Izzy Asper Paper Tells Pack of Lies

White supremacists scrap meeting plans

Leanne Dohy
Calgary Herald

A white supremacist gathering to be held Sunday near Innisfail was cancelled at the last moment, to a mix of relief and disappointment of a small band of Communists who had planned to confront them.

The meeting of Western Canada For Us -- also known as White Canada For Us -- was to be held in the remote Knee Hill Valley Community Centre, located about 10 kilometres east of Highway 2.

According to Stormfront.org, an international white supremacist website, the meeting was called to discuss the possibility of a settlement in the area.

"The plan is to buy land in the area and set up a whites-only homeland," said Jason Devine, a Calgary Communist and member of Anti-Racist Action, in an interview in the empty, nearly trackless parking lot of the community hall.

"Because of the crisis in the beef industry, they're thinking that they're going to be able to get land for cheap. It's not going to happen, but people need to know what they're trying to do."

Efforts to contact the creator of the Western Canada For Us website were unsuccessful.

Devine said that he'd been told by ARA sources that the meeting was cancelled because word had gotten out.

RCMP in Red Deer confirmed that the group had planned to meet in the area.

"I was informed that it would not be an issue for me," said platoon commander Sgt. Allen Williamson.

"I don't have a lot of details about it, but I did hear that a meeting was planned and then cancelled."

A resident of the area confirmed that Western Canada For Us had paid $50 to rent the hall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

According to the discussion forum on Stormfront.org, the group had itself contacted RCMP to inform them of the meeting and the likelihood of Anti-Racist Action protesters.

Devine said his group had hoped to get photographs of meeting attendees to put on posters.

The posters would then be circulated to alert neighbours to the presence of racist groups.

David Lethbridge, a British Columbia anti-racist researcher and activist, said word of the planned meeting had spread across the country. Paul Fromm, a Toronto neo-Nazi leader, was expected to attend, as well as Melissa Guille, leader of the B.C. white power organization Canadian Heritage Alliance.

He said the planned community near Innisfail would be called Whiteville, and that the Knee Hill Valley meeting was meant to be a strategy session.

Devine had mixed feelings about the meeting's cancellation.

"It's good to think that publicizing their activities made them shut down the meeting, but I was also hoping to get a look at them," he said.

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Canadian Association for Free Expression Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-897-7221; FAX: 905-277-3914

March 1, 2004

The Editor,

The Calgary Herald.

Dear Sir: BY FAX -- For Publication

Your front-page article "White supremacists scrap meeting plans" by Leane Dohy (Calgary Herald, March 12, 2004) is a masterpiece of errors and misinformation and just shoddy journalism.

First, the meeting in question DID take place yesterday in Edmonton.

Secondly, utterly false labels were attached to the two named participants because your reporter chose to speak only to the censorship brigade -- the Anti-Racist Action, a member of the Communist Party and David Lewthbridge, a Communist instructor in B.C. who has been successfully sued for his false and intemperate statements.

For the record , I am not "a Toronto neo-Nazi leader." I'm no Nazi, neo or otherwise. I'm an immigration reformer and a strong advocate of free speech. Had your writer checked out either of our websites, she'd have readily learned the truth.

In fact, what I told the more than 40 people who gathered in Edmonton was that the government's heartless immigration policies are radically changing the make-up of this country and that Europeans will be a minority by 2050.

I also pointed out that, while both my parents fought in the Canadian armed forces in World War II for democracy, we are swiftly losing freedom of speech in this country. Our government holds political prisoners. For instance, there's Brad Love of Ontario, jailed for 18 months for writing anti-immigration letters to MPs. Then, there's German immigrant Ernst Zundel, who's been in solitary confinement for over a year. He's been charged with nothing. Yet, the Ottawa regime says this pacifist publisher is a threat to national security. He's in prison for nothing more than his dissent from the popular accounts of World War II.

Our meeting raised several hundred dollars for Mr. Zundel's defence fund.

The other named speaker was Melissa, Guille. She's identified as the "leader of the B.C. white power organization Canadian Heritage Alliance." A quick glance at the CHA website would have revealed that the CHA and Miss Guille are Ontario, not B.C.-based.

Your readers are poorly served by such shoddy and biased reporting.


Paul Fromm, Director