Zundel Persecution is Part of Liberal Scandal in Ottawa
Dear Free Speech Supporter:

I visited Ernst Zundel in the Metro West Detention Centre on Wednesday, March 10. He's been contemplating the unravelling of the sick and corrupt Liberal Party establishment in Ottawa. This is the grafting, arrogant lot who use the Canadian Security and Intelligence (CSIS) as their political police.

Mr. Zundel sees himself as a particular victim of the Liberal Party, having crossed them over 35 years ago, when, as a young, anti-communist upstart German, he put himself forth in the 1968 Liberal leadership race, the one that eventually elected socialist Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a Mao and Castro admirer. "I am their victim," Mr. Zundel told me. "I'm collateral damage to the Liberal Party elite in Ottawa, who wear Gucci loafers and carry briefcases instead of Uzis!"

An angry Gerard Pelletier, one of the "three wise men" recruited with Trudeau, snapped at Mr. Zundel during that convention: "Germans should be seen and not heard."

"Back in the late 1960s, I distributed tens of thousands of Ron Gostick's Canadian Intelligence Service leaflet warning about CAPRI -- the Canadian Peace Research Institute -- which made the connection between pro-communist leftists like Rev. Endicott and an up-and-coming politician named Pierre Trudeau," Mr. Zundel recalls. "Many in the Liberal Party were furious at me for blowing the whistle on leftists like Trudeau, Andre Ouellett, and Gerard Pelletier -- who were the Trotskyist neo-Cons of their day."

Not long after the 1968 Liberal Party Convention, Mr. Zundel's Canadian citizenship application was turned down. In 1981, Mr. Zundel's postal privileges were revoked after agitation by Jewish groups. In 1982, they were re-instated, but Mr. Zundel had to learn of the reasons from Jewish publications. He was repeatedly denied a written copy of the judgement. He wrote to then-Minister Trudeau requesting a copy of his own judgement. "The former Prime Minister let his secretary write a letter stating that I would not be given the reasons 'while I'm Prime Minister,'" Mr. Zundel recalls.

"I severely antagonized elements in the Liberal Party. That's why I have twice been denied citizenship. As the late Lady Jane Birdwood wrote, this is "the longest hatred!" he says. "I'm being treated like the classic whistleblower. I'm the victim of a confluence of Liberal Party and Jewish lobby influence going back to Dean Maxwell Cohen," who wrote the infamous Cohen Report on Hate Propaganda, which paved the way for the passage of the "hate law", Canada's gag law, now Sections 318-319 of the Criminal Code.

"The denial of my citizenship application was entirely arbitrary," Mr. Zundel explains. When defence team lawyer Barbara Kulazska applied under the Access to Information Act some years ago, "she found nothing in the files."

Former key advisor to Jean Chretien, "Jean Carle, Denis Coderre and Martin Cauchon have made my life miserable," said Mr. Zundel, referring to key Ottawa Liberals, the latter two who were, until very recently, Minister of Immigration and Minister of Justice, respectively.

Mr. Zundel keeps reasonably well informed on the news from the daily papers sent to him. He commented on the surge of Third World crime in Toronto -- the Vietnamese marijuana grow-ops, the endless Black, mostly Jamaican, gang shootings. He observed: "Boy, are Canadians ever paying a steep price in lives and taxpayers' money for being too stupid, lazy and politically naive to stop the immigration insanity in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when there was still time to do it. I can't help but feel a certain amount of glee, when I read all these self-inflicted inconveniences. Actions have consequences!"

Paul Fromm