Courtesy Dr. David [Communist - Barebum] Lethbridge, Salmon Arm, B.C. [To Internet List - not to us!]

ARA-Toronto sends warning to local Fascists - FYI

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 23:56:48 -0500

Tonight (Saturday, Feb. 27) ARA-Toronto held a protest at Swansea Town Hall, a meeting place of local "suit & tie" neo-Nazi, Paul Fromm. After learning about Paul Fromm's meeting this Wednesday, we pulled out 40 people to send a message to him that we will we won't tolerate his fascist drivel in our community.

Fromm is a long time activist with the extreme right. He was fired by a local school board in 1997 for his continued association with fascist, neo-Nazi organizations, including Toronto's Heritage Front and the U.S. based National Alliance.

This was round one in the latest battle against Fromm, and we scored some valuable points. Our purpose tonight was to deliver a message to Swansea Town Hall, a government funded facility, that if they continue to allow Fromm to use their building, we will do everything necessary to kick Fromm out ourselves.

As we marched up to Swansea Hall in the early evening, it was clear that Fromm's crowd was aware that we would be paying them a vist. With no police in sight and only futile resistance on the part of Swansea Hall's staff, we approached Fromm's meeting room. His loyal followers had placed a table in the doorway and when it looked like our crowd was about to push our way through, someone from inside the meeting room pulled down a fire extinguisher and unleashed a cloud of yellow dust from the extinguisher on us... but not before a neo-Nazi in the meeting yelled, "call the police" and some one smashed a window in the building.

We regrouped ourselves outside and not long after the cops showed up with plenty of questions about who we were... and even more about who the people inside the building were. We held a picket outside for half an hour and delivered a letter to Swansea Hall asking them to re-consider renting their space to Fromm. We also let Swansea Hall and Fromm know that if Fromm comes back, we will too.

For years Fromm has tried to maintain a public image as a "respectable" man with "honest" concerns about immigration, freedom of speech, the "communist threat" and every other racist cause as well. Most recently Fromm attended a mainstrean Canadian "Unite the Right" convention in order to peddle his soft-sell fascism to elected Canadian politicians. The convention was organized by the Reform Party of Canada, which is now the official opposition.

However, to those who have a clue, there's no way that Fromm can get away with this charade of respectability. On November 19, 1994, Fromm spoke at a memorial symposium for Revilio P. Oliver. Also speaking at the event was former Ku Klux Klan Wizard David Duke and various Holocaust-deniers.

The event was filmed by National Vanguard\National Alliance, the most "prominent Hitlerian organisation in America today." The National Alliance is led by William Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries, after which the Oklahoma City bombing was modelled. In 1990 one of Paul Fromm's organizations co-sponsored a "Martyr's Day Rally". Martyr's Day is observed by neo-Nazis in memory of Robert J. Matthews, a member of the neo-Nazi paramilitary gang, the Order, who was killed in a shoot-out with U.S. police.

Fromm's event was better attended than we expected. Over 40 people were in attendance, including half a dozen boneheads. Among them was "Hobo" Kryzmowski, an organizer-thug who was involved with the anti-Roma demostration held in the summer of 1997.

ARA-Toronto is commited to continuing this latest battle against Fromm, and we won't stop until Fromm is unwelcome at Swansea Hall!