Political Prisoner, Brad Love, Gets Out of Jail Tomorrow!

I got to thinking about the treatment Ernst Zundel is receiving at the West [Toronto Detention Center]. So, I thought I'd write further on my experience within such an oppressive jail. That stuff about keeping his towel/soap, etc. outside of his cell is both unusual and new to my ears but, let's face it, when engaged in a political struggle, it is dirty tricks galore.

As for the rest of the West which Ernst Zundel does not see, thankfully, the population is mostly ethnic [Tamils, East Indians, Blacks, Asians] and both loud and unruly with 30 inmates crammed into ten cells made for 20. The TV blares rap music all day, subjecting all to violent anti-White, "bitch-ass, mother fucker" rantings of BET'S latest hero who makes big money saying the same thing that got me jailed. Never once do you see a hockey game or al news broadcast and, being culturally isolated, you get the feeling you are locked up in a foreign nation. Programs are nil. Jobs scarce. There is no direction or instruction, little communication between with guards and it is a walk-on-eggshells-watch-what-you-say-and-do existence. Fights? Never. Beatings? Plenty and it is six on one, often culturally/racially motivated with a lone, singled-out white inmate carried off to the medical unit. Not good and to most who are new to the system, it is an eye opening nightmare. Too often, you are in a range where it is you and 26 other black gangsters in for the various squabbles that our media tells us of daily.

Some sit for years. You fight over the phone, showers and even food. Inmates hand out meds taken from a cart that a guard pushes onto the range but leaves once they have been counted. Even the guards look as if they would rather be somewhere else and they, too, are like the inmates. They're paranoid, disenfranchised as their ranks, like most of the city, have been colorized. Most are afraid to say anything, question their indifferent superiors, make decisions, to show any consideration for an inmate, would be seen as "soft" or not one of us. They obey orders to the "T" and make great Nazis. Buck-passing is an art form within these walls. As diverse as the place is, most inmates are being held on frivolous types of "he said, she said" domestic issues or for drunken squabbles which led to police being summoned and guess who is led away? Back and forth to bail court they go. The docket is full. They can't be heard. Their families in court to post bail suffer accordingly and, in the end, too many plead guilty just to put an end to such a farce. This isn't justice, of course but lawyers too afraid to face aggressive politically correct Crown attorneys and victims [women's] services groups often go along with such a travesty and allow their clients to be convicted of something they didn't do. Jobs are lost. Families destroyed and it is a wonder why these guys even want release for when they are released, due to court orders, they have no home to return to.

It is my belief that police who now never exercise any discretionary powers, simply charge everyone with multiple counts, so in the end, the accused will be found guilty of something, anything. Then, their bosses can go to the local politicos and cry: "See how bad crime is! Look at our conviction rate. We need more money, now!" It is being artificially inflated why, at the same time, the bad-asses remain free. Cops, like everyone else take the path of least resistance and pick out easy targets first. And no one but those who have been jailed have seen the mess up close and personal are able to call out such inconsistencies but by then, we are just convicted offenders, putting forth "sour grapes".

One would think that many of these individuals who are put through this wringer, would, when existing the jail's rear door, go around to the front door and register some kind of formal complaint. But, here again, the new Canadian model of "Better-not-say-anything" overcomes common sense and righteousness does or says anything. Perhaps, they are just so glad to be free, [that] such euphoria blinds them through what they just went through. I imagine the powers that be count on such behavior. Or maybe they simply know that "You couldn't pay Canadians to protest". Gay rights, different tribes marching on foreign embassies or various unions bitching about more money, sure they will hit the streets. But the average Joe gathering to protest life and death issues like crime, illegal immigration or the right to speak about some question, forget it! Look at the recent occurrences. A cop shot in the arm, three dead near an Asian body rub pallor, numerous violent attacks on the streets, yet, night after night, the media concentrates on Don Cherry, Conan O'Brien or some sick dogs in a park. Some priorities, eh?

Where is our legal community throughout all of this? Seems they will jump at a dime to represent the criminal and terror vermin among us, the Almarei's who can given no legitimate reason as to why they are here, but should the average Joe try to fight for his rights, the phone just keeps on ringing. It is the "foreigners first" mentality that is out there. Meanwhile, our cops utter phrases like: "Any civil disobedience will not be tolerated." or "Such intolerance threatens all communities and will be dealt with accordingly". Blah-blah-blah! Such robots!

To kill my days in this $85 million loony bin, I write to various news outlets expounding on my opinions of what they do or do not tell me. I have a list of political [personalities] that I am banned by court order from writing to. But no one says I cannot write about them or point out their inconsistencies and failures. I usually tell my addressees [The Toronto Star or City TV] to feel free to pass my letters on to all concerned and, like my previous writings, I get very few replies. They must say to themselves: "Love, he is in jail and he is still writing".

To which I say: "The problem that I write about is still out there, isn't it?" So, then how can I simply pass by the burning house with the child screaming at the window without doing my civic duty? And at every opportunity, I point at the way the media constantly promotes multiculturalism and immigration at all costs through their feel-good articles and cozy homespun exposes all the while glossing over the body count that they show us during the first 38 seconds of their nightly newscasts. Such negligence, indifference, aiding and abetting! All of those dead victims need a voice and, although, I do not give a rat's ass about most of them as they are or were criminals themselves, I do realize that to speak out now helps to protect me and my community as I am sure there is a huge roll call of folks out there who have attended funerals and think to themselves: "Why didn't I speak out?" Of course, dressed in funeral black, it is a little late for them to say anything. But, knowing all of this, I press on.

My/our struggle is just! What motivates us may be personal but it is the big picture that one must take in when the issue of: "Why stick your neck out?" comes up. I would rather be a loud and truthful antagonist than a dead, innocent bystander who never uttered a peep. You know, like Derek Wah Yan, who was killed when a gangster's bullet struck his Sadlee Cove Cres home. Cops said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But since when is your own home the wrong place. What a pitiful force that claims to protect us from the foreign vermin that their paymasters have unleashed upon our nation. No wonder no one calls cops any more unless, of course, you get a letter from Brad Love. I wonder if my arresting officer, Peter Heard, at YRP [York Regional Police] sit up at night thinking: "Yep, that crazy pen master was right all along!"

Brad Love

P.S. Don't you feel so much safer now that Roy McMurtry [the former Tory Attorney General of Ontario and now Chief Justice of Ontario], a dimwit who had so much to do with Ernst Zundel's original prosecution is now taking charge of Toronto's war on guns and games. Yeah, me neither!