Dante's Infernal Guide to Human Rights and Wrongs

"SURREY, A Sikh teenager faked a racial attack to avoid facing his parents over his desire to look more Western, police said yesterday. The 18-year-old man reported last month that he was attacked and beaten by three white skinheads who ripped off his turban and cut off his long hair. Police investigating the so-called attack quickly began hearing rumours that it never took place. The victim has admitted to police that he staged the incident ... he and three friends faked the attack by cutting his hair. ... Police will try to work with them to avoid laying charges." (Globe and Mail, August 26, 1998) [FULL ARTICLE]

Well, we certainly feel your pain. What would the outcome have been had even a single variable in this case played differently? In this instance, cultural differences presented no very great barrier to identifying and exploiting the biases inherent in human rights legislation, did they? Note that Canada's long association with British Common Law has been quietly amended to read: One law for all, with very special concessions for very special people.

Once meant to merely channel rain water away from the church, during the Age of Faith, waterspouts came to assume the shape of squatting gargoyles, demons and grotesques; their sole purpose to remind those beneath them of their predisposition to sin. Our gargoyles, just as comfortably calcified, are the human rights commissions and self-interest watchdogs meant to channel "hate" away from the foundations of our new faith. Whether or not you look up to them, you may be sure they're looking down on you.

When Canada's encyclopaedic human rights legislation (federal, provincial, municipal, corporate) is rendered down to the bare bones, the same formulaic key phrase is stuck to the bottom of the pot every time: "hate" is anything likely to promote hatred or contempt against an identifiable group. As evidenced by the sensitive and caring treatment accorded the Sikh youths and their unsuccessful foray into Munchhausen's (Race) Syndrome, the legislation exhibits a wealth of inherent biases and anomalies:


a): make an example of them

b): make the marginalized more comfortable.


1) The truth hurts. According to British Columbia's sick-bucket rhetoric, what you say may be true enough, but (Sorry Bub) truth is no defence. An offence, on the other hand, is anything that indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate, or "is likely to expose a person or a group of persons to hatred or contempt because of the race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or age of that person or that group or that class of persons." Thus, "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe ..." becomes a subtle form of discriminatory hate literature just as soon as a quorum of superannuated feminist shoe-dwellers say it is. Now the poster child of reverse fanaticism, B.C.'s cautionary example is cited wherever the human rights and entitlement frenzy looks to be spinning dangerously out of control (and it will).

2) By definition, members of certain identifiable (privileged) groups are constitutionally incapable of saying or doing anything that might promote hatred or contempt against themselves. In other words -- and this has already been explained to us at some length -- whether you're shot during commission of a crime, or whether management seems cruelly top-heavy with English speakers at your workplace -- the one-size-fits-all accusation is -- systemic racism! Culturally, what Canadians may once have regarded as unacceptable, unreasonable or unsavory behaviour, is now reckoned (thanks to multicultural and human rights legislation) to be morally improving, horizon broadening "diversity", where it is not downright "enrichment". Ungrateful nut-cases who still imagine that involuntary behaviour modification techniques are somehow intrusive or uncomfortable must be marginalized, to

There is always a well-known solution to every human problem--neat, plausible, and wrong.
-- H. L. Mencke

A human rights industry is a non-starter in a homogeneous society. Cultural norms are generally understood among people who share common origins. Thus, the community is free to focus on the real business of producing, propagating and progressing. We, on the other hand, have been enriched. Full-time employment is guaranteed to legions of the professionally hypersensitive. They have been given a box of matches, a gigantic "lab", and access to an assortment of volatile substances: pop-psychology, wishful thinking, autocratic powers and warmed-over Marxism. While this keeps them off the streets, you notice that no workable plan for a diverse society has yet emerged. The most significant discharge to emanate from that open sore known as Canada's human rights industry has been the fundamentally anti-Western ukase -- human rights and freedoms can best be protected by restricting, or better yet, suspending them altogether.

Typically, this casts more heat than light, because the staging of real or faked racially-motivated attacks against whites, references to white ghosts, white trash, white devils, white toxic waste, dead white European males, white supremacy, white bread, et al, fails to elicit much more than an anatomically enlightening yawn. In the same spirit of nail-buffing indifference, a preponderance of advertising featuring a condescending person-of-colour leading the helpless and/or annoying white dope to the PROPER!! potato chip, stool softener or ethical investment fund, is presumably a fair and accurate reflection of Canadian society. Clearly "hatred and contempt" are not universally applied standards, unless the legislation is specifically meant to exclude Canadians? Are "minorities" uniformly handicapped in some mysterious way that is only ever really clear to the human rights industry? Are women (the majority of the population) a minority?

Would you fly in an airplane from a company whose motto is, 'We Put Diversity First'?
- Arthur Hu, writing in Asian Week 

Absolutely one hundred per cent completely equal in every regard -- but with some very special assurances. The current transfer of wealth, power and prestige to minority populations in Canada is one reason that everything suddenly appears to be and, in fact, is (it's not your imagination) biased in favour of minorities. If you doubt that this transfer exists, look at the statistics relating to actual disposable income among Canadians of European descent over past decades. The present emphasis on a "more representative" workforce, the hiring preferences already in place throughout public and private sectors, the bias white males face when jobs do come on the market, the climate of soul-shrivelling correctitude that pervades the Canadian workplace, our glorious new apostasy laws, the undisguised contempt in advertising, the freely-shared aversion to, and criticism of, Canadian values, and so forth -- what is this but the systematic transfer of wealth, power and prestige?

Forget the fact that in nature, the dominant male tends to mate with the subordinate female. Forget the fact that, while wolves and dogs can mate, wolves will generally eat an unwary dog. "Evening the score", currently the paramount operating "principle" in the land, means that Canadians (if they would just stick to their script) are expected to simply resign themselves to being systematically disenfranchised and actively discriminated against in the age-old way that other (formerly despised) groups might be expected to recognize. Strangely, just this once, minorities seem to neither notice nor care. Several highly cynical explanations suggest themselves, but let it suffice that in some possibly altruistic way "identifiable groups" have somehow found the fortitude to endure our ongoing humiliation and discomfort.

Refusing to discriminate on the basis of race or sex is both racist and sexist.
- Jesse Jackson, professional black and spiritual ounsellor to William Jefferson Clinton

Simply put, human rights legislation is not interested (or only for monitoring purposes) in the tribulations of the Eurocentric-heterosexual-Christian biased "dominant" culture. Defying its own mandate, the human rights industry must have quietly agreed amongst its component parts that some cultures and creeds are more equal than others, because some cultures just seem to require a constant show of "muscle" on their behalf. Like the lodger sandwiched between the old woman with feet of lead and the young woman with hypersensitive hearing, Canadians must learn to walk softly and carry a big sign: "I assure you, I am 100% colour-blind." It's a curious fact that the subtle shadings and nuances of our new hierarchical power politics seem most keenly felt (naturally, not by us), but by the minorities in our midst. In some mysterious way, this morbid sensitivity confers the right to frequent reviews (based on the most blatantly narrow self-interest) by the presumed beneficiary.

The rest of us are not entitled to an opinion, just a tax form. The rights industry (that snarl of binding loopholes) has come to mean coercive governance of a large, long-suffering majority, for a small and vocal minority, by an even smaller and even more vocal minority. The legislation is so fawningly anxious to protect everyone else's rights that it might have been purpose-built to lay siege to Canada and sack it as quickly as possible. It's just possible that some immigrants really do come here to contribute, integrate and embrace Canadian values, but who can tell? Those who arrive with the best of intentions must wilfully avert their eyes from the goodies available to those prepared to press the "race" button. Irrespective of what the framers of this monstrously oversold Frankenconcept may have thought at the outset, they've pumped so much electricity into the creature that even they can only watch helplessly as it now runs amok.

"It's alive! It's alive!"
-- Victor von Frankenstein

The mayhem was nowhere more deliciously graphic than when an independent investigator concluded that, for five years, "a poisonous atmosphere of systemic racism" had pervaded office politics at the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Your enjoyment should be tempered by the realization that they're not going to dismantle it; nor has anyone seriously suggested reviewing the decisions generated by that snakepit of racial hatreds. The loss of face may simply put this absolutely arbitrary, extra-legal, already mean-spirited watchdog on a shorter chain. The federal government (that "enabler" of the federal human rights commission) promptly appealed when the huge pay equity decision went against them. As for the rest of us, why can't we just shut up? Why can't we just "embrace" and "celebrate" the suffocating atmosphere of paranoia and uniform patterns of thought seemingly indivisible from the varieties of enrichment that have been foisted (unasked) on us? We cover polls elsewhere on this site, but in the most fundamental way, the numbers really do speak for themselves. Despite the fact that we're constantly told how committed Canadians are to these issues, (despite the OHRC scandal, for heavens sake!) the Ontario Human Rights Commission site been of interest to just 10,000 people since December, 1996. The numbers have since been removed, and they do not advertise the visitor count (or lack of) to the public.


This site (and you know our mandate) draws over 10,000 visitors a week. Have the people spoken? Yes, they have, and now the people had better shut up. Can you name three successful societies in which the distinguishing national trait was a painful, burning itch to pull up the plant, just to see how the roots are doing? ... Can you think of one? This interminable lunacy is so contrary to common sense that the first question we ought to be asking ourselves is: How big a chunk has already been excised from our collective cerebral cortex?

What the hell kinda country is this, if I can can only hate a man if he's white?
- Hank Hill, King of the Hill

But here comes the tricky part, not to mention the five-year mandatory re-education term. Being a minority in Canada is a deliberate act of will. Practicing Sikhs, Moslems and Jews choose their creed over Canada's prevailing one. No one frog-marched them at gun point onto a boat or plane headed for a Christian European country: "That's right, just keep smiling and nobody gets hurt." No one ever suggested they could not practise their creed, nor do you have to attack the status quo like crazed Carpenter Ants to secure already existing rights. The same rule should (but of course, doesn't) apply to blacks, Asians and women. It's difficult for everyone to "celebrate" your emancipation when your behaviour is increasingly intolerant and dictatorial. This applies above all, to the gay lobby. Despite frantic efforts to isolate and identify the so-called "gay gene", there is simply no such thing. And guess what? It's called a private life for a reason. No one wants the details, whether you prefer men, women or goats (or just want to dress like one).

There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.
-- Booker T. Washington, black author of Up From Slavery

Whatever the human rights industry touches with its wand, it renders drear, uniform and ugly. Now, when we refer to our race, our religion, our culture, we must first filter it through politically correct software. We must ensure that we speak disparagingly and only in the most abjectly apologetic, self-abasing terms. To do otherwise is to risk having our file circulated to the "white supremacist" drawer. Exempted from this peculiar form of cultural self-mutilation, "minorities" are encouraged to practise explicit self-promotion, with as many "reps" as their personal trainer deems necessary for good, solid esteem-building. The arrangement serves to foster not a climate of convivial bonhomie, but an opportunity to "get back at" or "settle the score with" whites in general, men in particular, heterosexuals on principle, and Christians just to keep in practice. Herman Goering is supposed to have said, "Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver". This is Canada: around here we reach for our wallets.

"Human rights" in Canada? Try to imagine a sinking ship firing on its rescuers.

Canada is a country, not a charitable institution. Equal rights should mean equal, not some innuendo-freighted calculation arrived at by means of a slide-rule which has only ever been entrusted, as in some secret society, to a half dozen initiates of the inner sanctum. The degree of anger and resentment that human rights legislation tends to generate (among its supporters) should have tipped us off that something was fundamentally wrong with legislating how people will be permitted to think. No one has ever spelled out what, precisely, is to be done with Canadians who reject their "wonderful new agenda". Currently we see the same cast of characters paraded before tribunals and commissions, for years until (what?) -- hopefully, one of them collapses in court and dies? Should their children be seized for their own good? What about concentration camps? Say! how about torture (oops) -- re-education programs? Lynch mobs? Dunking? Death at the stake? No one in the human rights camp is prepared to extend to us Canadians the fundamental right and courtesy of permitting us to think whatever we damn well please. If we're wrong, we're wrong. So what? To the extent that they do not already do so, kooks with a grudge and kooks with an inferiority complex are working toward the day when they (and only they) can dictate how you will live, what you will want, what you can see, what you can say, what you can think, and, heaven help us, what you can believe. Just don't think they'll be paying you for the privilege.

'Why show me this, if I am past all hope?''
-- Ebenezer Scrooge, addressing the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (A Christmas Carol)

It's not time to break out the life jackets just yet. If the ashes of Scrooge's wizened old heart could be coaxed back to life, we ought to be able to help one another locate our collective brains and backbones. Here are a few strategies to protect yourself and your family from this campaign of "hatred and contempt" so well served by today's human rights legislation.

Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society ust somehow make sense. The thought that the state as lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people s intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally enied.
-- Arthur Miller 

Open your eyes --

Let's get skeptical. Remember that? One of our most devastating weapons used to be our capacity for deductive reasoning and rational thought. Multicultural/minority entitlement (relying so heavily on snake oil and faith) simply does not stand up to the litmus test of logic. Political correctness is meant to open a vein and bleed you dry; be equally ruthless and calculating. Why is self-determination good for South Africa but bad for us? Cultures different to ours -- are different to ours: they are not innately superior. Why do you think they come here? Watch for propaganda and resist the temptation to be beguiled by it. Read the UN Convention on Genocide in our Myths of Immigration #11. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a program for genocidal eradication and then resist with all your might.

Open your mind --

Be fair: The traitor is the person who made these decisions. Don't misdirect your anger at the beneficiary of Canada's state cult. And skip the violence. It will never get you anywhere but a one-way ticket to a jail over-crowded with people wishing to kill you. Be generous: Canada's programme-for-suicide is now so pervasive that some 15-year-olds really don't know better. Be realistic: You may be tempted, like Hillary Clinton to imagine "vast, far-reaching conspiracies". Never underestimate the imperative of human stupidity, the perennial appeal of the path of least resistance, or the stultifying effect of pure, undiluted greed. For every genuine traitor, there are legions of sheep, yes-men and useful idiots. We can win within the system, primarily because the system is lousy with people who agree, on principle, with whichever way the wind happens to be blowing.

Really open your mind --

Don't let the enemy define you; why should the CBC tell you how horrible your culture is? Why don't you find out how horrible it is for yourself? You might be surprised and moved in a way that even the CBC cannot taint and render dull beyond endurance. Take an active interest and attend cultural events. Celebrate your holidays. If you don't know who Robbie Burns or Barbarosa were, ask. Someone will be absolutely delighted to tell you. Ask about family stories and maiden names. Listen to your own music. Discover the bagpipe; its origins span the length and breadth of Europe. It is pagan, powerful, and very much "in your face". Read your own literature. Ask a librarian to help you find books about your ethnic folk tales and history. See if you don't recognize something of yourself reflected there. Learn our strengths and weaknesses. Why not? Everyone else does.

Resist --

The most seditious act any of us can commit is living a moral life. When prevailing standards allow a bent old geezer like Bill Clinton (and then, there's his sex life) to rise to the top, decency becomes a significant act of rebellion. When human rights legislation criminalizes half of what you say and most of what you think, the country develops a whole new concept of what constitutes a "dirty" word: discriminating, principles, standards. Rebel in the most meaningful possible way: educate yourself and, as far as you can, educate others by example. It's not an easy path, but fighting for 10,000 years of your heritage is an honourable cause. The most radical thing a Canadian can do is to prove that it is possible to celebrate his or her culture, yes, even without subsidies. Our natural leaders have either sold us out, or are too intimidated to speak. Life in Canada wasn't always the national equivalent of a root canal. You have a right to determine whether the drilling should continue.

Take part --

Why should special interest groups have it all their way? It's no accident that we are discouraged from speaking. Talk to people (without preaching) and start a discussion group with those who share your views. Write your MP and let him or her know your concerns. They still want your vote. Write to the local paper. Your letter may not get published, but you may influence whoever reads it. If you object to a blatantly anti-European commercial, write to the sponsor or to Advertising Standards Canada. If you object to a court decision, write the Regional Senior Justice. They're all in the book. Stop being a wimp. No one ever really mistakes meekness for "niceness". Work for your own. Why not? Everyone else does. (Of course everyone else gets paid handsomely.)

Take heart --

You wouldn't want to live in a society where there's nothing worthwhile left to fight for, would you? It's not a pretty situation, but it's not hopeless. Besides, it's ours. For better or worse, we don't have an alternate "home" to return to. So, we'd better salvage what we can of ours. Never forget that this has been done to us, without consultation or consent. Attempting to occupy the high moral ground is a precarious perch for people who simply will not allow the majority of citizens the luxury of input. Ignoring polls, characterizing normal political dissent as "hatred", fostering a chilling climate of Soviet-like conformity, and insisting that we accept our ordained fate like docile cattle makes it rather difficult for them to explain why this "just had to happen" to Canada. The more ridiculously oppressive, the more inevitable the failure.

Don't lose heart --

Nothing ever moves as fast as we might like. In that alone, patience is a virtue. Fabulous events like the collapse of the Berlin Wall may look as if they happen overnight, but they are really the result of long years of stoic resistance and careful preparation by a million nameless, committed individuals. As things look worse, take heart in the knowledge that the last days of a spent force are always the bleakest. A dawning resentment and loss of faith are spreading like a brushfire across Canada. People no longer subscribe to the the lies, shrugs and occasional throttlings. When you think of the resources available to the government, plus the thirty years of programme implementation, this growing resistance is a real testimony to Canadians' innate good sense and instinct for freedom. Take solace in that.

Become an educated consumer --

Get the other side of the story. There almost always is one, you know. Should you loathe yourself because you're part German, or is it permissible now to ask (you might be surprised at the answer) what happened to German civilians after the war? We often hear that Communism failed. What did that failure cost in terms of human lives lost? Read things you don't agree with. It's the fastest way to learn. Familiarize yourself with the mythologies of multiculturalism. Get the facts; it's no good arguing against something you just "know" you don't like. Get specifics. These wonderful cultures, we're told, are enriching us. In what way, precisely, have they significantly relieved our so-called malaise? Schopenhauer said that new ideas are first ridiculed, then violently resisted, and finally accepted as a truth self-evident.

Be skeptical --

At the time of his death, there were just three Elvis impersonators. Given current trends, experts warn that by the year 2025, one of every three people on earth will be an Elvis impersonator. Do you believe it? The prime minister claims to be indifferent to polls, yet the Toronto Sun, May 25 1998 says "government polling under the Liberals has increased, from $7.2 million in 1994-95, to $9.2 million in 1995-96, to $11.8 million in 1996-97." Immigration Canada openly admits that its polls are used for setting the "department's communication strategy and not for setting policy". In other words, while your concerns will not in the least affect immigration numbers, you will be made to suffer through tailor-made propaganda next year. With this emphasis on polling, editing and arrogance, bear in mind that any figures you do see, will be have been selected according to rigorously cosmetic standards.

Be "difficult" --

Ask questions and don't let people get away with the kind of brain-dead bromides that they've simply heard so many times, they mistake them for comments on the weather. When you're told that immigrants have "better" family values than we do, ask why they think the collapse of the Canadian family has occurred at just the same time our society was profoundly changed by mass immigration? Ask innocent questions: "There's a Miss Tamil, a Miss Black Canada. Shouldn't we have a Miss European Canada?" "Where are the Caucasian waiters at the Chinese restaurant?" "Where are the white European males on diversity panels?" Diversity? Oh, you mean diversity for us! Challenge unthinkingly hate-filled conventions and you will at least ensure that person will think twice next time. They may even examine their own brainwashing programme.

Stop wincing --

"Just put your cerebellum on hold!" Political correctness and its twin, multiculturalism, are soul destroying and brain atrophying. Canadians have become virtually "abused" children, anxiously currying favour with a mercurial and demanding parent. If you're tired of being told that you ought to be ashamed of yourself, you might be interested to know that some of the most hopeful and positive research with abused children has stemmed from studies focusing on the 80% of traumatized kids who grow up to be relatively "undamaged" adults. The common thread in these "success" stories has found that regardless how dysfunctional, those families religiously set aside all the major holidays and celebrated them with a semblance of normality. The implication for people systematically deprived of their own traditions is obvious. The idea that Canadians should in some way "make restitution" for their generosity is odious. Take every opportunity to say so.

It's called "Christmas" --

Not any more -- now, it's called the thin end of the wedge. If you receive a "Season's Greetings" card from a politician, send it back with a note: "Next time I'll vote for someone prepared to represent my interests." Unless you do, it will get much, much worse. Scarce at Christmas, politicians are thick on the ground at any muticultural "fest". (In their Armani ensembles, they really are "minorities".) Complain to stores hustling counters full of "Christmas" goods -- but not by name. Tell them that if they insist on talking about "holiday" giving or "seasonal" gifts, you'll do your CHRISTMAS shopping elsewhere. Multiculturalism encourages everybody to wallow in their culture. Well, this is our time of year; flaunt it. Wish everyone a "Very Merry Christmas"; it happens to be far less offensive than many of the "enrichments" inflicted on us 364 days a year. Explore the Celtic roots of Yule and discover just how old our traditions are.

Keep our holidays --

The government can hardly wait for the next opportunity to tell us that we have no culture and no identity, even as it does it's best to sweep our traditional holidays under the nearest rug. Enough of that. If your bank has cutesy signs up next spring, wishing you a "happy bunny weekend", complain loudly: "Do they mean Easter? With billion-dollar profits, can't they afford to hire someone to do proper research?" Even if the government has largely forgotten what Remembrance Day was about, at the 11th hour, find a moment to reflect on the sacrifice and subsequent betrayal of those who died to preserve a Canadian way of life. Next May "Two-Four" Weekend, find a moment to compare the significance of celebrating Victoria and her achievement to worshipping a case of beer.

... Listen --

Be open minded enough to give a fair hearing to every side. If you're being hornswoggled, laugh in their face. Always speak up and support those who dare to defend our traditions. Open yourself up to your ruthlessly suppressed nature. Somewhere, under the all the P-C sound-bites and platitudes, your inner voice is desperately trying to speak to you. You can cultivate this "common sense" or "cultural consciousness" -- whatever you want to call it. We all have one, although it's been ruthlessly suppressed and very nearly strangled in Europeans. Why should your "squelch" function be so over-active when everyone else's is nonexistant? You've been systematically deprived of your best tool for survival and sanity in an alien cacophony. Exploring your own culture is a sure way to get in touch with the ancestral strands still running through you; these tie you to the intact warrior spirit of those who who came before you.

Dress the part --

Vast chunks of the earth are populated by people whose religion dictates that they swath themselves in loose, obscuring, "modest" clothing. The ancient Greeks and Romans were poncing around in chitons until they adopted the practical breeches worn by horse riding European men. Avoid the Gumby silhouette -- the pottie-trainer pants, baseball caps, chains and gansta' gear at all costs. They are today's bellbottoms. If you must model yourself on a gangster, why not someone like John Dillinger, who at least knew how to dress? It took Europeans centuries to evolve away from puritanical hysteria about our bodies. Don't buy into regressive trends. Forget multi-piercings. You look like bait. What's worse, it's already old and stale bait. Once 2-million-plus people have adopted the look, it's generally called "conformity". Try to use your head for something more meaningful than a delivery system for a wanker hair-do.

Look at the big picture --

We all tend to reject our parent's values, but have the courage to re-examine these. What they taught you may actually be remnants of our larger culture (stronger when it produced them, than it is in a degraded late 1990s Canada). Ask yourself what your community will likely look like in 20, 50, 100 years. Re-examine some of the things you "just know". How do you know this, and by what means? Are your parents "bad people" (or your children)? Are you? Who is this "bad white man" we hear so much about? Do you know one? Have you ever troubled to find out whether there are "cruelty-free" alternatives to the kind of non-stop immigration we currently "enjoy"? Remember, no one ever believes that they have been duped or indoctrinated until it's too late.

Look at yourself --

Ask yourself some hard questions. When you mention your own culture, is it always in a derogatory or condescending way? Do you have a well-exercised contempt for other European cultures? If so, why? Where did you pick up the habit? Ask yourself honestly: "Am I a parrot?" (If your answer is unthinking and automatic, you may be in trouble). Have you ever troubled to examine "the big" questions, or have you just, kind of, "absorbed" your views? Where? Truth has an immediate appeal to the human mind, and a little healthy skepticism never hurt. Talk to people, listen to people, read as much as you can, but make up your own mind. You do have the right to an opinion, but it should be yours. It may not be popular today, but insist on doing your own thinking.

Look at your friends --

Are you surrounded by positive and inspiring people? Can you talk about these issues with them or do they send clear signals that this is forbidden stuff, or worse, remind you that you are the product of slave holders and Nazis. Are you as judgmental of their background? Ask why this makes them so angry or uncomfortable. If they can't say, chances are that this is setting up a bit of cognitive dissonance (see below) in their brainwashing program. Be discerning in your companions: the right woman or man is a pillar of strength to you. Real friends respect your opinions, whether they're shared or not. If they reject your views, ask how they would have reacted if you had "come out of the closet" instead? Explain your feelings and concerns about this larger family to your family. The value of their understanding and support is beyond reckoning.

Take cognitive dissonance into account --

After decades of indoctrination and constantly-escalating reminders that "this is good, this is best, we're so fortunate", some people simply cannot take in evidence to the contrary. (For instance: Asian markets may have collapsed, but has anyone suggested that Asian immigration on such a massive scale was a "mistake"?) Not only will they reject the unfamiliar new information, but the "violence" of that rejection is directly proportionate to the degree of dissonance it produces in them. You may be tempted to get angry and tell them they're stupid, but try to show a little compassion. Here is someone who has been so thoroughly lied to, whose normal instincts have been so completely betrayed by those who should have had their best interests at heart, that, at least for now, they are in real danger of breaking down.

Remember Canada --

It's easy to get cynical, but try to avoid the obvious cliche-ridden traps. We are expected to join with the government when it sneeringly tells us that we have no culture and have no identity. What were we doing for the last 120-odd years -- waiting for Third World immigration to build up a head of steam? Exactly what kind of sadist would continually chant this from one side of the mouth while devoting a lot of time, energy, and your tax dollars to systematically destroying and criminalizing our repositories of that very culture and identity? Squabbling over flags in Parliament is not the point. It's not a real flag anyway. The point is that nationalism and sovereignty are supposed to be dirty words in the new Canada. Men died to secure a nation wholly different from this -- thing.

Know your history --

Did you know that the Fathers of Confederation were "racist scum"? They had definite ideas about the kind of country they wanted and it wasn't multicultural, multiracial or multiethnic. Their view of Canada as a European nation was so widespread that to suggest otherwise would have been regarded as more puzzling than anything else. For a very, very long time, "racism" (and the constant, paralysing terror of giving offense) simply wasn't the single, defining feature of Western culture. In the 1970s what had been normal for millenia became a thought-crime, and terms like "politically correct" began to creep into the common lexicon. Will we cringe the first time we're called "petty bourgeois deviationists"? Most of us acknowledge that this 30-year-old plan to "remake" Canada is an unprecedented experiment. Just for the sake of argument; if this should prove to be an act of colossal stupidity, how do we set about salvaging a little of what we've hastened to destroy?

Watch your language --

"Reinvent and manipulate words and criminalize ideas". In 1984 George Orwell wrote of a negative utopia intended to stifle man's ability to express certain ideas. As words are amended to conform to new standards of "niceness", our language is diminished. Not that it matters. Bereft of a common tongue, more often than not the multicultural experience means that we grunt and point (diminished again, as unexercised subtleties and nuances are lost to us). The very word multiculturalism reeks of artifice and enforcement. Not immigrant, but migrant! "Migrant" is so legitimizing, so freighted with the heart-tugging experience of Steinbeck's itinerant grape picker, while simultaneously conjuring up the majesty and natural spectacle of migrating caribou and Canada Geese (oops -- another Canadian symbol we've been instructed to despise). Reinventing language is a work in progress. South Asians were East Indians, East Asians were Asians, First Nations Peoples were Indians. It's endless. Watch for it and reject it.

Insist on your language --

Canada has two official languages. While Quebec defends French with excessive zeal, English is apparently dispensible. If you call an office and get someone who can't speak comprehensible English, ask to speak to someone who can. Don't do the Canadian thing, and make allowances and try your best; you're paying for this insulting waste of time through your purchase, your taxes and their salary. When airlines makes announcements in something other than the official languages, when banks pander to minority groups, when you're left momentarily wondering what country you've been transported to -- remember, this inconvenience is costing you serious dough. Complain! This is institutionalized and enforced through ethnic pressure tactics -- at your expense. The newcomer who does not bother to familiarize him/herself with English or French is exploiting our generosity without reciprocating. Would you demand such indulgences in their country? Where do you think that would get you?

Shuck the guilt --

None of it is your fault. Anti-white rhetoric is a fact of life. If you genuinely can't see that your good nature is being exploited and manipulated, try to imagine your outrage if the situation were reversed. If minorities are not supposed to be representative of anything but themselves, you should demand the same consideration. At any rate, chances are, your great-great-grandfather's life was indistinguishable from the average slave's. "The world is a graveyard of once powerful and prosperous nations and empires. Unequal distribution of wealth, of resources, of opportunity, is, always has been, and always will be a fact of life." (Charley Reese, The Ruling Class Can Ruin Us All) There are 6 billion people on earth. Does anyone really imagine they can all squeeze into Canada? And if this is such a great idea, why aren't we allowed to talk about it?

You don't "owe" anybody --

In 1607, a dozen years before the Mayflower set sail, Captain John Smith told his Jamestown settlers: "He that will not work neither shall he eat". Despite that ethic, just 38 of the original 105 settlers survived. Australia recently extended the "waiting period" for welfare benefits to two years. A subsequent poll found that most immigrants regretted emigrating and felt they would have been better off back home. Ever heard of Family Reunification? Are Canadian politicians listening? Why do Maritimers have to leave their families to find work? Is there a Family Reunification plan for them? The European Union is beginning to speak in terms of "Fortress Europa"; police agencies are cooperating to stem the floodtide of foreign humanity and a $50-million fibre optic sensor fence is being constructed between Spain and the North African coast. Now what? Will they come here? We have the right to discuss these issues without feeling some pathetic phantom of "indebtedness".

A nation of immigrants --

"An education gives you the tools to think about immigration as generously as possible, and the means to live as far away from it as possible". Keep things in perspective. Within your family, you may very well be the first or second generation to know what a reasonably comfortable life is. Don't be dazzled by entitlement arguments. "A Nation of Immigrants"? Hah! Within living memory people still spoke of crop failures and prairie winters so harsh that the starving horses stood on their hind legs to eat the roof thatch. There were coffin ships, disease, death and privation to the point of madness. Ask Europeans who immigrated after WWII. Coming to Canada meant a year on a work-farm -- no loans to get here, no ESL, no welfare, no handouts. This nation was built on raw courage and determination, not "entitlement". These sacrifices were not made for you to now discover the dubious rewards of cowardice.

Confront "hate" --

What a paralyzing accusation to make against the essentially decent Canadian. Don't think its effectiveness hasn't been noted. Once and for all, this is not about objecting to someone's little ensemble or his skin colour; it is, and always will be, about reconfiguring this country beyond recognition without a consensus. It is about betraying and compromising Canadians' rights and expectations to, not merely accommodate, but pander and cater to people who CHOSE to come here. It's about pressure tactics, liberal lashings of "guilt", and special interestocracies. This was accomplished without any pretence of democratic process and enforced by increasingly alien anti-democratic methods. Loving your own culture and civilization does not mean that you automatically despise everything and everyone else. We Canadians are basically decent people. Give us a break and stop treating us like subnormal criminals simply because we have an opinion.

Remember men --

Is maleness a disorder? The Alberta government estimates that one in three children suffers from a psychological or behavioural impairment: 80% of those in "special" classes are boys. Twenty years ago lives were ruined by the (now discredited) suppressed memory syndrome. Twenty years before that, it was all Freud, all the time (now also discredited). Well, he had problems too; as a child he was made to wear dresses. Whether arrogant men or arrogant women run the show, the fanatic is typically prepared to believe the very worst of others, (however fantastic) while he himself remains infallible and above reproach. Stigmatizing a whole generation of boys because they are not feminine enough is, quite simply, child abuse. Will we ever tire of our misguided sensitivity?

Stop apologizing --

Canadians are by nature, painfully shy people. Oh perfect! If you can just take this natural tendency, add a drop of self-consciousness (or even better) self-loathing, you'll have a population of timid white mice; ciphers so crippled, degraded and malleable they'll work hard, make no trouble, and apologize for squandering valuable oxygen. This is degrading and dehumanizing. What's worse, it's absolutely, deliberately calculated. Your ancestors demanded better and so should you. Remember and honour them. Smarten up. Straighten your back, and get busy seeing to it that you leave something recognizable for your children. The only thing you have to apologize for is a slave mentality: drop it. Assertiveness training? Everybody's assertive -- hell no, stand your ground!

Stop suffering in silence --

Canadians are polite -- always have been. Fifty years ago, if someone casually stepped into line in front of you, a raised eyebrow would rectify the situation. He'd apologize profusely, laughs all 'round. Now "enriched" by people who hail from nations where beatings are an integral part of the landscape, a raised eyebrow just won't cut it. Say something. Insist: "In Canada, we take our turn. Go to the back of the line." You'll probably be called a "racist", but insist that the clerk back you up. Don't count on much from browbeaten Canadian bystanders, but you will feel better to have defended yourself, rather than to just slink off, hating yourself for a coward. If you witness something like this, for heaven's sake, back the person up! Remember, a brave man dies but once, a Canadian dies a thousand times a day. Only this government would make it a virtual crime to clue newcomers in.

Get off your knees --

In a homogeneous society, letting the other guy in or giving a seat to a lady or older person showed caring good manners. It was not seized on as a sign of weakness or subservience. Some cultures now calling Canada "home" regard women as unclean and inferior creatures. Our old ways of deference and compromise simply will not work in this "enriched" mixture. In fact, these behaviours may be downright dangerous to our survival. They are viewed as further evidence of our weakness and stupidity. We may be legislated to behave like a conquered people, but does anyone recall the war? Do you think that your descendents (assuming there are any) will be busy renegotiating treaties? The conclusion is that we must assert ourselves and fight to retain OUR ways. Don't kid yourself that they WON'T simply be swept aside.

Stop buying in --

This is not a cartoon, we are not cartoon characters and this is not a cartoon revision of the most essential elements of our society. Immigrants do not make the mistake of thinking so but their media is probably not lying to them. But as it's in a foreign language, who can tell? Infanticide of female children, purdah, slavery, female genital mutilation, routine beatings, cruelty to animals are all features of cultures which have made a multicultural home here. Every concession, every special dispensation -- okay, but just the turban; okay, but just the knife -- brings us a step closer to the point where these practices are next up on the normalization agenda. We have to call a halt to this trusting hope that everything will be fine-just-fine in the long run, and ask ourselves: Are these people immigrating here or colonizing us?

Stop crying --

No one is going to solve this "for you". We're being sensitized right out of existence. When your people came to Canada, they were probably called Mick or Bohunk or Square head. Cruel? Probably, but it inspired them to get with the programme, learn the language and the conventions. In retrospect, maybe it was not an entirely mindless cruelty. We're becoming a nation of crybabies and sissies. Our crisis-intervention mentality deprives us of normal human responses to danger. If you're going to sleepwalk into a propeller, a crisis-intervention cousellor won't be much help. The walls will continue closing in until every single one of us comes to grips with the implications of human rights legislation and the paralyzing prospect of being called "racist" by someone who has managed to phonetically memorize Canada's all-purpose "open sesame".

The young folk --

Already exposed to the miracle of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Chinese New Year in just the first year of kindergarten, our children are subject to a non-stop regimen of indoctrination. Time is the primary factor shaping children. If your child is being raised by the state or a diversity rich nanny, chances are that child will reflect the will of the state or the nanny. Look into home schooling, perhaps among a circle of friends. In any event, spend time imbuing your children with a love for their own culture. And, above all, love them. If you can, spend time with a friend's child. The sense that they are really special will stand them in good stead as they run the gauntlet of lies, insults and brainwashing Canada has in store for those unfortunate enough to be born here.

The old folk --

A society that takes every opportunity to remind you how "ethical" it is, might be expected to prioritize its two most vulnerable groups: children and the elderly. Not so. Canada's compassion is firmly fixated half a world away. Don't neglect your parents or grandparents, their ideals have been viciously betrayed. For those who fought -- for those who lost beloved friends and family -- imagine the thrill of discovering that the Third World won the Second World War! Older people are a living link to our culture and heritage, encourage them to invest their wisdom and insights with you. What happened to this nation is not their fault. It's a safe bet that they had hoped for a country quite different to the one the politicians have given us.

You can still laugh can't you?

In a multicultural melting-pot, the scum rises to the top. It's the people at the bottom who get burned. What distinguishes us from the fanatic with the thousand-yard-stare is the ability to take that step back every now and then and appreciate the innate absurdity of the situation in which we find ourselves. Many people have said that it was the universal contempt and the endless jokes that finally brought the Soviet Union to its knees. Unfortunately, it stayed there. Laughter can save your life and it's a catastrophic blow to people who had counted on your kowtowing to their dictatorial lunacy. Be receptive to the humorous aspects of this ludicrous invasion. It will help you to keep things in perspective.

Sitting in judgement of the "sinners" below

-- who monitors the gargoyles themselves?

 He is damned always to do that which is most repugnant to him:to become a slaughterer, to sacrifice lambs so that no more lambs may be slaughtered, to whip people with knouts so that they may learn not to let themselves by whipped, to strip himself of every scruple in the name of a higher scrupulousness, and to challenge the hatred of mankind because of his love for it - an abstract and geometric love.
-- Arthur Koestler