steps of the Oliver Town Hall for the media and supporters

Bernard Klatt, owner of Fairview Technologies, talks to the media wearing a blue ribbon signifying Freedom of Speech on the Internet.

The Free Speech Team!

(Left to Right) Marc Lemire, Paul Fromm, Doug Collins, and Bernard Klatt

While in Oliver, B.C. decorated war hero Doug Collins doesn't get a warm welcome from the Royal Canadian Legion!



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