Fantastic Satire: Anti-racist Hitler
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 06:59
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Fantastic Satire: Anti-racist Hitler

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Farida Deen and Me: -- A Good Example: Anti-Racism is Anti-White
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 03:20
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Farida Deen and Me: -- A Good Example: Anti-Racism is Anti-White

Yesterday, unsolicited, I received this rambling vomit of hate from
someone who calls herself Farida Deen. I don’t know this person,
although she claims to have heard me speak. She may well be referring
to a You Tube of some of my talks.

Her rant speaks for itself and I don’t propose to refute her many
lies and misconceptions. It’s fascinating, though, how anti-racism
is really anti-White. She welcomes what she sees as the coming victory
and dominance of non-Whites: “Do you not know it is God's plan that
the world be Asian and Black? These people have a spirituality and
humbleness that God appreciates, more importantly they obey the

In some ways, she echoes the horrific twisted and now dead Susan
Sontag’s: “The White race is the cancer of history.” Farida
proclaims: “Paul, do you know that white people are the pitbulls of
our society? The most dangerous form of human on the planet.They are
cold and calculating. It is for this reason that God is wiping them
out.” Watch how the anti-hate forces are often most filled with
hate themselves.

I’ll correct her on just one of her many errors. She says,
presumably by way of refuting and European objecting to the ethnic
replacement of the European founding/settler of North America by
government-planned and enabled Third World invasion: “You seem to
forget that this land had people on it before your people. And now,
look how it feels, to be over run, by people who are not like you.”
Almost every contentious Third World immigrant, just after they learn
how to ask the address of the welfare office, seems to learn this
debate stopper: “You have no right to criticize immigration. You
aren’t an Indian and the Indians were here first.”

Well, that’s debatable. Recent archeological evidence – Kennewick
Man (10,000 years ago) and Solutrean Man (perhaps, 20,000 years ago)
-- proves Europeans were here at the same time and perhaps even
earlier than the so-called First Nations. Anyway, they were not
homogeneous but constantly warring and seeking to seize each other’s
territory. No land by rights belongs to any people. If you don’t
secure it and hold it, you lose it. The Indians lost North Americans
to the Europeans and we, in turn, shall lose it to Third Worlders, if
we don’t secure our borders.

Paul Fromm



You are a soldier of the Anti Christ

Farida Deen

April 21(1 day ago)

Paul. I certainly hope that you are not a Christian. Otherwise you
would be a hyprocite.
It must worry you to know that when you become senile and have
dementia that a black nurse will have to feed and bathe you.

Paul, do you know that white people are the pitbulls of our society?
The most dangerous form of human on the planet.
They are cold and calculating. It is for this reason that God is
wiping them out.
For centuries, they killed one another, then God sent them the plague,
now cancer, and aids, and worst : Contraception.
Your white women, cut their hair and walk, talk, and dress like men.
Your rate of abortion of ridiculous.
White women single handedly destroyed the white race in 2 generations
of working and having no children.
Why is the white race increasingly infertile?

God. Paul. Do you not know it is God's plan that the world be Asian
and Black? These people have a spirituality and humbleness that God
appreciates, more importantly they obey the command, 'Go forth and
multiply'. God's plan is one world, where we can all go freely to
study, work, play, eat, rent, buy, and live. God is furious that the
white man tried to own the world without his permission, and murdered
billions trying to do so.

When did the white man apply for a VISA to enter Africa, China, or
India? They actually walked right into cultures of 6000 years in
existence, so blatant, so rude, so cruel, what audacity, and they were
actually terrying, and scary, and everyone's freedom was taken. How
can a culture be that rude? What are white people doing in other
parts of the world Paul? What are they doing in South Africa? Wouldn't
you love to see every black man hack every white man in South Africa?
based on your theories of 'who's country is this'? Do you any idea how
many people in the world would rejoice if they saw that happen, the
world is waiting for revenge Paul. But God, is the ultimate avenger.
He kills your people slowly, with dementia, cancer, parkinson's,
infertility... at alarming rates. I am certain that at your age, and
from the way you speak, you have a health related issue by now. God
will bring you down, so deep into physical pain and misery in your
sickness, that you will absolutely become humble, and have a change of
heart, and beg your immigrant doctors and nurses to save you.

Whites created a vaccine to cause AIDS and the death of billions of
Africans. God is furious.

In the 40's the whites saved a few million Jews, but dropped a bomb on
60 million japanese. God is furious with white people Paul.

Trudeau, like Jesus, was a worldly genius, who travelled the world,
came to realize how cold the white man was, and he opened up
immigration specifically because he knew the population was declining
in Canada. BUT the white people were evil to the immigrants and paid
them cheap, so they remained poor and bitter, the American dream died
and they started to revolt, with crime. Mimimun wagers do not pay
enough tax to save this country. You mention that immigrants are a
drain to the economy. If immigrants are 50% of the workforce, and
purchases, then that cannot be true. BUT, if they are constantly paid
less by white people, they cannot fill up the tax needs that were
planned. The government does right, the white corporate world does
wrong to the immigrant. Like Jesus, Trudeau was also not understood by
a majority of white people, they were not at his level,
intellectually and spiritually. You don't have an ounce of
spirituality Paul, which leads me to believe you are a demon.

How I have become strong in my stance. I know God's plan was never a
systemic government, divided by borders, but one FREE world. God
always wins, this plan will become full blown in a few hundred years,
we have seen uprisings of people vs government in the last three years
alone. The white man created nothing but a members only world for
himself. I cannot tell you how much that infuriates him. America
specifically is the future of the world, a melting pot, that is
planned by God. God figures, 'if everyone creates mixed kids, then the
future kids will find it impossible to be racist'. The kids of the
future are nothing like you Paul.

I have listened to you speak, you are no where near Trudeau's level of
genius. You are not intelligent at all. I can tell you for a fact,
every genius I have ever met, was a non racist. As a matter of fact, I
have been able to prove that every racist lacks a significant amount
of intellect.

Whites are dangerous. They make bullet and bombs and endless
contraception. Our country is drained by national defence tactics, the
feeding of millions of soldiers, testing of planes, bombs, training,
etc... We are drained by the white man's quest for death and
destruction and powers. Isn't that what you want Paul? Power? To be
mayor? No one can understand your stupid rants, you sound like an
idiot at the podium, rambling with no proof. Do you realize that
educated societies do not listen to idiots? Why would you even run in
a large census where immigrants are majority. So dumb.

When you get cancer, I hope that a Mexican holds the cure. That is how
God messes with you. I am certain an immigrant will find the cure for
cancer, so that millions of whites will start to show respect. Why
should any living thing be considered illegal? That is directly
against God. What you really mean, is that they did not apply for
'MEMBERSHIP'. A serious violation to God's code. How dare you believe
that humans need to have a MEMBERSHIP to any land created by God. This
is why God will abolish your SYSTEMS. You've put a system on the land,
which creates pain and suffering. You made the possibility of heaven
on earth impossible, you've created a block to heaven on earth, trust
me, God will have to abolish that system, if you do not include
EVERYONE without judgement. Who the heck are you to JUDGE? Do you
understand that your systems create a blasphemy? It's downright

While immigrants may make a city poor, whites will destroy the world.
God can see this and he is doing everything in his power to remove all
of your power. Did you not know that the white man is a TERROR on our
planet. Are you that out to lunch. How can you run for Mayor in a city
full of immigrants. This proves you are not too bright.

I am finding it hard to wish you well, once I think of you as a demon,
my prayer is for Jesus to cast you out. We may love and pray for our
enemies, but Jesus cast out demons. We don't want anti humans and
anti Christs amongst us. Please go back to your country. This is not
your country, your people stole it. If your people never applied for
VISAS , then what are they doing here? No one has that right.

You seem to forget that this land had people on it before your people.
And now, look how it feels, to be over run, by people who are not like
you. Karma, is a bitch. You will one day beg an immigrant for a cure
to your cancer. That is my. wish for you. If you ever change, I'd like
to know, otherwise I will continue to lose my faith in mankind,
especially the white man.

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Preliminary Hearing Delayed in Arthur Topham "Hate" Case -- Update
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 22 April 2013 03:38
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Preliminary Hearing Delayed in Arthur Topham "Hate" Case -- Update

We forward Arthur Topham's latest update on his Sec. 319 "hate law"
case, resulting from complaints by B'nai Brith's Harry Abrams and
complainer-in-chief Richard Warman. This is a crucial case, as it
involves the Internet. Mr. Topham, first with a now-stayed Sec. 13
complaint by Abrams, and now with the Criminal Code charges has been
in the censors' sights for a half dozen years. The late Doug Christie
was Mr. Topham's lawyer. With or without counsel, the impoverished Mr.
Topham will battle on and we must support him -- morally, financially
and with advice.

Paul Fromm

April 19, 2013

Dear Free Speech Advocates and RadicalPress Supporters,

It's been quite awhile since my last update which went out in late
February. My apologies to all of you who have been left wondering
what's been going on with my legal battle with the Jewish lobbyists
here in Canada.

A rather long string of unforeseen events, most notably the death of
my lawyer Douglas Christie back on March 11th, 2013, threw a
monkey-wrench into the whole process. Then, just prior to the Easter
long weekend in March, I came down with a rather wicked, unrelenting
"bug" that knocked the wind out of my sails for a few weeks. Only
recently have I been able to regain my course.

Of course, there being no rest for the wicked, all of my personal
issues, including the passing of Doug Christie, didn't slow down the
onerous movement of the wheels of justice here in Zionist Occupied

As such I'll do my best to be concise as possible and try to outline
where my case stands at present.

Last Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 I appeared once again in provincial
court in Quesnel. Prior to this date I had been in the same courtroom
back on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 to attend what was originally
supposed to be a hearing to deal with matters pertaining to the
upcoming Preliminary Hearing on my Sec. 319(2) Criminal charge that
had been scheduled to begin June 3 - 6, 2013.

Upon the death of Mr. Christie I wrote to Crown Counsel Jennifer
Johnston on March 12th, 2013 and informed her that because of this
unfortunate event I would not be prepared to deal with anything at
that time.

When I did appear on the April 2nd I informed Judge Morgan of my
situation and the fact that I was without legal counsel. At the same
time I advised the Judge that I was planning to submit what is known
as a Rowbotham application to the court - a Rowbotham application
being a legal document wherein an accused person who has been refused
legal aid and who cannot afford a lawyer and who is facing a criminal
charge that could include a jail sentence if found guilty can apply to
the court to have the government appoint a lawyer if the case is
deemed serious enough and the applicant (accused) can show that they
aren't in a position to afford a lawyer nor are they capable of
defending themselves due to the complexity of the case.

Judge Morgan then gave me 14 days to prepare the Rowbotham application
and set the next date for Tuesday, April 16th, 2013.

Still reeling from the viral infection I did my best to get all the
paperwork done by the 16th. For the most part it was complete but in
the interim period, on the advice of a lawyer, after reading through
some of my previous correspondence with former counsel Doug Christie,
I decided to make a second application to the court for an order
wherein the Crown would have to furnish me with what is known as
"particularization" of the Information. Allow me to explain what that

When Crown eventually got around to releasing Disclosure (basically
their evidence) of the information surrounding the sec. 319(2)
Criminal charge against me on January 31st, 2013 (after an eight and a
half month delay!), it became fairly evident that they had scrapped
together as much miscellaneous documentation that they could possibly
come up with (My immediate impression was that he who had the most
pages, regardless of their relevancy, would win). Disclosure showed
that there was over a 1,000 pages of purported evidence that my lawyer
was then going to have to wade through.

Given this fact Doug had expressed to me some time after receiving the
Disclosure disks that it would be extremely difficult to determine how
long a potential trial might take considering that the over 1,000
pages of disclosure contained no real indication as to which of my
writings they intended to focus on at trial. If they planned to go
through it all and Doug had to raise defences of truth, fair comment,
etc. over and over for everything that I'd ever written, (not to
mention other writers included in the Disclosure) a four-week trial
wasn't that unrealistic. Thus the need to seek particularization of
the disclosure.

On April 10th, 2013 I made an Application to a Judge for the following
order: "Particularization of Information" and I based my reasons on
the following statement:

"The Crown has provided over 1,000 pages of disclosure, including a
broad array of material written by myself (the accused). The Crown has
failed to indicate which of this material constitutes "willful
promotion of hatred" within the meaning of Section 319(2), and which
of the alleged hateful material is not covered by one of the defences
in Section 319(3). Without specifics as to which of my writings are
alleged to be hateful, it is impossible for me to make an accurate
time estimate as to the length of the trial, or indeed to make full
answer and defence."

Part of the reason for making this application was the fact that in
order to complete the Rowbotham application it was necessary for me to
indicate the duration of any potential trial in order to get an
estimate of the cost for hiring a counsel for that period.

Judge Morgan wasn't present on the morning of April 16th and I
appeared before a Justice instead. She asked me if the Rowbotham
application had been filed yet and I informed her that it had not but
that it would be completed that same day. She then told me that it was
the intent of the court to go ahead and set a new date for the
preliminary hearing regardless of whether I had counsel or not. Crown
also indicated that the likelihood the original dates set for the
preliminary hearing would still work were unlikely. The Justice then
informed the Crown that unless a date was set soon it would mean a
rather long delay again because at that point the earliest a
preliminary hearing might be heard was already November or December of

Following this discussion the Justice then moved on to my most recent
application of April 10th and instructed me to come to her office at
1:30 pm that same day and she would then tell me what the dates would
be for a hearing for the "particularization" application and for the
preliminary trial.

As I had all the documents with me to complete the Rowbotham
application I spend the remainder of the morning completing and filing
it. Part of that procedure entails sending both a sworn Affidavit and
also what is known as a "Notice of Application and Constitutional
Issue" to three separate parties, the Crown Counsel, the Attorney
General of Canada and the Attorney General of British Columbia.

By my afternoon appointment with the Justice I had all these documents
filed and sent off. In the process I also filed another document with
the court registry. This one was called a "Memorandum of Argument
Regarding Indictment". Basically it is a document that argues the
reasons (as stated in case law) for why particularization of the
Disclosure is vital to my defence.

Now, speaking of my Defences in this case I will quote below precisely
what these are as they appear in the Canadian Criminal Code. This is
where the chutzpah of those who have been instrumental in the laying
of this specious charge will be most clearly evident, given that a
jury of twelve of my peers would have to unanimously agree that none
of the defences listed below, were relevant. Further information on
the actual nature of the Section 319(2) charge I'll deal with in
future posts.

Under Section 319(3) of the Criminal Code of Canada we see the

(3) No person shall be convicted of an offence under subsection (2)
(a) if he establishes that the statements communicated were true;
(b) if, in good faith, the person expressed or attempted to establish
by an argument an
opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based
on a belief in a religious text;
(c) if the statements were relevant to any subject of public
interest, the discussion of
which was for the public benefit, and if on
reasonable grounds he believed them to be
true; or
(d) if, in good faith, he intended to point out, for the purpose of
removal, matters
producing or tending to produce feelings of hatred
toward an identifiable group in

When I met with the Justice at 1: 30 pm on April 16th she had some new
information to add to what she'd told me earlier in the morning. I'm
presuming this had to do with the fact that in the interim period I
had filed the Rowbotham application as well as the additional
"Memorandum of Argument Regarding Indictment". The Justice told me
that they weren't clear at this point regarding the Rowbotham
application and they were therefore assuming that once the Attorney
General of B.C. received the application that the AG's office would
then send me further instructions as to what additional information I
must furnish the court with in order that a hearing on the Rowbotham
application might then be set. the Justice appeared to think that I
would receive these instructions and be able to respond to them by the
16th of May, 2013 and so she set that date for my next appearance; one
which would also include speaking to my April 10th application
regarding "Particularization of Information".

I trust that all my readers have this clearly in their minds by now.

I'll summarize this update with one final editorial comment. By all
appearances it would seem that there will be a concerted and
determined effort on the part of the Crown aka Attorney General of
B.C. to have this Rowbotham application quashed or denied. Why? Well,
from speaking with other counsel who are in the know, it seems that
the government really doesn't like it when an innocent and financially
challenged person is accused of a criminal offence and then displays
the audacity to expect that the Crown would ensure that they have
professional legal counsel in order to deal with all the spurious and
specious accusations made against them. Unfortunately, for them, they
have to deal with both the Constitutional Question Act, R.S.B.C. 1996,
c. 68, Section 8; and the Constitution Act, 1982, Part 1, Sections 7,
11 (d) and 24(1), both of which protect my inherent right to a fair
trial and defence.

So it goeth out here in Lotus Land as of April 19th, 2013 as the free
speech advocates continue their struggle to rid our nation of foreign
Zionist interlopers hell-bent on destroying our country, our
institutions and our democratic way of life by entrenching their
heinous "hate crime laws" in our judicial system so as to cover up
their own actions against Canada.

Stay tuned folks!

For Justice and Freedom of Speech for Everyone,

Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The RadicalPress
"Digging to the root of the issues since 1998"


PLEASE NOTE: More than ever, now that my former lawyer Douglas
Christie has died, I am dependent upon financial help to carry on.

The struggle to retain our inherent right to freedom of speech doesn't
come without costs both financially and otherwise. Out of necessity, I
am forced to ask for financial assistance in this ongoing battle with
the foreign Zionist lobbyist/censors who are determined to stop all
freedom of expression in Canada.

Being a 'Senior Citizen' on a very limited pension and having now been
denied assistance by Legal Aid services here in B.C. I'm left in the
unenviable position of having to rely solely upon donations from
supporters to pay my legal and related expenses.

I would ask readers to give serious consideration to helping out by
either sending a donation via PayPal using either a PayPal account or
a credit card or else sending a cheque or Money Order or cash to me
via snail mail at the following postal address. Please don't make the
cheque out to "RadicalPress" as that account is no longer available to

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C
V2J 6T8

To access my PayPal button please go to either the Home Page at ( ) or my
blog ( ) The PayPal button is up on
the right hand corner of the Home Page on either site. Feel free to
click on it.

For Freedom of Speech, Justice for All,


Arthur Topham
The RadicalPress

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