Warman: The Destruction of Terry Tremaine (Mathdoktor)
Ottawa anti-free speech campaigner – he has so far filed 20 complaints against Canadians for comments on the Internet or for their websites – is a nasty piece of work. Oh, yes, he’s suing CAFÉ and me for calling him an enemy of freedom and a censor.

Read the following heartbreaking story of Warman’s efforts to destroy a man – Terry Tremaine – for no greater reason than he didn’t like his views, as expressed on Stormfront. After reading Mr. Tremaine’s story, you might conclude that I was being temperate in what I called him in 2003.

Warman seems to have landed himself safely inside the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith, where “human rights” do not mean freedom of speech for anyone of whom BB disapproves. Warman wrote: “As early as February of 2004, an individual using the name “Mathdoktor” began posting extremist antisemitic and anti-black material to the Canadian section of the forum on the US neo-Nazi website Stormfront. His hate propaganda against blacks, said Mathdoktor, was motivated by his experiences after having taught in the Caribbean for a few years. He gave out enough personal details in his profile and postings that it was possible to determine that he was, in fact, Terry Tremaine of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who had a Masters degree in Math. It was discovered that, in addition to computer contracting, he held a position as a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Saskatchewan.

Mr. Tremaine’s position with the University of Saskatchewan was terminated in April of 2005 following a complaint, accompanied by evidence of his activities, to the President of the University and the Head of the Department of Mathematics. A federal human rights complaint had been filed against Mr. Tremaine in October of 2004. In response to a decision by the CHRC to forward this complaint to the CHRT for formal hearing,.”
It was not enough for Warman to file a human rigfhts complaint to try to get Tremaine restricted or banned from posting on the Internet. The title of his speech given to the ARA (Anti-Racist Action) last August in Toronto was Maximum: Disruption: Stopping the Neo-Nazis By (Almost) Any Means Necessary.

So, it’s not enough to make a complaint to try to gag Mr. Tremaine. He must seek to have him fired from his job and livelihood. The destruction of Mr. Tremaine continued. Now, faced with the likelihood of never being able to work in his job a math educator, he began to drink heavily, contemplated suicide, fell into a depression and eventually had to check himself into a psychiatric institution for depression. Mr. Tremaine is now on the mend.

At one point, last fall, Tremaine wrote what he called “a groveling letter” of apology for his “racist” views. “As I said above, I considered the only alternative was my suicide. So, I truly felt between a rock and a hard place, not really wanting to kill myself.” The anguish and humiliation of these lines reminds one of the destruction of Winston Smith in George Orwell’s novel 1984.

No doubt Warman is chortling at the mischief caused by his “maximum disruption.”

However, the evils inflicted on a gentle mathematician who dared to utter political thoughts on the Internet must not be forgotten. The attempt to destroy Terry Tremaine is the true face of Canada’s Soviet thought police. I’m certain you are even more determined than ever to fight the thought control freaks in our midst, the “human rights” commission censors and the special interest groups.

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Paul Fromm

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Terry Tremaine’s Story

“Firstly, I want to offer my thanks to all those who have helped me during these last few very trying months. It is better that I not mention you by name in a public forum but you know who you are.

For those on Stormfront who are not aware of my situation I will give here a brief synopsis. The details can be found at (that site is down more often than not so I cannot at present give exact links -- do a site search using "mathdoktor99"). I have been hesitant to post about my situation until after my hearing but gradually I have arrived at the view that my story might help other WNs and SFers. So, here it is.

The reader of this will understand if I omit certain details due to the fact of my hearing before the Commission (henceforth referred to as "The commissars") has yet to be scheduled and anything I say here can be used against me at that hearing.

On April 8, 2005 I received a registered letter from the Canadian Human Rights Commission stating that I was under suspicion of having exposed Jews and other non-Whites to hatred and contempt as a result of my postings on I had until May 6, 2005 to respond to this complaint being put forward by an Ottawa lawyer named Richard Warman (for more information about this individual do a Google search using "richard warman"). At the time I was focused on the David Ahenikew hate-crime trial ( ). I just filed the letter away and proceeded to pretty much forget about it.

Near the end of April, I received a phone call from the legal department of the University where I was teaching part time as a sessional lecturer in Mathematics. They stated they had received a fax from Mr. Warman outlining the complaint against me and requested a meeting to discuss the matter. I agreed. It did not require a genius to figure out what would happen next. At the meeting I was dismissed from my duties in the University's interest so as to avoid a "media circus". I agreed that I did not want the media involved. Mr. Warman had stated he would go to the local and national media if I were not immediately dismissed. By the way, it has always been my position that politics should be left out of the classroom unless, of course, it is relevant to the course material. Furthermore, I always considered it my duty to treat all students with fairness, whatever their racial origin. I left my political opinions at the door when I entered the classroom.

In the next few days I packed up my stuff as best I could and moved to the west coast (British Columbia). In the interests of preserving the anonymity of those who helped me there I will have to omit details at this point. But I will describe my psychological state. I was frightened and depressed. Mostly I was concerned for those who offered me assistance and comfort fearing they might get the Warman treatment, such as a phone call to their place of work and the corresponding threats against their livelihood. I was also concerned for their physical safety as well as mine. The reader will note that the item in contains a link to my professional profile. That serves no purpose that I can think of except as a way to make available to the ARA and other thugs my address, phone number, and photo. Someone who would do that did not have my personal safety as a primary concern. As I pondered that I realized that the physical safety of those offering me help and support might also be in jeopardy. That caused me unlimited stress.

I pondered the possibility of living entirely off the grid as a homeless person eating at soup kitchens and staying in mens' shelters. The thought of that was not exactly inspiring. In fact I was scared sh*tless at the prospect. At this point the other possibilty of suicide as a political statement began to take hold. As the days and weeks rolled on I became more or less convinced that was the best solution. After all, I could never work again in either of my chosen fields and could never again have a normal life. In any case, I became increasingly depressed and the only way I could get to sleep was heavy consumption of beer. I should add that I have always been merely a social drinker and never before had a drinking problem. I was using alcohol as a medication for depression.

In Septembe,r I returned to my home province and admitted myself to a psychiatric facility to be treated for depression. I told all the staff members about my writings on SF so they all knew I was WN. While there I received remarkably good treatment by a truly caring staff. The only negative treatment I received the entire time of my stay was one occasion of rudeness from a nurse who was a negress (surprise -- not!!). The negro psychiatrist on staff treated me like a ghost (which I felt like anyway). If I had said "Boo!" to him as he walked by I think he would have jumped out of his (very) black skin. My doctor was an Arab educated in England. I have to say he was quite good and treated me with the highest professionalism. My current outpatient psychiatrist is East Indian. He also is very good and quite a people person. I am currently on medication for depression. I do not sense any mood alteration from the medication. It just allows me to be and feel normal.

While in the hospital I wrote a grovelling letter of apology to the commissars and Mr. Warman, expressing my deepest regret for all I wrote on Stormfront and denouncing all my previous "racist" views. As I said above, I considered the only alternative was my suicide. So, I truly felt between a rock and a hard place, not really wanting to kill myself.

After my release from the hospital I came to my senses, realizing there is a third alternative which in retrospect is quite obvious. TO FIGHT !! As Hitler said, "Whover does not wish to fight in this world of struggle does not deserve to live". Those words came back to me often during my emotional turmoil. So, of course, I can say without any shade of doubt that I am now totally committed to a fight to the end. Either we will be victorious or we will die with honour (maybe both). But the important thing is to fight like the future of our people depends on it because it does!

One word of advice from one who has been through the mill and broke under the pressure (but not completely or I would not be writing this). NEVER APOLOGIZE AND NEVER GROVEL!! It gives our enemy comfort and a sense of victory and will not do you any good ever.

I have regular counselling sessions from both my psychiatrist and a counsellor. I am quite straight forward with both of them describing the case against me as Soviet-like and the Commission as commissars, which is what I always call them. My counsellor (who is White) said I was a very interesting person. Of course, I am careful about what I tell both of them being fully aware that the law allows (requires?) them to divulge to the police certain matters if they view them to be of a criminal nature ("hate" for example). So, I don't give them the full dose of WN beliefs but I allude to certain salient facts without exposing myself to further action by our politicized judicial system.

Well, that is enough for now. Anyone wanting further info can PM me. Remember, though, I cannot divulge any info that would put others at risk in this very unfree society.”

Paul Fromm