We Shall Prevail -- Address by Louis T. March
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 24 June 2011 22:31
We Shall Prevail

*Address by Louis T. March

Council of Conservative Citizens

June 11, 2011

It is an honor to address the Council of Conservative Citizens--a group that
with the

leadership of Gordon Baum, Bill Lord, A.J. Barker, Tom Dover, David Hill and

has played a leading and honorable role in the defense of our people and

Think about it: not much more than half a century ago, the West dominated
the globe

with a military and economic hegemony that seemed invincible. But today

Civilization is in an existential struggle, flooded with immigration from
the Third World.

Sadly, many Whites welcome this invasion or lack the moral fiber to resist
it. But in an

era when the blind self-indulgence of so many of our fellow Whites aided the

against our civilization, *members of the Council spoke up in defense of our
people. *In the

face of withering criticism from the mainstream media, the Council of

Citizens has stood firm.

When we talk about “prevailing,” we are speaking of “victory.” To speak of
victory it

helps to know something of defeat as those of us who spring from the South
know by

heritage and tradition. Yet as wrenching as was the dashing of Southern
hopes at

Appomattox, and as outrageous as the bayonet-imposed “Reconstruction”
regime, those

defeats will have been trifles compared to our current challenge, and what
will surely

come if the men and women of the West fail *to *oppose it, to defeat it, to
destroy it*. We*

*shall ultimately prevail, because we must.*

Whom do I mean by “we”?

As most of us know, unlike the African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and

Americans of today’s diversity riddled America, many Whites, or

disdain the very notion of any racial identity. Some endorse Martin Luther
King’s famous

hope that everyone will be judged by the content of their character. If only
that were the

case! After all, when you fill in an application for a government job,
housing loan,

college scholarship or most anything else, you will find several boxes that

different nonwhite groups, but you will look in vain for a box to check for

But there’s more to racial identity than resistance. Long before the
founding of our

republic, all White Americans knew they shared bonds of blood and culture

transcended borders. This set them apart from the non-Europeans. Despite
wars and

revolutions, Whites around the world continue to share this kinship, which

manifested itself in remarkably similar values, institutions, and societies
around the

globe. We form a community of descent that antedates the glory that was
Greece, the

grandeur that was Rome, and the dynamic majesty of Christendom and the West

thousands of years. Nor has that greatness been a result of environmental
chance, as our

detractors like to claim—Western culture is the unique creation of our White
race. As my

late friend Sam Francis said: “the genetic endowments of the creating
people” were

essential to this civilization.


Despite our glorious heritage and the existential threat we face, Whites
continue to be

divided by ancient allegiances and historical rivalries, as well as an
indifference to racial

identity. How quickly we spring to the aid of nonwhites around the world;
how slow we

are to stand with our kin in Europe, Southern Africa, and elsewhere. In this
era of

globalism, it is imperative for us as White people to recall that blood is
thicker than

water. As Ben Franklin said, “We must indeed all hang together, or assuredly
we will all

hang separately.”

To prevail in our existential crisis, it is all-important to seize the moral
high ground. Our

civilization is in a mortal struggle with enemies who will stop at nothing.

Their most powerful weapon against us is the exploitation of a perverse
altruism that is

deeply rooted in our people’s moral sense. I use the word “perverse”
advisedly, because

this is an altruism that goes beyond just helping others—it actually works
against our

people’s interests.

There are few better examples of this perverse altruism than the twisted
ideals that

inspired the radical abolitionist John Brown in his murderous career. Over
the past

century, the great White moral crusades against slavery have snowballed to

ending White colonial rule, enforcing racial equality, imposing racial
integration, and

enabling massive Third World immigration to the West. However, the success
of these

crusades has failed to satisfy the moralistic yearnings of what has become a
*growing fifth*

*column in the West*. In fact, this suicidal “altruism” has metastasized to
a blanket

condemnation of our traditions, achievements, and aspirations—as “unjust”

“immoral”—the fruits of our great accomplishments are dismissed as “White

A couple of points about the White “moral” crusade against White people:

First, the blind moralism that empowers our enemies is easily exploited by

Whites. Think of the fortunes made from the War Between the States; think of
the wealth

amassed by employing cheap Third World labor.

Second, our White do-gooder “altruists,” in their anti-White fervor, seldom
consider the

possible consequences of their fanaticism. Many have died in foreign
conflicts allegedly

waged for “humanitarian” reasons. This same anti-White fervor also leads to
a disregard

for simple fairness, justice and Constitutional rights for pro-White

Let’s look at some anti-White and anti-Western causes which have depended on

distorted White morality for their success:

--There’s the so-called “civil rights” and “racial equality” movement.

journalists, clergymen, professors, businessmen, and millions of other White
people of

the right, left and center support a movement that, no matter its original
intent, has

morphed into an unceasing campaign for non-White privilege. Yet despite the

movement’s “success” most Black Americans find themselves continually
bedeviled by


crime, illegitimacy, and myriad social and economic woes. Many avowed

“conservatives,” from the late Charlton Heston to today’s Glen Beck, have

supported the bogus crusade for “civil rights” out of a misplaced altruism.

--Parallel to that was White opposition to European colonialism—it was the

cultural elite of France who lobbied for Algerian independence—throwing the

living there to the wolves.

--Later came massive White support against White rule in Rhodesia and South

Africa. A twisted so-called “morality” was motivating their efforts:
thousands of Whites

rallied to support black rule in Southern Africa.

--These anticolonial and anti-apartheid efforts were White led anti-White

altruism. Various aid programs facilitate this, from the Peace Corps to the

Monetary Fund, along with our soldiers on the front lines of the thankless
struggles to

feed, clothe, teach, and heal the unfortunate populations of hell-holes from
Haiti to


--A tsunami of Third World immigration threatens to drown the West. Here the

role of Western churches symbolizes the nexus between skewed morality and

fervor. Mainstream Christian churches, with overwhelmingly White

supported the “sanctuary” movement harboring illegal aliens and support tax

resettlement of Third World immigrants in the West.

--And, of course, there are the politically correct attacks on our race and

history. The message here is that the West has been oppressive and immoral,
and that the

only moral course for us is White guilt and selling out our own people.

All this shows that many Whites are clueless to anti-White propaganda,

about the real world, and thereby vulnerable to having their moral scruples

against their own race.

So we have a problem. It is accompanied by a paradox: not only do large
numbers of

Whites side with their race’s adversaries, for so called moral reasons, but
they fail to

notice that in doing so, Whites are behaving more morally than nonwhites.
Nonwhites do

not act against their group self-interest--they have no moral hang ups about


It is precisely our people’s finely tuned sense of morality that has enabled
our enemies to

enlist so many Whites in their campaign against the West. In no race,
culture, or

civilization have standards of decency, fair play, justice, and morality
flourished as they

have among Europeans.

I’m not talking about simple interpersonal ethics—all peoples have rules of

behavior. What I mean is a morality that strives to be universal. No other
race has been as

creative, indeed driven, in producing systems of thought that considered
ethics, or right

behavior, not from the point of personal, tribal, or national
self-advantage, but rather in

terms of a universal standard.

For better or worse, humanism—the appreciation of human beings as such—and

universalism, the quest to extend civilization in all its forms to mankind,
arose in the


philosophy and literature of ancient Greece and the legal codes of imperial

Christianity supplanted the inward-looking ethic of the Torah and the Talmud
with the

command to love one’s neighbor as oneself, rigorously defining “neighbor” in

teachings of Jesus Christ to include all humankind. Western Christianity in
all its

variants, fostered a conscience and a consciousness among its adherents
that, for agonies

of self-examination and introspection, have no rivals among other races.

Western philosophy, from Socrates to Kant and to the present day, has no

rivals in defining a universal ethic. The moral and legal standards of White

have encompassed the culturally and racially alien to an extent unrivalled
among the non-

Western cultures so esteemed by diversity fanatics. And, whatever the
ethical lapses of

our people in their darkest periods, they have ultimately yielded to the
urgings of their

priests and preceptors, and above all to their own hearts. Seen in this
light, the twisted

altruism of Whites who despise their race, what some of them sneeringly call

“Whiteness,” is a behavior that is deeply White.

A few specifics:

--In the sixteenth century the Spanish cleric Bartolomeo de Las Casas
condemned his

country’s treatment of America’s Indians. Emperor Charles V named him the

“Protector of Indian Rights”; he and his successors were able to help the
Indians, thereby

establishing the conditions for Latin America’s vast mestizo population, as
well as for the

march of “La Raza” into the White American heartland.

--Consider the late 18th century trial of Warren Hastings, the first
governor-general of

India, for mistreating Asian Indians. While Hastings was acquitted, his
ordeal fostered

high standards of conduct for the British colonial service.

--Remember it was White people who rushed to aid Haiti in the aftermath of
the 2010


How does our traditional Western morality compare with the moral standards
of other

races and cultures?

--Could one imagine, in nineteenth century black Africa, a society dedicated
to freeing

White chattels? Can one imagine it today? Historically Africans have never
shown much

interest in freeing any slaves!

--Was ever an Oriental satrap put on trial, as was Hastings, for mistreating
his White


--Which of the nonwhite countries has ever sent vast sums to aid White

--Does any of them discriminate against its own people in favor of Whites?

--Which African country has so much as spoken out against the murder of
White farmers

in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

--How many American blacks would contribute to a college scholarship fund
for needy

White students?

Those Whites who oppose our Western culture and traditions, and disavow
their own

White identity, claim to be acting in the name of morality. Others suffer
from a sickness

of the soul that forbids identifying with their own kind out of supposedly
moral or


humanitarian concerns. Only White people would think this way. However, such

repudiation of one’s own people is profoundly immoral.

If we, the men and women of the West, are to survive, we must regain the
moral high

ground from those who have falsely usurped it.

How can this be done? I am not a philosopher or ethicist. Nor do I come
before you a

prophet bearing a new moral code. Instead, I shall follow Socrates’ dictum,
that virtue

(and thus morality) is knowledge.

Many of our fellow Whites work against their own kind not just from
misplaced idealism,

but out of sheer ignorance. This ignorance stems from falsehoods spread and

suppressed by government, media and education establishments actively
hostile to the

White West.

I’ve touched on some of the untruths behind this skewed White moral
rejection of their

people and their culture, including the claims:

--that White people are uniquely bigoted;

--that Western civilization is based on oppression;

--that Western science and literature has been copied or stolen from other

--that our prosperity is not the result of Western genius and toil, but of

exploitation of nonwhite peoples and their resources;

--and perhaps the keystone to the entire mendacious arch: there are no

differences between peoples, and race doesn’t exist—but the White race is

There are so many obvious falsehoods and subsidiary lies that flow from
them. Suffice it

to say that the intellectual basis of anti-White ideology is rooted in lies.

There are a number of ways to combat this rubbish. One is to establish the
facts, to

debunk the canards against the West. One example of such garbage is the

Afrocentric notion, launched by a White professor, that the ancient Greeks

literally stole!—geometry and philosophy from Africa, leaving no copies and

memory, as a burglar smashes a car window and steals a GPS.

Another way to counter the twisted morality of those who claim the West is
immoral is to

expose the suppression of information that doesn’t support their anti-White

Consider how the government, mass media, and educational establishments:

--*distort government crime statistics*, particularly crimes by nonwhites
against Whites:

the scant publicity for white victims and non-White criminals, but ample
coverage of

“hate crimes,” when Whites are at fault;

--ignore poor academic performance by nonwhites—or blames it on “racism”;

--conceal the corresponding racial achievement gaps in science, technology,

professions, and business;

--dwell on real and imagined faults of White leaders and censor the careers
of minority

heroes, such as airbrushing the plagiarism of Martin Luther King’s doctoral


--and above all, consider the suppression of research and information on

differences between groups and individuals. Pioneers in genetics were
suppressed in

Stalin’s Soviet Union; it is telling that in the “liberal” West, our enemies
have to date

imposed a blackout on such research that has been just as effective. The
taboo on racial

differences has been pervasive: think of the white sports commentators who
have been

fired—*for merely suggesting that Blacks are better athletes than Whites!—*and

the ostracism of two Nobel laureates, William Shockley and James B. Watson,

research was central to today’s information and biotech industries, for
their heretical

views on racial differences.

What is the establishment afraid of? Certainly not those of us gathered
here. Nor do they

fear the possible conversion of their in-house antiwhite renegades—the kind
who staff

and support the SPLC, the thugs who break up our meetings, and the rest.
What the anti-

White activists—the soulless globalists, the moralizing White hairshirts,
and the minority

agitators—what they really fear is what will happen if the mass of morally

middle class Whites should wake up and discover the truth.

I’ve reminded you of the close relationship of morality and truth. When
claims of

compassion clash with those of honesty, the greatest of our minds and souls

embraced those words of the greatest moral preceptor of the West: “And ye
shall know

the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (John 8:32)

In our struggle to prevail, exposing the immorality and injustice of the

movement is of paramount importance. The opposition is anything but moral.

diversity’s mask of tolerance and openness, there is a plethora of programs,
from socalled

“affirmative action” to nonwhite preferences in college admissions, housing,

employment, and small business loans. All these programs discriminate
against White

Americans. This is institutionalized anti-White racism, which is pervasive
throughout the


Not only does anti-White racism prevail in education and business, we see it

--in politics, where Congressional districts are apportioned to facilitate
the election of

nonwhites; where Southern states are monitored to insure maximum Black voter

where the New Black Panther Party can intimidate White voters with the
sanction of the

Attorney General, who openly declared that he could not go against “his
people” to

defend civil rights for Whites;

--where “historically” Black colleges have a legal right to discriminate as
they flourish

with taxpayer support;

--in the reparations movement to punish Whites, their children and their

children for ills that ended 150 years ago, a movement already in force by
way of

discriminatory “compensation” for alleged black farmers. Already over a
billion dollars

has been paid to supposed black farmers for alleged “discrimination” in farm

programs. Anyone, yes, anyone claiming to be a Black farmer was
eligible--Whites need

not apply;


--in the immigration corporate welfare racket: globalists demand cheap
labor, which

means Third World immigration. They peddle it to the public with “diversity
is our

strength” propaganda, and if you don’t like it, you’re an evil “racist.”

So here we have it: the so-called “morality” of the anti-White movement is a
paper tiger.

But how do defenders of the West arouse our people’s moral sense in their
own defense?

We must simply seize the moral high ground.

While I applaud the courage of people who devote great effort spreading the
truth about

challenges facing the West through well-reasoned intellectual arguments,
that is not

sufficient. To fight affirmative action and other injustices, we need more
than intellectual

arguments. In fact, we shouldn't have to make intellectual arguments at all.
Our demands

should be rooted in morality—*our *morality.

Establishing the truth and justice of our cause is key to winning the moral
high ground,

which means everything in the West. The same moral compass that fosters
White guilt is

a powerful weapon when Whites realize that they have been wronged.

Historically, Western peoples have been slower than others to anger at
mistreatment, but

when at last their tolerance is exhausted, their sense of morality and
justice becomes a

powerful engine of resistance. Recall the long list of grievances that
preceded the

American revolution, and the English revolutions of the seventeenth century,
to name just

a few White uprisings that were directed at established White leadership.

movements were driven not by a simple desire for redistribution of power and

but by demands of rights often represented as natural or God-given.

Today, Whites dedicated to our racial and cultural survival find ourselves
in an enviable

moral position. Yes, we are on the defensive biologically as well as
morally, but that

arouses our instincts for self-defense.

Make no mistake about it, racially conscious Whites are now defending not
only our

homelands but our neighborhoods. No Asian or African army has landed on our

But the immigration invasion that has resulted from the success of specious

rationales has had its effect. The United States is now less than two thirds

The truth is that our culture and our countries belong to us. While those
cultures and

countries were led by great leaders, in the West more than anywhere else it
was the socalled

common people--of Greece and Rome, and then of Europe and its far- flung

dominions who defended and sustained them. They were the citizen-soldiers of

and Rome; the burghers and yeomen of Europe; and the proud, self-sufficient
men and

women of the soil that Thomas Jefferson saw as the bulwark of the American

Even unmemorialized, forgotten to our conscious, they live through

inheritance in every part of us. If Whites surrender the West, we will
abandon them and

betray our people.


Now, there’s no denying that our peoples, through the ages, have embraced

We are descended from those who blazed the trails, sailed the seas, and
conquered space.

Nonetheless, our European ancestors have had to defend their lands and their

time and time again against the teeming hordes of Asia and Africa, often
suffering defeat

and occupation before the final victory.

Before the Athenians routed the Persians at Salamis, three hundred Spartans
fought to the

death at Thermopylae; before Scipio crushed Hannibal’s Levantine
Carthaginians at

Zama, the Roman legions suffered disaster after disaster in defense of
Italy. Long before

Europe began its crusades, the Saracens swarmed from Africa into Spain and
as far as

Tours. Before them came the Huns, Mongols and Turks.

Perhaps it is no accident that in the memory of our people the greatest
epics are not those

of invasion and triumph but of defense against all odds. There is
Thermopylae, the

Alamo, Rorke’s Drift, and many others, where a comparative handful of
Western soldiers

held out against overwhelming odds, to victory or death.

It is our individual and collective moral imperative, as Whites, to be true
to our racial

identity, and to the vocation that flows from it. We must awaken to our
destiny. Let us

herald to our Western kindred that our race has been the *least selfish *of
races. The White

race is the Prometheus of history, and the Atlas of humanity. For us,
morality must be

morale, and this can be realized through a three-step process:

The first step is to Educate. I am a firm believer in the value of studying
our history,

learning what science has to say about the basis for our behavior, of
delving into our

religious and philosophical tradition, and acquiring the practical skills
essential to

communicating and organizing in the twenty-first century. But I counsel each
of you,

whether newcomers or proven veterans of our struggle: start with yourself.

Thus, each of us needs to learn, that if we are to prevail as a group—as a
race—it’s up to

each of us, individually. You can begin by reminding yourself, that *every
single one of us*

counts in our struggle. Take it from our adversaries: they know that just
one of us

standing up and speaking out for the West can be more effective than a
legion of selfhating


Yes, our race is on the defensive. So fortify yourself internally: stop
despairing over

every setback. And, as you gird yourself inwardly to guard the ramparts of
the West, no

longer attempt to conserve what is irretrievable, or defend that which is
lost. How many

of us continue to support our schools and churches long after they have

sepulchers of corruption? How many of us seek to sustain a tired political
process where

we’ve compromised on essentials to conserve irrelevancies? Jettison what’s
lost, useless,

and rotten.

Strive not only to be a partisan of your race—work to make your racial
loyalty the

capstone of a personal ethic of honor, courage, loyalty, compassion, and the
rest of our

Western moral virtues. Steep yourselves in the greatest and noblest of what
is the West:


art and philosophy and literature; the mythic and the mystical as well as
history and the

sciences. Strive as well to be balanced and self-controlled; an inner fire
that burns warm

and bright shouldn’t flare and explode, scorching ourselves as well as our

The second step is to inspire. To inspire, do not presume that our race’s

achievements will motivate a people that has been dispirited by years of
defeat. It is first

of all flesh and blood men and women who inspire, through their deportment,

character, and their noble deeds.

Comport yourselves as have the finest men and women of our race. Now, I
don’t mean

that you should aim to emulate their achievements—remember that their

accomplishments, for all their glory, are done. Now it is you and what you
can do. Think,

act, work, and live as if you are the vital link in the chain from our
race’s past to its

future, because you are.

Thus, husband your energies, emotions and words for the vital struggle, for
the long haul.

When instinct and experience tells you the time is right, then speak and act

maximum economy and to maximum effect. Spare your friends and your family
the racist

blabber and the ethnic jokes. Be to all you meet, to the best of your
ability, the

embodiment of your magnificent race. Strive not to impress, but to inspire.

And try your own hand at creativity—whether music, the arts, or writing.
Even if you

never publish or exhibit, such exercise is priceless, both as
self-discipline and selfexpression.

For those of us who act with boldness, persistence, and *utmost discretion*,

prospects for proselytizing have never been better in my lifetime.

Above all, I assure you, if you acquit yourself as a White man or a white
woman, with

resolution, courage, and self-discipline, you will inspire your fellow
Whites in a way that

slipping them a handbill or sending them an email never could. Our paramount
task *right*

*now *is not to start a new political party, or to overthrow “political
correctness,” or even to

bring third world immigration under control, but rather to *rally our fellow
Westerners to*

*discover, appreciate and embrace their White identity*. This is where we

The final step is to build. In order to prevail, we need to build, and first
of all that means

to organize. None of us can prevail single-handedly. We have unequal talents

capabilities, and our life situations often limit our ability to be

So, clearly, most of us need organization: to work with others whose

complement and, we hope, exceed our own. There are several—not many—worthy

groups out there, certainly including the Council. But a few words of
advice: be as stern

with the organizations you join and support, and with their leaders, as you
are with

yourself. Remember, you are more than a building block in the future of our
race, you’re

a vital link. *Your involvement honors any worthwhile white organization*,
and your

energies and morale in our struggle are too valuable to be wasted in
flitting from group to



Each of us who actively enlists in the mortal struggle for our race’s
destiny, whatever our

gifts or our limitations, assumes a warrior’s role—some of my fellow
speakers know this

all too well. Make no mistake: the Western countries are ruled by our
adversaries, no

matter what they think in private or tell one another on the golf course. By
their fruits ye

shall know them. The psychological burden of fighting in a cause the

condemns at every turn is daunting. But we can take heart because the very
trends that

threaten us now work in our favor. You see, more “diversity,” in the short
run, at least,

works to promote heightened White identity. So reverse discrimination
actually offers an

opportunity—*if only we will seize it*.

The old way is to bemoan the election of a radical president, and then howl
even louder

when his wife invites to the White House a rapper who celebrates
cop-killers. The new

way is to communicate--spread the word about these outrages to maximum
effect. This

way bad news can effect good news.

--Then there’s the real good news--Whites are finally beginning to wake up.
A recent

Harvard/Tufts survey (http://medicalxpress.com/print225368696.html) reveals
that nearly

half of Whites interviewed feel that Whites are more discriminated against
than blacks.

And more good news: this revived racial consciousness is especially evident
in Europe,

with the continuing success of nationalist political movements.

Further, your iron-clad commitment to do whatever possible whenever possible

essential. Discover your abilities (you have more than you think), and
determine how and

where to apply them. Don’t sit out the battle because you can’t find the

application for your most outstanding talent. If nothing else, fuel the
fight with financial

support. A little goes a long way, and there are few more vital ways to
participate. But do

whatever you can—*every single one of us *is part of this struggle.

Yes, it is our great, *UN*common people as a whole, whose intelligence,

resolve, and fairness have made us truly the wonder of the world. As we
fight for justice,

let us comport ourselves with genuine self- respect, not with the narrowness
of bigotry

but with the greatness of soul of men like Thomas Jefferson. Speaking truth
to power—

civilly and persuasively—is the *first *step, and the best way, to rally our
people to victory

against those who would reduce us to a persecuted minority.

So we shall labor—with unwavering courage—for the posterity of our great

people. The sheer justice of our cause, integrity of our intentions and
spirit of

determination that animates our people will slowly, eventually, surely, meet

challenges we face. Let us *always *remember this, lest we ever be tempted
to doubt that

the struggle before us is worthy of the Herculean task.

Yes my friends, most certainly--we shall prevail.

*LOUIS T. MARCH, J.D. is a native North Carolinian. He served as an aide to
U.S. Senator Jesse Helms*

*and later worked as a Washington lobbyist and government affairs
consultant, subsequently becoming*

*active in the representation of closely held companies for merger,
acquisition and private placement of*

*capital. He has traveled extensively, is a frequent public speaker and
former radio talk show host. His*

*background in government, business and philanthropic activity has provided
an in-depth understanding of*


*public policy, the political process, and general public impact. March is
author of Immigration and the End*

*of Self-Government and Harvest of Lies: The Black Farmer Lawsuit Against
the U.S. Department of*

*Agriculture. He currently lives with his family on a farm in the Shenandoah
Valley of Virginia.*

*Mr. March can be contacted through www.repgov.org or at [email protected]*
Public Relations Con Job: Tories Introduce Weak Ineffective Measures to Curb Human Sm
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 24 June 2011 00:25
*Public Relations Con Job: Tories Introduce Weak Ineffective Measures to
Curb Human Smugglers*
*The new Tory majority government has re-introduced legislation to curb
human smuggling. However, comments made by Immigration Minister Jason
Kenneyreveal that it's all a public relations wiggle to make the
public think
action is taken against the illegals, in order that the public will continue
to acquiesce in the government's long-term goal of replacing the European
founding/settler people as fast as possible.*
*To begin with, real immigration reform must deal with the numbers and
make-up of the huge immigration intake. The government wants to keep the
numbers astronomically high -- 700,000 plus annually, including short term
work visas and student visas. A recent Fraser Institute report written by
former Simon Fraser University economics professor emeritus and Reform
Party MP Herbert Grubel demolishes the immigration policies of the past 30
years, as a costly failure. Far from adding to the economy and tax base, the
poorly screened immigration onslaught, 85 per cent from the Third World,
ends up costing taxpayers $25-billion a year; that is, considering the taxes
they consume (medicare,welfare, public housing, etc) less the taxes they
pay: "*" Of*ficial statistics indicate that recent immigrants have lower
average incomes and tax payments than other Canadians, even ten years after
their arrival. At the same time, these immigrants on average absorb at
least the same amount of social benefits as other Canadians*. As a result,
$6,000 is annually transferred to the average immigrant at the expense of
Canadian taxpayers. In 2006, the value of these transfers to all of the 2.7
million immigrants who arrived between 1987 and 2004 and still live in
Canada came to $16.3 billion. Taking account of the 1.5 million immigrants
who arrived since 2004 *the fiscal burden comes to $25 billion in 2010*.
These fiscal costs represent *a significant proportion of the $55 billion
deficit of the federal government projected for the fiscal year
2011*." (*Herbert
Grubel*, March 9, 2011)

And this is the flood Jason Kenney wants to sweet talk Canadians into
accepting through this legislative crackdown on people smuggling.
*The Globe and Mail* *(June 14, 2011) reports: "* *A central priority for
the Harper government is to keep Canadians committed to the developed
world’s most open immigration policy – admitting more people, per capita,
than any other developed nation – at a time when other governments are under
increasing domestic pressure to close their doors.* *'We have this
phenomenal situation where Canada is the only Western liberal democracy with
virtually no xenophobic or anti-immigrant voices in our public discourse,'
Mr. Kenney said. **Maintaining public confidence in the system, he said,
depends on ensuring that queue jumpers aren’t able to abuse it."*

* **The mass media demonizes criticism of immigration. When I ran against
Mr. Kenney in Calgary Southeast in the recent federal election, there were
no all candidates meetings and the press resolutely ignored what could have
been an interesting clash of ideas. Two outlets refused to sell me space to
advertise my immigration reform message. In fact, many polls show Canadians
less than smitten with the prospect of being replaced. A recent Angus Reid
poll "revealed that 46 per cent of Canadians believed immigration was having
a negative effect on the country." (**The Walrus**, June, 2011)*


So, just what will be proposed legislation do? According to the *Globe and
Mail**, "*The bill allows the immigration minister to designate such
claimants as an 'irregular arrival,' making them subject to detention for up
to a year while their identity is verified and their claims processed. ...

*Under the legislation, irregular-arrival claimants who do obtain refugee
status would be prohibited from obtaining permanent-resident status or from
sponsoring family members for five years, and could be returned to their
homeland if conditions there improve.The bill also toughens penalties for
human smugglers and for owners of ships who carry human cargo."*


*Superficially, it sounds good. However, the sugar glaze hides a fresh cow
patty. The Immigration Minister can declare those seeking to slither in
through a people smuggling operation as "irregular arrivals" who can be
detained for up to a year while their identities are checked. Under present
regulations iffy invaders can be held, subject to court challenges. The
legislation would appear to permit detention for up to a year. This may be a
minor inconvenience to the illegals but in the end they'll be set free in
Canadian society for the ponderous process that accesses their claim. All
the while, they'll be feasting on welfare, medicare, dental care, government
housing, legal aid, and language and employment training, all courtesy of
the Canadian taxpayer. A slightly harsher restriction is that those admitted
as refugees would not be eligible for landed immigrant status and the right
to sponsor their village for five years. This would only delay access to
those incredible privileges given to people not even yet Canadian citizens.
The one provision with any merit is that those who try to force entry as
"irregular arrivals" may be returned to their country of origin should
conditions improve.*


*In fact, Canada should re-think the whole "refugee" process, especially
granting citizenship to self-designated "refugees" who show up and make a
claim. Citizenship and costly welfare maintenance here is a most inefficient
way of assisting people fleeing unfortunate conditions back home. Perhaps, a
system that grants "asylum" status (with no rights of citizenship) with a
review every two years would be better. When/if conditions back home
improved, the asylees wold be expected to move home or move on.*

*The threat to impose stiffer penalties on people smugglers and those who
organize such enterprises sounds good. However, the organizers are almost
always overseas and beyond the reach of our laws. Since the days of Elinor
Caplan ("remember the St. Louis") the government has talked a tough line
about people smugglers. Penalties introduced by Caplan could range as high
as life imprisonment and a $1-million fine for people smuggling. However, to
the best of our research, the stiffest penalty imposed in the 12 years since
is three months -- that's less than one fifth the sentence imposed on Brad
Love for writing letters critical of immigration to MPs.*

*If the government is serious about people smuggling, the law should be
changed to make both those who organize the operation and those who pay
money to be snuck into Canada equally criminal. As a criminal enterprise,
the entire shipload should be firmly denied entry into Canadian waters. If
there was no hope that those who paid smugglers would be granted admission,
then people smuggling would stop. Jason Kenney's legislation would not stop
such smuggling but would merely add a bit of inconvenience to the smugglers
and smuggled.*


*Globe reporter John Ibbotson's language is shameless flackery for the
illegals. They are referred to as "migrants," as if they were merely birds
pursuing their semi-annual flight to our country. They are, in fact, people
who have paid a lot of money as part of a criminal enterprise because they
would not normally qualify for a visa to come to Canada, perhaps because of
their criminal past or association with terrorist organizations.*

[image: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Immigration Minister Jason
Kenney hold a news conference in Ottawa on June 16, 2011. - Public Safety
Minister Vic Toews and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney hold a news
conference in Ottawa on June 16, 2011. | THE CANADIAN PRESS]
On human smuggling, Tories plan to make Canada less desirable
JOHN IBBITSON OTTAWA— From Friday's Globe and Mail Published Thursday, Jun.
16, 2011 7:17PM EDT

For the Conservative government, new legislation that will subject some
refugee claimants to detention is about more than deterring human smuggling.

It’s also about persuading both Canadians and Americans that this country’s
borders are secure.

The Conservative government reintroduced legislation Thursday that aims to
discourage ships from arriving off Canada’s coasts crammed with migrants
seeking asylum. The bill allows the immigration minister to designate such
claimants as an “irregular arrival,” making them subject to detention for up
to a year while their identity is verified and their claims processed.

Video Tamil smugglers charged $50,000

Video 'Irregular' migrants in Tories' sights

The purpose of the legislation, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said in an
interview, is to make Canada less desirable as a destination for migrants
who sometimes pay tens of thousands of dollars to human smugglers to travel
here on unsafe vessels, such as the roughly 500 who arrived on the *Sun Sea*and
*Ocean Lady* in 2009 and 2010.

But it is also intended, he said, to assure the U.S. government that Canada
is taking the steps necessary to control the border at a time when the two
governments are negotiating new economic and security agreements.

“We’re doing this for our own reasons, to maintain the integrity of our
immigration and refugee systems,” Mr. Kenney said. “But there is no doubt it
has the added advantage of building confidence with our American friends
with respect to continental security.”

Under the legislation, irregular-arrival claimants who do obtain refugee
status would be prohibited from obtaining permanent-resident status or from
sponsoring family members for five years, and could be returned to their
homeland if conditions there improve.

The bill also toughens penalties for human smugglers and for owners of ships
who carry human cargo.

The government introduced identical legislation last autumn, but it was
blocked by opposition parties in what was then a minority government. They
believe the bill would give the minister far too much arbitrary power and
would violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“It sets up a two-tier refugee system,” said Don Davies, the NDP’s
immigration critic. People fleeing by ship from oppressive and dangerous
environments are no less legitimate refugee claimants than people seeking
asylum at an airport or land crossing, he said.

Gordon Maynard, a Vancouver-based immigration lawyer and former chairman of
the Canadian Bar Association, said parts of the legislation may violate the
Charter of Rights and Freedoms and would not survive a court challenge.

But “bad legislation can be kept in place a long time” before the courts
finally strike it down, he said.

A central priority for the Harper government is to keep Canadians committed
to the developed world’s most open immigration policy – admitting more
people, per capita, than any other developed nation – at a time when other
governments are under increasing domestic pressure to close their doors.

“We have this phenomenal situation where Canada is the only Western liberal
democracy with virtually no xenophobic or anti-immigrant voices in our
public discourse,” Mr. Kenney said.

Maintaining public confidence in the system, he said, depends on ensuring
that queue jumpers aren’t able to abuse it.

“In our research, we find this sentiment most acutely among immigrants to
Canada, not surprisingly,” he said. Those who migrated to this country
legally, he believes, are the most intolerant of those who flout the rules.

This policy of retaining high levels of immigration while cracking down on
alleged abusers of the system does not appear to have hurt Conservative
support among immigrant voters – quite the opposite. Conservative candidates
scored victories on May 2 in many urban ridings with large immigrant

In the months to come, the Conservatives plan to adjust the points system
that determines who is eligible to come to Canada, further emphasizing an
ability to find jobs in an evolving Canadian economy.

Legislation will also target those who live overseas but feign residency in
Canada through false addresses and the like, along with those who help make
that possible.
Hear Paul Fromm: The Fighting Side of Me: Immigration–It’s the Make-up and the Number
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 23 June 2011 04:49
Hear Paul Fromm: The Fighting Side of Me: Immigration – It’s the Make-up and
the Numbers that Count

[image: Conrad Black]
Conrad Black

Paul Fromm discusses:

- The con job that is Canada’s announced crackdown on people smugglers;
- The real purpose is a public relations shuffle so that Canada can
maintain the highest immigration intake per capita in the West;
- The polls show Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is dreaming when he
says: “‘We have this phenomenal situation where Canada is the only Western
liberal democracy with virtually no xenophobic or anti-immigrant voices in
our public discourse.”;
- “The press and many big corporations may suppress and downplay dissent
but it’s there and strong,” says Fromm.
- Eccentric former press baron, author and neo-Con Lord Conrad Black may
be waking up: Europe is collapsing “a process accelerated by Europeans\
dyspeptic failure to reproduce, and a culturaqlly suicidal replacement,
thoughout Europe, of the unborn with often unassimilated Muslim immigrants.”

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