German Consul General Embarrasses Himself & Insults Celebrants at German Pioneer Day
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 17 October 2013 07:45
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German Consul General Embarrasses Himself & Insults Celebrants at
German Pioneer Day

TORONTO. October 15, 2013. Welcoming speeches by spokesmen for all
three Ontario elected parties were eclipsed by insulting comments by
the new German Consul General to Toronto at this morning's celebration
of German Pioneers Day on the Queen's Park south lawn. The annual
event was to be a celebration of the contribution of German immigrants
and pioneers to Ontario, but turned it into yet another dreary
spectacle of German-bashing and wallowing in guilt over the

One woman, who was among the 16-million Germans expelled or ethnically
cleansed from German lands at the end of World War II, stomped off
nearly speechless with disgust after the newly appointed German Consul
General to Toronto Walter Stechel singled out two Jews who had come
from Germany, Nobel Prize winner John Polanyi and Supreme Court Judge
Rosalie Silberman Abella, "both survivors of the holocaust," he said
solemnly. Yet, in stark contradiction, he had just mentioned that
Abella had been born in a displaced persons camp in Germany is 1946,
a year AFTER WW II had ended. Many among the 50 attendees were
survivors of the Soviet, Polish and Czech ethnic cleansing of East
Prussia, the Sudetenland and Silesia, and felt ignored by the Consul's
fawning over people who were not present.

Master of ceremonies was former Conservative MPP Ralph Wettlaufer
(Kitchener-Centre) who introduced the private member's bill in 2000
that created German Pioneers' Day. He pointed out that, in 1821, of
the 120,000 people living in Upper Canada, present day Ontario, 70,000
were Germans. "The Germans brought their ambition, work ethic,
religion and culture. They brought their love of freedom and religious
choice." Mr. Wettlaufer pointed to prominent early pioneers like Sam
Zimmermann who built the first railway in Ontario from Niagara Falls,
Sir Adam Beck, who built Ontario's electric power grid, and William
Berczy whose road building (including Yonge Street began to transform
"Muddy York" into the more modern Toronto.

John Milloy, Liberal House Leader, who replaced Mr. Wettlaufer as MPP
for Kitchener Centre brought greetings from the Premier. NDP spokesman
Rosario Marchese praised German contributions to Ontario, including
the concept of kindergarten.

Speaking on behalf of the Progressive Conservative Party, Frank Klees
(Newmarket-Aurora) noted: "Ontario is the very first province to
officially recognize the historic and ongoing contributions to our
society of Canadians of German ancestry by proclaiming the day after
Thanksgiving Day in ear year as “German Pioneers Day. German
Canadians founded Toronto and Markham and they built Yonge Street.
They were also among the founding Fathers of Canada including William
Steeves and Sir Charles Tupper who became Canada’s sixth Prime
Minister. Other famous German Canadians include Prime Minister John
Diefenbaker and former Governor General Ed Schreyer.. As a proud
German Canadian, and on behalf of Ontario PC Caucus, I take this
opportunity to congratulate our entire German Canadian community for
its ongoing pivotal role in the historic and continuing development of
Ontario, socially, culturally, economically and politically, on German
Pioneers Day, 2013!”

Mr. Klees explained that he came to Canada at age 5, as a
Donauschwaben (ethnic Germans expelled from what was then Yugoslavia).
"There was no expectation on the part of my parents or the German
community of any handouts. They sought only an opportunity. they
brought the hard work and the rest is history. Ontario and Canada are
better places because of the German immigrants and pioneers," he said.

Karl Ruppert of the German World Congress (Deutsche Welt Kongress)
delivered a few remarks at the end of the event. Members of the
Kongress brought flags of some of the formerly German lands from which
they had been ethnically cleansed, including East Prussia and Silesia.

Flags of occupied German lands.

Kongress director Erich Holy noted that, in the 1950s, German
immigrants were treated equally with immigrants from other lands. It
was only in the 1970s, with intensifying propaganda about the
holocaust in the mass media that Germans were vilified and
German-bashing became widespread.

Video ( )

CAFE Supporter Wolfgang Mueller

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Demographic Warfare Future & Our Destiny
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 17 October 2013 03:56
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Demographic Warfare Future & Our Destiny

Video is a PowerPoint presentation about demographic issues. It refers
to declining birthrates among civilized nations, with specific
reference to Canada. Major causes of low birthrates are reviewed, such
as education, workforce participation and alien immigration. The
economic, financial and social pressures on young people are examined.
Presentation by Jerry Vila ( )

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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Diversity
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 07:15
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Written by: Sinead ( ) |
August 27, 2013
Well, there are just so many reasons I LOVE die-versity, but I have
narrowed it down to my top ten! Okay here we go:


It’s so fun to stand out from the crowd!


I love seeing Mexicans, blacks, and Arabs having many children,
getting food stamps and housing assistance, driving BMWs, and having
mothers who don’t have to work. I am expected to work after I have a
child, because of my “white privilege”. I mean, if I didn’t
work, who would pay for all of the “minorities”? Plus, white
children are evil demon spawn anyway.

Pure Evil Nazi White Supremacist Germanic Death Cult Blue Eyed Devil


It’s great that our children are learning how to bend over for a
psychopathic and pedophilic prophet in class! Allahu akbar!! (I love
how ethnic that sounds!)


It makes me happy to find out how cool and trendy it is to adopt a
black baby instead of having my own white children. Refer to the
previous picture of the demonic white child. I mean compare the two.
The black baby is so much cuter, and ethnic looking! People will think
I’m so progressive


It’s so encouraging being cat called by certain black and hispanic
men when walking into a store, or to my car, or in my car… or pretty
much anywhere. Being called mami, snowflake, and blancita is fun! Now
I know another language!

She’s just pretending to be scared. Don’t let her fool you, she
actually really likes not knowing if today is the day she might be
raped and killed


It is rewarding for me to donate my income to ensure (& insure) that
all immigrants have access to healthcare, food, and housing.

I’m so lucky my own insurance covered only a few hundred dollars of
my $2,000 hospital bill (I was there for ten minutes). Plus, I’ve
got my white privilege card, so I don’t need any help! I’m very


Now I know that white people can’t have pride because that is
racist! Only everyone else except whites can have racial pride. We
are totally the oppressors!


What a cool way to ensure your baby will have no identity as well as
destroying centuries of genetic purity. Mix it up guys!

White men and black men are equal anyways!


This is especially exciting in my motherland of Ireland. I mean, it
was like so totally boring and had no culture until it was flooded
with immigrants. They make the city a brighter place. Plus, whites
having their own country is racist!

Progress!! What would Ireland look like without this sassy soul sista?
I bet she’s opened her own “soul food” restaurant in downtown
Dublin, in the spot where the local public house used to be. So much
And last but not least:


What’s better than getting to personally pay for these people to
rape and pillage my people, ensuring the genocide of my race? I’m
such a humanitarian!
“Come one come all!” - a direct quote from a self hating white
person I know


In all seriousness, white people need to stand up! Enough is enough!
This has gone way too far and we have allowed it. Stop permitting
yourself to be guilt-tripped and lied to. Have pride in your race.
Have pride in the accomplishments and beauty of your people. Get your
identity back. You are not the majority, but are in fact the global
minority. You have been lied to your whole life and blamed for
everything. We need to ensure a future for our white children. Turn
off the electric jew (television). Stop buying into their degenerate
mind control programs. White women, you have been tricked into
thinking that you are a sex object and nothing more. You are made to
think that sex is the only way for you to have any sort of power.
This is the biggest lie you have ever been told. You are the mothers
of our future generations. what kind of example are you setting for
your children? You are responsible for birthing a new generation of
white children, who have pride in themselves and are strong,
knowledgeable, healthy beings. You have also been tricked into
thinking that you are somehow liberated by having the “privilege”
of joining the work force, or even joining in combat. This is another
lie. You have been put here to mother and nurture beautiful children,
as well as create and innovate. White men, pick your head up and stop
letting these animals convince you that you have been the ultimate
oppressor since the beginning of time. You are the protectors,
fathers, explorers, innovators and warriors of our beautiful people.
Please realize your true power, for it is unstoppable and the powers
that be know this. White people, it is time to un-shackle/sheckle
ourselves, and reclaim our lands and our futures. I leave you with
this video to further illustrate my points:


Sinead is a musician, writer, and thinker.

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