Alberta Report on the Riot


ECLECTICA | Kevin Michael Grace ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Alberta Report ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) | October 11, 1999

When is a riot not a riot? When it happens in Vancouver and its target is "extremists." On September 30 a mob of 100 multicultural activists attempted to prevent retired journalist Doug Collins and his lawyer Doug Christie from addressing a meeting at the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Not so ironically, the subject of the meeting was the NDP govemment's suppression of free speech.

The mob broke through two barricades, injuring policemen; one arrest was made. It attempted to drown out Mr. Collins; those v/ho wanted to hear him were either prevented from entering or thought better of it when confronted with the violence. The _Vancouver_Sun_ did not deign to report the fracas; the Vancouver _Province_ treated it as comedy: "Put Dougs Collins and Christie inside a library and I00-odd protesters outside. and you get enough noise to defeat a battalion of shushing librarians." How droll.

Left unreported was that the riot was fomented by professional "anti-racist" and Communist Allan Dutton; and thus Vancouver's finest had been assaulted by thugs subsidized by B.C.'s chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Ujjal Dusanjh, Mr. Dutton, who vowed to CBC Radio he would continue to oppose with force what the _Province_ derisively calls "free speech" meetings (again, sarcastic quotation marks in the original), has for several years received approximately $100,000 annually from Mr. Dosanih's Multiculturalism and Immigration Community Liaison Branch.

Mr. Dosanjh, a professional anti-tacist himself, is likely to be chosen the next premier of B.C., despite his professed diffidence. He claims the rough and tumble of NDP politics offends his sensitive nature, but anyone who funds red fascists has nothing to learn about playing hardball.