Free Speech Monitor: March, 2006
Censors "Ecstatic" At Harsh Fines Imposed on Internet Dissidents

On March 10, Canada took another step down the road to being a Third World banana republic. Robust political debate, sarcastic humour and vigorous dissent, should any of it criticize privileged minorities,  are out. Two youths, who, even the one-man tribunal acknowledged,  had few material resources, were slammed with $13,000 in fines by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal consisting of Athanasios Hadjis.

It was also pay day for chronic human rights complaint filer Richard Warman - 19 complaints thus far! "I order Mr. Kulbashian to pay Mr. Warman the sum of $5,000 as special compensation pursuant to s. 54(1)(b) of the Act." (para. 139) The award was given because Mr. Kulbashian named his tormentor and alleged that he was Jewish. To add insult to injury, "Mr. Kulbashian is ordered to pay simple interest on the award of special compensation calculated on a yearly basis at the Bank Rate (monthly series) established by the Bank of Canada. The interest shall run from the date of the complaint [2002]  until the date of payment." (para. 141) That should add a few hundred more shekels to Mr. Warman's haul.

In addition to the $13,000 total of financial penalties, the defendants James Richardson and Alexan Kulbashian are slapped with a cease and desist order --  no more critical remarks about Canada's privileged minorities: "I order Mr. Kulbashian and Mr. Richardson, as well as Affordable and the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team, to cease and desist from communicating or causing to be communicated, by the means described in s. 13 of the Act, namely the Internet, any matter of the type contained in the Hate Messages that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that the person or persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination."  (para. 135)

Needless to say those who love censorship and relish thought control are ecstatic tonight. "Bernie Farber, the CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress was ecstatic with the decision and fines. 'It makes a huge and important statement,' said Farber. 'It shows the seriousness with which the tribunal viewed this matter.'"  ( As today was pay day for him, Richard "Warman was 'ecstatic' with the decision. 'It shows human-rights laws work.'" And, of course, "Warren Kinsella, a Toronto lawyer and author of Web of Hate, called the ruling 'terrific' news in light of a 1999 decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission not to regulate the Internet. 'Any parent knows, any member of a minority group knows, the Internet has become a cyber-sewer,' Kinsella said in a telephone interview."

The defendants have not yet announced whether they will seek judicial review of this free thought gagging judgement. The judgement, should it stand, clearly shows a nation controlled by minorities. The Majority is throttled from criticizing these "special" groups. In an astonishing admission which didn't seem to affect his judgement at all, Hadjis acknowledged that Mr. Warman was pursuing a politicalcrusade against political views he did not like: "Mr. Warman is a resident of Ottawa. He has developed an interest in human rights issues over the past 15 years, and is actively involved in anti-racism groups. For a time, he worked for the Commission. Most recently, he has focused his attention on hate propaganda  disseminated through the Internet, by monitoring the Internet  activity of what he describes as extreme right-wing and neo-Nazi groups."  (para. 4) Thus, Canadian law is made a tool for repression of "right-wing" or traditionalist Canadian dissent.

Warman has no interest, it would appear, in the incredibly lucrative rap music industry. Hideously hateful lyrics glorifying those who  beat and abuse women, kill Whites and assassinate police are readily available on the Internet. These CDs are also sold over the Internet. Unlike Richardson and Kulbashian expressing their views with youthful exuberance, perhaps even exaggeration, but entirely out of idealism, the big corporations pushing rap poison over the Internet are in it for the big bucks.

Letter from Political Prisoner David Irving: Defiant & Determined

The following is a letter received by a good supporter of political prisoner David Irving, now languishing under a three year sentence in an Austrian jail. His crime - in 1989, "denying the holocaust" - the new secular religion of much of the West. This letter was written just before Mr. Irving went on trial and explains his intentions to plead guilty.

"I have received around 600 letters, but yours was one that I was looking out for!  In twelve days time, they will hold the trial.  (I have been in a 2 x 2.5m metal box for the last 100 days after being forced off the road by several carloads of police and arrested at gunpoint.  (So much for the land of The Sound of Music!)  It will be a difficult trial because the world's press will be there (February 20 and perhaps 21) which adds to the macabre theatre.  I have to plea guilty. There is no alternative: if a crazy police-state enacts a law against wearing brown neckties, and an unwitting Englishman came 17 years ago wearing a (gasp!) brown necktie, then, of course, he is going to find himself arrested at gunpoint (8  9 mm Glock pistols pointed at my head!) when he comes next time 17 years later.  There is now no way of pleading innocent to that.  I refuse to allow any foreign government to dictate to me what (new ink cartridge just inserted) I may think, say,or write. That is what this is all about.  To Americans this whole situation must appear totally remote from reality.  I have had to explain to Jessica (12) that I am in prison because of an opinion I expressed 17 years before I ever met her mother.

As for the other details, you will appreciate there is a lot I would like to say in a letter but cannot because all mail to and from me is read by prison censorship.  I suspect I was lured to Austria as a trap, an ambush.  There is a lot of evidence pointing in that direction.  I have not heard a single word from Olympia, the student body which (seemingly) invited me to come and lecture on November 11; no letter, no visit, nothing!  I warned them in e-mails that I would not talk about the "Holocaust" even if their members asked questions.  Anyway, I have so far been able to get a lot of work done, on memoirs, the "Himmler" biography, and "Churchill".  This whole situation is a disaster for the reputation of Austria, because many intellectuals around the world, including left-wingers have openly criticised my arrest.

I am in fine spirits, and not about to go down.  In the exercise yard the murderers, rapists, cocaine-dealers and robbers ask, "What you in for!' and I feel such a wimp saying it is because of an opinion I expressed on history seventeen years ago. "Oh, right then!" they say, and go shuffling off looking for a real criminal to walk round the yard with. Wait until you see the outcome of February 20, so you can see what address to reply to.  I am hoping it will not be here.  The cost to me has already been around $100,000 in lost contracts, and the like.

The Austrians are bad folk.  -- David Irving

Canadian Jewish groups join censorship brigade to silence Freedomsite

On January 27, 2006 several Canadian Jewish groups successfully applied for "interested party" status at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing against Marc Lemire. This case involves the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission alleging Marc Lemire could "expose" certain privileged groups to "hatred and/or contempt" by material contained on the websites: The Freedomsite (, Freedomsite Message Board and Message Forum.

The groups that are applying for Interested Party Status are: The Canadian Jewish Congress, League for Human Rights of B'Nai Brith Canada and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies. These censorship driven groups, are requesting to participate in the constitutional issues raised by Marc Lemire as well, as act like prosecutors and cross-examine witnesses. In previous hearings against Ernst Zundel, where the Jewish groups had Interested Party status, all they did was agree with each other on every motion.  One might wonder what possible purpose they could serve to further this case, other than costing the respondent additional money and prolonging the hearing.

Back in 2004, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (Canada's leading Internet censorship agency) received two complaints from Richard Warman about content on the Freedomsite ( and the Freedomsite message board located at

The two separate, but identical, complaints named Marc Lemire in one and the second named "The Freedomsite" which was listed as "" and "". The complaints surround posts to the Freedomsite Message Board, as well as a post by Kevin Strom entitled "Aids Secrets."  After the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission investigated the complaint, additional grounds were added, which included an article by the veteran journalist and WWII war hero Doug Collins.

After a well written legal motion by famous attorney Barbara Kulaszka, arguing that The Freedomsite was merely an Internet address, not a legal entity, the complainant withdrew his complaint and the case against the "The Freedomsite" was quashed.  In January of 2006, Marc Lemire became the first person in Canadian history to ever win a Section 13 complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The case against Marc Lemire continues to progress it's way to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The tribunal is a farce that poses as a court, where truth is no defence. Your intent is no defence. Your motivation is no defence. In fact, there are no listed defences for a private citizen. Yes that's correct. ZERO defences!  While the tribunal has a legal like atmosphere,  it really has no rules and can do pretty much anything they want. If previous hearing are any indication, they are nothing more than politically motivated enforcers, working at the behest of special interest groups who are intent on silencing any critiques of issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, the holocaust, Zionism and other current political issues. This outrageous abuse of power has led observers to call these tribunals "nothing more than Kangaroo courts" and "hick tribunals"

The Canadian Human Rights Act - Section 13, covers literally all forms of speech via "a group of interconnected or related computers, including the Internet, or any similar means of communication," meaning any computer that is networked can fall under this Act. As far reaching (and unconstitutional) as this act is, it can even covers private communications between a citizen and perhaps his Member of Parliament. This Act can cover literally any communication made from a computer - whether it was public or not. Private communication is also covered.

With the more recent amendments to the "Human Rights" Act, victims can now face stiff fines as well as cease and desist orders. If you're found in contravention of a wide ranging cease and desist order that the "Human Rights" Tribunal issues, you're looking at possibly lengthy jail sentences for contempt. We need to fight against such a broad Act that covers literally every form of speech imaginable on the Internet -- enforceable by fines which could run clear in excess of $60,000 and financially ruin people.

We continue our intense fight to preserve our inherent rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press on the Internet. -- Marc Lemire

More Attacks on Defence Team: Zundel Trial Adjourned for At Least Another Month

Lady Michele Renouf, noted actress, author and supporter of free speech, attended this month's instalment of the trial of German political prisoner and pacifist publisher Ernst Zundel. After a stormy one-day session, March 9,  at the court in Mannheim, the trial was adjourned indefinitely, but, at the very least, for another month. The courtroom was packed with Zundel supporters who gave the man who has been a political prisoner in Canada, the U.S. and now Germany enthusiastic and prolonged applause. Much of the hearing involved acrimonious attacks by the Judge Meinerzhagen on defence lawyer Sylvia Stolz. Mr. Zundel's defence team -- his own lawyers, as opposed to the state appointed ones -- include Austrian  Dr. Schaller,  Jurgen Reiger and Miss Stolz. Advisor Horst Mahler, who has had his passport seized lest he travel to Tehran to attend a planned symposium to examine evidence of the "holocaust", is forced to sit, like a bad schoolboy, with the audience.

Most of the day was consumed by arguments between Miss Stolz and the judge . Essentially, the defence wants the State to produce legal proof of the "holocaust" -- proof being required in any other proceeding under German law. The judge wants to take judicial notice or recognize the "obviousness" of this event,  the historical questioning of which is the nub of the intrepid German publisher's alleged offence. The judge furiously insisted that Miss Stolz cannot be allowed to continue to represent Mr. Zundel as she is too much in support of her client. "In most countries, that would be considered laudable," Lady Michele observes tartly. However, even the hint of questioning the state religion of "holocaust" is, itself, a crime. Lady Michele noted that the judge listened when defence lawyer Rieger spoke, but seemed to ignore or doze when Miss Stolz addressed him. However, on several occasions, he became livid with rage, "got hysterical, leaped up and screamed and left the room for half an hour," Lady Michele reports.