Dieudonne Done in By Jewish Lobby: Shows Cancelled in Montreal
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 05:48
*Dieudonne Done in By Jewish Lobby: Shows Cancelled in Montreal*

Dieudonne M'bala M'bala is a bit of an odd duck. He's a French comedian and
satirist. Born of a White woman from Brittany and a Negro father from the
Cameroons, he had a solid middle class upbringing. His humour is fearless
and he has run into pressure from, get this, militant anti-racists and the
Zionist censors. He has even welcomed revisionist historian Robert
Faurisson and former Front National leader Jean-Marie LePen to his
performances and invited them to be recognized on stage. He has performed
to considerable acclaim on previous occasions in Montreal and Quebec City.
He was scheduled for four shows in Montreal this week, Once again Canada's
self-styled thought police have decided whom Canadians can and cannot hear.
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, successor to the Canadian Jewish
Congress, raised an unholy ruckus and Dieudonne's Montreal appearance was
quickly cancelled.

The Israel First *National Post* (May 9, 2012) gave the issue publicity
when the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs' letter campaign did not seem
to be working. " In Europe, the humour of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has come
to be seen as so toxic that public venues regularly shun him. On Tuesday,
pressure from local authorities forced the French comic to scrap a show in
Brussels. A performance in March is under investigation by Belgian police
as possible anti-Semitic hate speech. Last year, the mayor of Angers in
France blocked Dieudonné, as he is known, from using an auditorium there,
forcing him to perform outdoors on the city outskirts.

But in Montreal, the city’s largest concert promoter has rented a prime
downtown theatre to Dieudonné for four performances next week of the same
show under investigation in Belgium. And tickets are going fast. In a
letter last month to the promoter Evenko, which is part of the Montreal
Canadiens operation, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, questioned
why the company was providing Dieudonné wih a stage at the Corona Theatre.

'It is well-known that Dieudonné’s trademark is not humour but hatred
toward Jews,' Luciano Del Negro, the organization’s vice-president (Quebec)
wrote. 'That is why the French courts have on several occasions found him
guilty of inciting hatred.' Mr. Del Negro said established promoters now
steer clear of Dieudonné to such an extent that “he is reduced to playing
in his own theatre or in obscure performance halls.”

The letter noted that Dieudonné’s current show, *Rendez-nous Jésus* (Give
us back Jesus), has been branded 'a long litany of anti-Semitic comments'
in the Belgian press. An article in* Le Soir* in March said it featured
Holocaust denial, slurs against the Talmud and the comment that Hitler was
'a nice boy.'”

Asking a Canadian company to invoke the same sort of brutal
censorship policies as France would seem to violate Anglo-Saxon
attachment tp free speech, to say nothing of prejudging an artistic
performance on the basis of what the French comedian *might* say.

The *National Post* story continued: "David Ouellette, associate director
of public affairs for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said Evenko
acknowledged in a letter last week that it had made an error in renting its
theatre to Dieudonné.

'They told us it was clearly not their intent to offer a tribune to any
form of racism or anti-Semitism,' Mr. Ouellette said. 'They pledged that
they would be reviewing the process by which they deal with foreign artists
like this, that they would be more vigilant in the future.'

Ostracized from the mainstream, Dieudonné now thrives on portraying himself
as a victim of Jewish groups and authorities. Announcing the cancellation
of the Brussels show on his web page Tuesday, he said the Belgian
government 'decided to put its foot down and ban me from the capital at all
costs.' On Wednesday, he announced plans to move the cancelled show to
another location and accompanied it with a photo of him with the hat and
braids of an orthodox Jew.

The letter of complaint from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs to
Evenko was passed along to Dieudonné, and he posted it on his Facebook
page, complete with contact information for Messrs. Del Negro and
Ouellette. 'Montreal. I’m coming!!!' he wrote. 'Shame on the association
below that again today calls the Corona Theatre incessantly to try to have
my show cancelled.'

The comments from his fans that followed included a number of anti-Semitic
remarks. Mr. Ouellette said he and Mr. Del Negro received 'several
threatening emails and hateful messages' after their letter appeared on

Evenko said it could not cancel its rental to Dieudonné."

So, Evenko remained committed to the extraordinary practice of honouring a

Well, not for long. In fact, the commitment survived barely 48 hours after
the publicity blast. Long-time observers of the tenuous commitment of
Canada's business establishment to such old fashioned principles as freedom
of speech in the face of negative publicity engineered by the thought
control forces of the Jewish lobby might have predicted that the resolve
would not last long. They were right.

Today's *National Post* (May 14, 2012 ) reported abject capitulation to
censorship and thought control. "Evenko, the company announced Friday it
was revoking its rental agreement with the French comic. 'Due to
contractual conflicts, the Corona Theatre has decided to cancel Dieudonné’s
performances scheduled for May 14, 15, 16 and 17,' Evenko said in a
statement. It did not elaborate on the nature of the conflicts and company
representatives did not return messages."
Needless to say the Zionist censors were pleased. The *National
Post*report continued: “'We are satisfied that with this development,
and like-minded individuals will receive the message that in Quebec,
hateful agitation is not deserving of an honourable platform,' Mr. Del
Negro said. 'While we support freedom of expression, we have a
responsibility to relegate anti-Jewish rantings and all expressions of
hatred and racism to the margins of society.'” They support freedom of
expression? Of course, they do but only for themselves and those who think
like them.

Another Jewish group long associated with attacks on free speech also was
ecstatic: "'We are happy that Evenko and Corona Theatre management have
decided to remove the public platform from this individual who spreads
racism under the guise of humour, and to recognize that such conduct is
unacceptable in Quebec,'Moïse Moghrabi, president of the League for Human
Rights for B'nai Brith in Quebec, said in a statement." (*Montreal Gazette*,
May 14, 2012)

Last week Bob Hepburn of the *Toronto Star* (May 9, 2012) wrote a puff
piece about a new institute trying to figure out why there are negative
feelings toward Jews, misnamed "anti-Semitism." "When Catherine Chatterley
was growing up in Winnipeg, the first serious book she read was *The Diary
of Anne Frank*<http://www.annefrank.org/en/Anne-Franks-History/The-diary-of-Anne-Frank/>.
... 'I was in shock,' Chatterley recalls. 'I couldn’t understand how a girl
like Anne Frank could be perceived as a threat to Germany.”'

For Chatterley, who was raised in a devout Lutheran home, the famous book
sparked a lifelong fascination with the Jewish people, the Holocaust and

That fascination has prompted Chatterley, an adjunct history professor at
the University of Manitoba, to develop the first academic institute in
Canada to focus on the study of anti-Semitism, which she says is a
persistent — and in some parts of the world flourishing — problem facing
Jews today. 'There is a void in academia, our universities and our human
rights discourse” when it comes to the study of anti-Semitism, she said in
a telephone interview from Winnipeg, where the Canadian Institute for the
Study of Anti-Semitism <http://can-isa.com/> (CISA) is based."

Actually, one wonders why she even claims to seek for an answer. She
already has formed a conclusion: "In Chatterley’s view, anti-Semitism is
the historic product of the Christian accusation that Jews killed Christ.
'Its origins are theological, which is why it has lasted so long' and is
known as 'the longest hatred,' she says."

Instead of blaming the poor Christians, Chatterley might look at incidents
like the silencing of Dieudonne. Perhaps, people get fed up when spokesmen
for a certain group consistently try to silence people they don't like and
control whom we get to see and hear. The Zionist lobbyists are Canada's
foremost proponents of censorship. Can you remember the last time a
spokesman for Canadian Scots or Icelanders, if there even are such
spokesman, demanded that this or that comedian be silenced for saying
unkind things about their group?
=?windows-1252?Q?Hear_Paul_Fromm_=2D=2D_The_Fighting_Side_of_Me=3A_What_Do_?= You Do
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 14 May 2012 06:20
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: What Do You Do When You’re
Ruled by Idiots?<http://reasonradionetwork.com/20120501/the-fighting-side-of-me-what-do-you-do-when-youre-ruled-by-idiots>

May 1, 2012

*Paul Fromm discusses:*
[image: Bev Oda, having a lot of fun giving away taxpayers' money to the
world's poor] <http://reasonradionetwork.com/images/2012/05/Bev_Oda.jpg>

Bev Oda, having a lot of fun giving away taxpayers’ money to the world’s

- Backing the wrong red horse — up-and-coming Chinese Communist Party
apparatchik Bo Xilai purged, though he wanted to restore some forms of
Maoism, Bo was long a favourite of Canada’s diplomats;
- Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s admitting that the immigration system
is broken (“terrible inefficiencies”), but wanting to retain “among the
highest levels per capita” immigration in the world — despite 7.2% official
- Doing well by doing good — Canada’s foreign aid minister Bev Oda lives
the high life in London at conference for world’s poor children —
$1,000/day chauffeur for a $12 cab ride; $16 glass of orange juice; 3
nights at the Savoy ($695 per night).

Without Shame or Dignity: Tories Give $1-million to Radical Rabbi Friend of Foreign M
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 13 May 2012 07:58
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Without Shame or Dignity: Tories Give $1-million to Radical Rabbi
Friend of Foreign Minister

The Harper government is utterly Zionist and 110% Israel First. It
seems there's no depth they're not prepared to plunge in their slavish
support for the most radical elements among those occupying the land
of others, Palestine, whose indigenous population, Moslem and
Christian, has been expelled and persecuted by Zionist newcomers over
the past 60-some years.

Prime Minister Harper has declared that "Israel's values are Canada's
values" and "an attack on Israel is an attack on Canada." CTV NEWS
(November 12, 2010) reported: " Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he
is prepared to suffer any political backlash that comes his way for
speaking out against anti-Israel rhetoric." On November 8, 2010, Mr.
Harper declared: "All of my life, Israel has been a symbol – a
symbol of the triumph of hope and faith. Our government believes that
those who threaten Israel also threaten Canada, because, as the last
world war showed, hate-fuelled bigotry against some is a threat to

In January, 2012, Foreign Minister John Baird made his third visit to
Israel -- an inordinate amount of attention to a tiny and
ultra-controversial state. There he was, dressed as a perfect clown
with a yamulka -- a skull cap and symbol of a religion that is not his
-- pledging support for foreign invaders. Worse, he was accompanied by
a lobbyist for an ultra-radical Zionist sect. The Globe and Mail
(January 31, 2012) reported: "For Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird,
his third visit to Israel often seems to be a personal crusade.

Monday at Yad Vashem, Israel’s museum and memorial to the Holocaust,
Mr. Baird ... told the audience of 350 that “Israel has no greater
friend in the world than Canada,” then surprised people by saying
'Canada does not stand behind Israel... .' After a slight pause he
continued: 'Canada stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel' in any
threats and challenges it may face. He was met with warm applause.

Mr. Baird then said he had 'a confession' to make. 'I am not
Jewish,” he said. 'But I have a rabbi.' He then proceeded to
introduce Chaim Mendelsohn, director of public affairs of the Canadian
Federation of Chabad Lubavitch, whom, he said, was accompanying the
Minister on his visit to Israel." Being accompanie by a lobbyist for a
radical Zionist sect certainly undermined any creibility Baird might
have had as a fair and even-handed representative of Canada.
Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird and his "dear friend" and rabbi
Chaim Mendelsohn

The Lubavitchers are a radical Hasidic sect. According to Wikipedia,
their long-time head, the late Menachem "Schneerson looked to Torah
law for the appropriate view of the Israeli-Arab (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli-Arab ) conflict. He maintained
that as a matter of Jewish law,[29] (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chabad#cite_note-28 ) any territorial
concession on Israel's part would endanger the lives of all Jews in
the Land of Israel, and is therefore forbidden. He also insisted that
even discussing the possibility of such concessions showed weakness,
would encourage Arab attacks, and therefore endanger Jewish lives.

Dennis Greunding, a Canadian writer, noted on February 5, 2012: "Baird
refused, when asked by journalists, to make any criticism of
Israel’s deliberate building of settlements in Palestine lands under
its military occupation. These settlements are widely considered to be
illegal under international law (
). In contrast, when Baird met with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the
Palestinian Authority, he lectured him about the folly of his going to
the Untied Nations last year in a bid to have Palestinians recognized
as a state. Baird told Abbas that Palestinians should get back to the
table, without preconditions, to negotiate a two-state arrangement
with Israel.

Jeffrey Simpson a Globe and Mail columnist described Baird’s uncouth
diplomacy with Abbas in these words: “The Harper government insists
) that it favours a two-state solution, but everyone knows it will do
or say nothing to nudge Israel in that direction, or to chastise
Israel for doing next to nothing to move in that direction.”

The latest debasement of our Middle East policy was revealed Friday
when it became public that Baird had intervened to get his "dear
friend" and lobbyist Rabbi Mendelsohn's Lubavitcher group a $1-million
grant that bureaucrats had strongly recommended against. The Globe and
Mail(May 11, 2012) reported: "The Conservative government overruled
federal bureaucrats and gave $1-million to a social hall project
submitted by an Ottawa rabbi with close ties to Foreign Affairs
Minister John Baird. After speaking to Mr. Baird, Human Resources
Minister Diane Finley personally approved the project even though her
officials determined it did not meet the criteria for a federal
program aimed at making facilities wheelchair accessible.

The funding request for the expansion of a Jewish community centre
known as a Chabad was submitted by Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn of the
Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch, who serves as the Canadian
face of the international Hasidic outreach movement.Ministers can make
such decisions because they are ultimately responsible for spending in
their department.
Mr. Baird acknowledges discussing the proposal with Ms. Finley. 'As
the MP for Ottawa West-Nepean, he was happy to lend Rabbi Mendelsohn
his support,' said Mr. Baird’s spokesman. 'Determinations are then
made by the department.' ...

The money for the project came from the Enabling Accessibility Fund, a
short-term program that offered federal grants for projects that
'improve accessibility and enable Canadians, regardless of physical
ability, to participate in and contribute to their communities and the
economy.' Ms. Finley’s department received 355 applications by the
deadline of Jan. 13, 2011. Public servants graded submissions against
the program’s criteria and whittled the list down to 25 that
received at least 82 out of a possible 100 points."

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