Delay in Treatment Causes Dental Problems for Zundel
Dear Free Speech Supporter:

It's now been a year (February 19), since Ernst Zundel has been held in solitary confinement as a political prisoner in Canada. The ultra harsh treatment -- he's still denied hard cover books, paperclips, a belt, most of his reading material or even the right to keep his own toothbrush in his cell -- is meant to break him. The Canadian tyrants want him to cry "uncle" and accept deportation to a prison cell in Germany.

Part of the grinding of Ernst Zundel has been nine months of ignoring his requests to see a dentist for bleeding of his gums. Eventually, his Canadian gulag keepers relented and allowed treatment for what have become severe periodontal problems.

Below are two recent letters from Mr. Zundel. My comments are in square brackets.

Finally, I attach an urgent appeal by Ingrid Zundel for supporters to FAX Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin urging him to review the persecution/prosecution of Ernst Zundel.

Paul Fromm

Delay of Treatment Causes Dental Problems for Zundel - February 15, 2004

Finally, after 11 months requesting it in Thorold and here [at the Metro West Detention Center], I have been taken to the dentist. I have been suffering from a sore mouth and bleeding gums after being yanked off all my minerals, vitamins and my herbal toothpaste and mouthwash. Having no electric toothbrush, water pick or rinse, has left me with a severe case of periodontal disease. The dentist ground away the "problem areas" with much cold sweat and discomfort on my part. I was reminded of the film with Gregory Peck, "The Boys from Brazil" as I was lying there in the chair.

The dentist, thank God, prescribed some saline solution mouthwash and antibiotics. A neat way of inflicting pain on a prisoner you want to break is to withhold dental or medical care of his choice. They did that routinely in US, WWII and Soviet concentration and prison camps in Siberia. Anyway, the antibiotics and saline solution did help.

For the first time in 10-11 months, there were no bleeding gums when I finally got my toothbrush given to me by the guard. It is still kept in the open outside [my cell] near the floor. -- Ernst Zundel

One Year in Solitary, February 17, 2004

Today, one year ago, I was brought back to Canada in about an hour from the time of writing this letter.

The Canadians had not yet concocted the paperwork alleging that I was a threat to the country. So, the U.S. Immigration people took me back to Batavia, New York for another two days, while the Canadians did the evil deed and made sure they got all their lies straight.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal carried on until way into 2001. Then, the decision was announced in January 2002 and even more bizarre, they waited until November to register it with the Federal Court meaning that if I return to Canada, I would be charged with contempt of that Canadian Human Rights Tribunal order in the Federal Court.

I had it made it amply clear in letters and phone calls, all monitored by U.S. and Canadian surveillance, that I had no intention of returning to Canada voluntarily. By then, the Carlton Street place had been sold. I told my kids to come and bring the grandchildren in 2003 to Tennessee or I would meet them in New England or Maine, etc.

[Ernst sees a connection between himself and Syrian-born Maher Arar, who was ratted out to the FBI by Canadian authorities, deported to Syria, jailed for a year and apparently tortured, before being allowed to return to Canada. Ernst has a strong suspicion that his deportation to Canada was America paying Canada back for helping it with Arar.]

But somebody in Canada in the government and/or the spy service or the Human Rights Commission knew I would be brought back. One U.S. official said, "We did Canada a favour by sending back a German national they had unsettled issues with." Was there a tit-for-tat: ARAR-Zundel favour? --
Ernst Zundel

I need you to get involved - as many of you as I can persuade to spend less than $1 on a brief fax to the Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin.

PM Paul Martin's fax number is 613-941-6900.

You need not say much - in fact, shorter is better. But please say the following:
1. That the Zundel matter has become an international scandal that makes a mockery of Canada's claim of being a democracy, and that the whole world is watching the undemocratic Star Chamber "Security Certificate" hearings with dismay -

2. That there are troubling similarities between the Maher Arar case and the Zundel case - and that investigative media and other entities are trying to find out the details of what appears to be a well-coordinated, covert operation between the USA and Canada -
If you have email lists, please pass this letter on. WE NEED TO ACT  NOW! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ACT NOW!

Please be polite. Don't make any threats, and leave the smut to our enemies. Show class and discernment - and please send me a copy of your fax for our archives.
Thank you! You are the best! Without you, we can't win this struggle.

Ingrid Zundel