Warman, The Censor, After More Victims
Dear Free Speech Supporter:

In previous GRAMS, I've warned of the fanatical efforts of Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyer Richard Warman to shut down the websites of dissidents. It seems he's at it again as he and the forces of thought control and repression take special aim at London-area activists.

Why not call or write or e-mail your MP and tell him that we're sick and tired of seeing OUR money directed to funding those, like Warman, who seek to take our freedoms away. It's time to abolish the Canadian Human Rights Commission. It's an enemy of human rights and freedom of speech.

Paul Fromm




London man faces rights tribunal

RANDY RICHMOND, Free Press Reporter 2004-02-23 03:55:02

The suggestion Canadians kill "rats" from other countries has landed a London man and a fellow white supremacist in front of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, with a complainant seeking $80,000 in fines and damages. James Scott Richardson of London and Alex Kulbashian of Toronto are the latest targets in a recent string of legal action against the area's small but active white supremacist movement.

A commission investigator has already ruled the material posted on now-defunct websites operated by Kulbashian and Richardson pose a threat to ethnic groups.

"The material posted and maintained on these websites would likely expose individuals who are not Christian, non- Caucasian, and individuals of other religions, other races and other national ethnic origins to hatred and/or contempt," wrote the investigator, who recommended the complaint go to a hearing tribunal. There's been no date set.

"The kind of material they were putting out was viciously bigoted," said the complainant, Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman.

"I think there is a responsibility for everyone to stand up to this conduct and say, 'This is not acceptable.' "

But Kulbashian said he'll fight the case on the grounds that Warman, a Human Rights Commission lawyer, has a conflict of interest.

"I don't think this will go to court," Kulbashian said.

Kulbashian has told the commission he wants until August 2006 to investigate Warman.

Warman said he is forbidden from handling similar cases at the Human Rights Commission.

Richardson could not be reached for comment.

Richardson and Kulbashian operated two websites, Tri-city Skins and the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team, according to the commission investigation.

The Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team site discussed getting rid of Canada's immigrants.

"Cut off the supply of rats and then kill off the remainder of "RATS" that are left . . ."

The sites also accused non-whites of various crimes, including the "extermination of the white race," Warman complained to the commission.

He also supplied the commission with examples of racist jokes he believes held non-whites open to contempt and hatred.

The commission can fine those found guilty, but Warman has also asked for damages because of personal remarks he says the websites made.

According to Warman, the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team site posted a message making fun of the Holocaust that killed six million Jews.

Warman is seeking both fines and damages totalling $80,000 from the two men, and three websites they operated.

Warman last year filed a human rights complaint against Bell Canada and a website it provided to Londoner Tomasz Winnicki.Winnicki's site warned Jewish people, "We're coming for you . . . and your servile dogs too."

Warman has also filed a libel suit against the London-based Northern Alliance over comments made on the site about him. (LONDON FREE PRESS, February 23, 2004)

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