Former Canadian Diplomat Ian Macdonald Exposes Immigrant Welfare Scams & Establishmen
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 05:45
*Former Canadian Diplomat Ian Macdonald Exposes Immigrant Welfare Scams &
Establishment Connivance*

Paul - this scandalous racial discrimination against native-born Whites in
the allocation of public housing has been solidly in place for at least a
couple of decades. I learned about it from one of my tenants years ago who
had been waiting for a long time after applying for public housing.
Finally several hundred new units came available but most were given to the
flood of U.S. "unregistered aliens" who at the time were flooding into
Canada from New York State after the new Governor cut off their welfare as
a necessary economy measure (the State was heading for bankruptcy and, as I
recall the reports, there were about 80,000 illegals on the dole. [image:
Former Diplomat Ian Macdonald Explains How Covert Anti-White Lobby Has
Skewed Canada's Immigration

I called the Director of Placement" for an explanation (the new migrants
were neither refugees nor immigrants) and asked him if were true that the
new migrants were given priority and if so how priority for unqualified
applicants could be justified. He replied that the Social Services had put
the aliens in hotels when they arrived ("We couldn't just leave them on the
street!") which was costing a pile of money, so "when new housing units
came available we drew first of all on the hotel occupants. It was purely a
matter of economics" I pointed out that the hordes pouring across the
border in crowded minivans,, almost all Africans, did not qualify for
welfare in the first place, let along public housing. He replied that he
had no idea of their status since they were undocumented. I suggested that
they should have been interrogated to find out their background and he
replied (get this) "We are not allowed to ask them the pertinent questions
because of the Human Rights legislation".

I then called the Provincial Minister of Housing, one Evelyn Gigantes, only
to have my call intercepted by her Chief of Staff who asked me what I
wanted to talk to the Minister about. I told her it was about the illegal
granting of public welfare housing to people who had been disqualified in
the State of New York. She replied in a masculine, accusatory voice simply:
"What are you, some kind of racist?", and ended the conversation without
putting me through to the Minister who obviously was well-aware of the
incipient scandal which the media, true to form, made sure would not be
exposed to the taxpaying public.

Another welfare scandal is the issuance of multiple cheques where the
applicant has applied under a variety of aliases (easily accomplished in
the absence of photo and fingerprint IDs). I spoke with a person who
worked af the West End social services office here. He boasted that his
office alone (there are 3 in total) had 15,000 Somalis on their books
although according to published immigration figures no more than 3000 had
arrived in the region up to that point. Anecdotally, a man who works for
me part-time as a gardener and who lived in a rooming house, noticed that
the sole Somali resident of the house regularly received 7 welfare cheques,
all under different names. The gardener found this annoying, eventually to
the point that he waited for the postman and when the cheques arrived he
destroyed all the Somali's cheques except the one that was addressed to the
name by which he was known. He said the Somali was very upset and
threatened to complain to the Welfare office, but shortly afterwards moved
out of the rooming house and was not heard from again. Prior to this I
suspected something was going on when I noticed Somalis driving around in
brand new SUVs while many of their guileless benefactors, including myself,
drove jalopies.

The fundamental issue of course is not abuse of the system but the
misguided welcoming of unassimilable,welfare-prone, self-selected
immigrants while far superior, self-sustaining, productive candidates, who
respect our laws and traditions and who could improve the intellectual
quality and esthetics of the population, are rejected.

Good luck with your radio talks which I hear are well-received!

Immigrants get priority over ‘white’ Canadians f=?windows-1252?Q?or_Ottawa=92s_public
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 06:44
Immigrants get priority over ‘white’ Canadians for Ottawa’s public housing,
human rights complaint

*OTTAWA — An Ottawa man who was living in a shelter with his wife and two
children took the City of Ottawa to a human rights tribunal last month,
alleging that immigrants are given priority over “white Canadians” for
public housing.*
*Kirk Munroe and his family lived at the Carling Family Shelter for months
last year while waiting for a public housing unit to call their own. Munroe
grew frustrated with the wait after immigrant families at the shelter were
offered public housing in only a “matter of
Look, the case has already been largely dismissed by the tribunal as they
doubt the complainants story, they have allowed him to proceed with an
amended case based on an alleged reprisal by the Shelter's management. I
doubt that the public would be allowed access to data revealing the
ethnicity and or citizenship status of public housing residents as no doubt
any such query would be demonized as profiling. This is a no win situation
for all of us.* *
Libidinous Levantine
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 16 April 2012 05:04

*Libidinous Levantine*

"*Louay Khalil*, 34, was ordered out of the country after two sexual
assault convictions and is now in custody over additional legal matters;
[namely], of sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman. In the
latest case, police said a 25-year-old woman was approached by a man
outside of a restaurant in [Calgary Southeast]. The man offered to buy her
a coffee, but, when the restaurant was too busy, they agreed to drive in
the man's vehicle to another restaurant. While in the vehicle, the man said
he needed money from home and they drove to the 1000 block of Marcombe
Drive N.E. and that's where police say the woman was sexually assaulted.

*Canada Border Services Agency* spokeswoman *Lisa White* said Khalil is a
foreign national with no legal status in Canada. A deportation order to
Lebanon was issued in February 2011 after two convictions of sexual assault
and he appealed the order. The appeal was dismissed on Feb. 18, 2012, but
he could not be deported because he had *other sex crimes cases* still
pending in court. According to Alberta Justice, Khalil also faces charges
of sexual interference and sexual assault stemming from an incident in
March 2010. That matter will go to court Nov. 14. 'Our mandate is to remove
inadmissible people as soon as possible and criminals are one of our top
priorities, but criminal matters trump immigration matters,' said White.
Khalil's *Immigration and Refugee Board* removal order said he came to
Canada in 2006 sponsored by his wife at the time and committed sex assaults
in 2007." (*Calgary Herald*, March 24, 2012)

Meanwhile, this rutting pig is at liberty to prey on unsuspecting women -
and presumably it* is* just women - while he postpones removal from Canada
with each new assault. This country really does have something for everyone

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