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Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 23 June 2012 07:40
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Dealing With

June 12, 2012
[image: New Yorker - homosexual White House

*Paul Fromm*

- … wonders why he doesn’t feel enriched by the sight of a man in a
pumpkin orange robe and sherbet orange woollen cap at SF International
- … blasts the “diversity” freak show at Obama’s “Gay Pride Month” at
the White House, June 15, honouring the military. What must serious
military rivals like the Red Chinese now think of the homo-friendly U.S.
- … marvels at Native Indian ad telling how 100 tribes in California
create “diversity” and creativity;
- … lambasts the nonsense of the “Diversity and Inclusion Council” at
Canadian accounting giant Deloitte Touche;
- … dissects the causes behind phenomenon that 37% of American Negroes
without a high school education are in prison.

Catch this Hardhitting Interview With Paul Fromm on the Immigration Invasion
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 20 June 2012 04:27
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Catch this Hardhitting Interview With Paul Fromm on the Immigration

Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee
and editor of the Canadian Immigration Hotline, interviewed at the
American Renaissance conference in Tennessee.

http://www.cireport.ca/2012/06/paul-fromm-ar2012-cireport-ca.html (
http://www.cireport.ca/2012/06/paul-fromm-ar2012-cireport-ca.html )

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Expose and dispose of censor board
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 20 June 2012 04:26
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Expose and dispose of censor board (
http://www.lfpress.com/comment/2012/06/19/19893541.html )
Last Updated: June 19, 2012 8:34am

Did you know that a secretive group called the Canadian Broadcast
Standards Council is censoring what you hear on the radio and see on

I bet you didn't. Because they truly are secretive.

Unlike a real court, or even the kangaroo courts of Canada's human
rights commissions, the CBSC doesn't hold open meetings when it gets
together to censor TV and radio.

In fact, they don't even let the people they're censoring attend.

No right to face your accuser. No right to ask questions. And when you
lose, you don't have the right to appeal.

I should know, because last week I was condemned by this Star Chamber

On the face of it, the condemnation of my TV show by the censors'
council was for my use of a Mexican insult to tell off the Chiquita
Banana company, which had announced trade sanctions against the

But, of course, there is no rule against swearing on Canadian TV.

So the censors said I violated Clause 6 of the Canadian Association of
Broadcasters' Code of Ethics (apparently there is a list of rules),
that I didn't provide a "full, fair and proper presentation of news,
opinion, comment and editorial."

Hang on a second. What I do isn't reporting -- it's opinion
journalism. It's editorials. It's taking a side in the story.

Giving a "full" presentation of opinion would require that after I
denounced Chiquita, I'd then have to make their case for them.

Or if I endorse the Conservatives in an election, I'd then have to
argue the case for the NDP. It's absurd.

By definition I take a side of the debate -- not the boring, mushy
middle of the road.
But that's precisely what I was convicted of by these censors.

Well, here's my five-point plan to fight back.

1. Keep breaking the rules. I'm going to violate the censors' rules
every single day on my TV show.

Not just me -- I'm going to invite other TV and radio hosts who have
been censored, and invite them to re-offend on my show.

I'm going to make a mockery of the rules.

2. Scrutinize their every move. Let's point out their inconsistencies
and how their rulings violate the Charter of Rights guarantee of
freedom of speech.

Let's shine a light on who exactly these censors are. Let's make it an
embarrassing job for them to have.

3. Build a grassroots army. Most journalists in the NSM (the non-Sun
Media) are too timid to take on the censors.

Let's encourage them -- this can't just be a personal battle for me.
But let's get the ball rolling ourselves on blogs, Facebook (
http://www.facebook.com/ ), letters to the editor, etc.

4. Encourage Parliament to act. The censorship provision of the
Canadian Human Rights Act was finally repealed this month. We need an
MP to champion this and bring it to a vote -- repeal the broadcasting
regulations that require this sort of censorship on TV.

5. Contact the bosses. James Moore is the minister in charge of CRTC,
the government agency that regulates TV and radio. His e-mail is
[email protected]. The prime minister is at [email protected].

E-mail them. Tell them we want our TV and radio as free as the rest of
the media in our life -- newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

We don't need a nanny to tell us what we can hear or see.

And we sure don't need some censor saying you can't take a political
point of view they disagree with.

E-mail [email protected]

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