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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 08:40

*Yes, Ladies, He Is Available*

In Regina, "a Somali refugee has been sentenced to time in jail for a
protracted beating during which he whipped his sister repeatedly with a
power cord [early reports mention an iron was also employed to bring the
girl to heel] and threatened to shave off her hair to punish her for
sneaking out of the house to celebrate her birthday at a club. *Ibrahim
Osman*, 23, pleaded guilty on Monday to assault causing bodily harm for the
attack on his sister. Their mother, *Shaffiga Hussein*, is also charged
with assaulting the girl in the same incident. Her matter remains before
the courts. Sentencing Osman on Monday, *Provincial Court Judge Kenn
Bellerose* said the case is one where the courts need to send a message that
the girl is free to celebrate her birthday within the law — just as Osman is
free to practise his religious beliefs in a lawful way. 'That's why she
came to this country. That's why you came to this country: Freedom to do
what you want within the law,' he said. ... Police officers dispatched to a
Cavendish Street house in November arrived to find the girl crying and
obviously injured, with a badly swollen lip and cheek. The girl's sister
told police that, when the teen arrived home from school, her brother pulled
her inside the house, locked the door and began punching and kicking her and
hitting her with a power cord. Osman eventually told the girl to go shower
and said he was going to shave her head. [Crown prosecutor *Connie*] *
Hottinger* said the girl had 20-25 whip marks on her back, and was treated
in hospital for her injuries. She is currently in foster care.

Defence lawyer *Dave Armstrong* said the family are refugees from Somalia,
and spent 14 years in a refugee camp before coming to Regina two years ago.
Osman told his lawyer this kind of matter would have been dealt with
differently in the refugee camp. ... Armstrong said Osman is also
struggling because he is going blind. Osman's mother spoke briefly in
court, saying her son had never been in trouble before, and she believes the
steroid medication he is taking for his eyes has had an impact on his
behaviour. ... Osman also pleaded guilty to threatening to kill his mother
during another incident a month ago, and admitted two charges of mischief
for damaging cells at the city police station and the provincial courthouse
in Regina. Osman has been in jail since his arrest on the threatening
charge last month. Bellerose imposed two months more for the assault, and
one month consecutive for the threat. The jail term will be followed by 12
months of probation with a number of conditions, during which Osman will
have to take substance abuse counselling, anger management programming and
not have any contact with his sister." (*Regina** Leader-Post*, February 9,

An earlier *Leader-Post* report dated October 1-- that's about a month
before she allegedly participated in the honour beating of her daughter --
starts like this: "*Shaffiga Hussein,* an immigrant from Somalia, was losing
hope until training provided at the *Regina Open Door Society* helped her
land a job." How touching to see that the entire *Can-West* newspaper
network, along with various settlement organizations, have scrubbed this
awkward feel good story from the web. Now, it may be that Regina harbours
more than one Somali female named *Shaffiga Hussein*, but the important
thing is that we helped.

[This article appears in the Mach, 2010 issue of the *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION
HOTLINE*. Published monthly, the *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE* is available
by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or
VISA number and expiry date to *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE*, P.O. Box 332,
Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 07:54
*The Beaver -- A Relic *

"*The emblem of Canada is the Beaver; her motto-Industry, Intelligence, and
Integrity. These qualifications are required by all who desire to make
honorable progress in life, and when possessed and put into practice, cannot
fail to command success. Many of our wealthy inhabitants landed in the
country without a friend to receive them, and with little beyond their own
industrious habits to recommend them, and many to whom the future looks
unpromising annually resort to our shores. But in Canada, success is to be
achieved by the poorest through honest labour*.

Willingness to work will ensure comfort and independence to every prudent,
sober man. No promises of extravagant wages are held out, but a fair day's
pay for a fair day's work is open to every man, in a country where the
necessaries of life are cheap and abundant. Amongst emigrants, cases of
disappointment must occasionally occur, but in nine cases out of ten, they
may be traced to the individuals themselves. Energy and physical ability
for labour are two essential elements for success in a new country; their
absence must involve failure, and exaggerated expectations will invariably
lead to disappointment." (*Information for Intending Emigrants*, Quebec:

It is worth noting that this philosophy would persist for the next hundred
years. The next forty would produce, not immigrants, but foster children.

[This article appears in the Mach, 2010 issue of the *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION
HOTLINE*. Published monthly, the *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE* is available
by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or
VISA number and expiry date to *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE*, P.O. Box 332,
Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 19 March 2010 09:31
*Former Political Prisoner Brad Love on Cop Shows, Haitians & Foreign Aid*
*It's easy to spot and it's on every channel. Cop reality shows and who
they are chasing. And it can be in Miami, Detroit, Kansas City, Dallas,
Phoenix or New Orleans. The faces are all the same. And it can be real cops
of every colour or wannabe cops or has-been actors, bounty hunters, the DEA
or U.S. Marshalls. They are running after the same culprits. The black
*Steven Segal chases them down and then throws them to the ground.
Beautiful! He also goes on meeting and greeting in the black hoods, but
only in the daytime and when wearing full body armour and with three other
cops. That's reality. *
*Dog the Bounty Hunter? Well, admittedly, he chases mostly white drug
addicts and homeless people who are out on bail. But this is only because
blacks have such severe criminal records so they are never released on bail
for Dog to again track them down.*

*And, yet, on all of those CSI-type shows the hip, young white cops chase
down hip, young white criminals. What gives Don't the writers/producers of
such shows live in the real world? Do they really think they're fooling
anyone? The only actual reality to these shows is how they abuse the civil
rights of everyone they encounter and arrest at will anyone who challenges
them or sticks up for themselves. PATHETIC!*

*Here in Canada sellouts Steven Harper and Jason Kenney, without consulting
a single Canadian, plan to allow in 5000 broke, unskilled,
illiterate,sickly, demanding Haitian layabouts. They will then join up with
the 150,000 Haitians, many protesting, broke, unskilled, illiterate sickly,
and demanding, and many of whom are now clogging up housing projects and
raping us at the welfare office in Montreal. Those who aren't already in
jail, that is. Either way, we pay.*
*Here in Alberta, the gov't. gave away $500 grand and then several days
later laid off a 150 staffers who wouldn't dare utter a peep. Think about it
folks, our kiss-ass gov't. could double the pension of every retired person
and cut every working persons income tax rate by half if they simply halted
its Third World giveways and its losing war in Afghanistan. *
*So, either speak up about such madness, or remain silent and go broke!
It's your choice. It's called 'democracy'. Oh and notice, not one African
or Caribbean nation will offer much assistance to Haiti or even take their
people in. Perhaps they know something that we don't but are about to find
out. The hard way!!!*

*Zoglog ... it's easy to figure as to why cops/courts come down so hard on
those who expose our immigration mess. For they know that if proper measures
are taken, thousands, if not tens of thousands of cops, court staff, legal
aid lawyers, jail guards, social workers and special interest whiners will
lose their too-easy jobs and be forced out into the real workplace to seek
gainful employment. Yep, it really is that simple.*
*Former political prisoner Brad Love, who was sentenced, in 2003, to 18
months in prison for writing non-threatening letters to public officials,
keeps his writing skills sharp with his comments from Alberta. He served two
further terms for writing non-threatening letters to other politicians and
newspapers for alleged “breach of probation” gag orders, yes, here in
Canada, not in North Korea or Burma. On may 3-4, he faces a "breach of
probation" trial for writing non-violent letters to York University Student
Union and the Canadian Jewish Congress next May. Apparently, the Crown wants
to toss this dissident in jail for THREE ( yes that 3!) years.] *
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