Free Speech Monitor: September, 2006
"A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to." -- Granville Hicks

Paul Fromm's Home Attacked by ARA Goons

PORT CREDIT.  August 19, 2006. About 25 members of the violent "anti-racist" ARA attacked Paul Fromm's townhouse in the quiet historic community of Port Credit at 2:00 this afternoon.  The police failed to keep them entirely off condo property, as the law requires, but did stop them about 100 feet from his door. Marching under the flag of communist Cuba, they shouted: "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, out, out, out!" "Nazi Klan Go Hand In Hand" and "Die, Nazi Scum!" Many startled neighbours came out to see the spectacle. Many of the thugs wore bandannas and ski masks. Peel Region Police squad cars, bicycle police and cops on foot and eventually six members of the mounted union kept the rent-a-mob at bay.

The police foolishly let their bus park in the parking lot of a small mall with a health club out back of Fromm's townhouse. The terrorists then tried to get at the back yard, but were restrained by a fence, Fromm's 20 supporters and eventually the police. Free speech supporters, old and young, converged from across Southern Ontario to help protect Mr. Fromm.

 Prominent among the protesters was Shane Ruttle Martinez who is to be a witness in a Canadian Human Rights complaint against the B.C. White Pride website later this fall. Martinez ran in the January federal election for the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). One of the ARA protesters held aloft a poster proclaiming: "Thanks Richard Warman for the bus rental." The Ottawa lawyer and chronic human rights complaint filer -- 20 and climbing -- addressed the ARA in the summer of 2005. His speech about tactics marked him as a guru to these street brawlers. His talk was entitled "Maximum Disruption: Shutting Down the Neo-Nazis by (Almost) Any Means Necessary." He praised the ARA for their demonstrations, many of them violent, against publisher Ernst Zundel in the 1990s. The ARA had distributed posters  showing how to make a molotov cocktail and giving Mr. Zundel's address. The German historical revisionist's home was firebombed on May 8, 1995.

 Paul Fromm has been a prominent foe of Warman's. Mr. Fromm has defended several of Warman's victims in Canadian Human Rights tribunals, where Warman has complained about the victims' political views expressed over the Internet. In the recent Terry Tremaine case in Ottawa, Fromm's incisive cross examination exposed Warman as less than forthcoming and a witness with a porous memory. The Tribunal chairman Michel Doucet rebuked Warman on several occasion for failure to disclose key information to the defence.  Relying on a lengthy affidavit by Warman, the Canadian Human Rights Commission sought unsuccessfully to remove Mr. Fromm as Mr. Tremaine's agent or defence. The Commission has threatened to try to remove the renowned free speech crusader from the upcoming challenge to the constitutionality of the Internet censorship law which is being challenged in the Marc Lemire case.

 The foul mouthed protesters vowed: "We will be back" and "We will burn you out." Officers on the scene said these were not criminal threats. Shane Ruttle Martinez falsely charged that Melissa Guille of the Canadian Heritage Alliance had had a Downe's Syndrome child and proclaimed that "White Nationalists kill babies that are not perfect."

 "The policing left a lot to be desired," said Fromm. "I met with Const. Darlene Smith of the Peel Regional Police intelligence squad on August  14. I explained the vulnerabilities of the property and insisted that the mob be kept off condominium property and the private parking in the strip mall out back. Instead, the police allowed the ARA goons onto the condo and to park their bus in the mall. They should have been kept back several hundred yards."

The ARA handed out a libellous leaflet mentioning Mr. Fromm's exact address and charging: "Fromm is a prominent neo-Nazi leader -- the primary one for all Canada." The ARA has a long history of violence. In 1993, they smashed windows and threw excrement into the East End Toronto home of activist Gary Schipper. They have assaulted peaceful free speech protesters during and after demonstrations demanding the release of political prisoner Ernst Zundel. They have attacked political meetings and smashed doors and windows. After Officer Todd Baylis was murdered by a Jamaican drug dealer illegally in Canada, they hailed the killing as a blow against the police. There was no damage to property, no injuries and no arrests on Aug. 19.

Irving Verdict Upheld But Sentence Appeal to Be in Secret

Lady Michele Renouf, on a six city speaking tour of Canada to promote her new DVD Jailing Opinions, said that historian David Irving faces a hearing probably in October. This is an appeal both by him and the Austrian state of the three year sentence he received in February for questioning Austria's state religion of holocaust. The Austrian government wants a 10 year sentence. Lady Michele, who is Mr. Irving's media representative,  quoted his lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller as saying that the Austrian government is seeking a secret hearing -- with no press or public present. It has smarted under widespread media attention and considerable criticism of its jailing the famous WW II historian.

Lady Michele's 110 minute DVD Jailing Opinions  is available for $25 from C-FAR, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada.

In another development,  "an Austrian court has upheld a guilty verdict imposed on British historian David Irving for denying the existence of the Holocaust, the Austrian Press Agency (APA) reported Monday. Another court has yet to rule on Irving’s appeal of his three-year prison sentence, which he is now serving in a Vienna jail. This ruling is not expected for at least two months. Irving, 68, has been in jail since a one-day trial on February 20. .... Irving was also on trial for saying the November 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom against the Jews was not the work of the Nazis, but of 'unknown' people who had dressed up as storm troopers, and that Adolf Hitler had in fact protected the Jews. ... The first court confirmed the guilty verdict in a closed-door session August 29, APA said.

Irving was prosecuted under an Austrian law targeting those who 'deny the genocide by the National Socialists or other National Socialist crimes against humanity.' Austria is among 11 countries that have laws against denying the Holocaust, in which some six million Jews were slaughtered by Nazi Germany during WWII. Irving has become notorious world-wide for attempting to establish ...  that Hitler was not party to the Holocaust, that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz and that the number of Jews slain by the Nazis was greatly exaggerated. In 2000, Irving lost his fortune when he lost a high-profile libel case against US historian Deborah Lipstadt whom he had sued when she called him a Holocaust denier." (Agence France Presse, September 8, 2006)

Human "Rights" Commission Charges Huge Fees to Prevent "Access to Information"

Two of the most mischievous and deceptive concepts invented by totalitarian government in Canada is "right to privacy and access to information." Citizens are assured they have a right to privacy and access to information in the furtherance of transparent government. Don't believe it! All too often, "right to privacy" allows government to hide all sorts of information and misdeeds.

So, you think you have the right to access to information? One way the government, especially secretive oppressive bureaucracies like the Canadian Human Rights Commission, use to thwart access to information is to arbitrarily slap on huge fees. In early May,  Paul Fromm filed an Access to Information request on behalf of CAFÉ for Marc Lemire's constitutional challenge against Sec. 13.1 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. The following is the reply he received, demanding "a total of $15,362.50 ... assessed for the processing of your information request on CD." To add insult to injury, the unsigned letter - utterly rude and unprofessional - went on to inform: "An extension of up to 297 days is required beyond the 30 day statutory limit to process your request because of the volume and scope of your request and that 3rd party consultations will also be necessary.

If you wish us to proceed with the processing of your request, please use the reference number assigned to your  request (106-3-33-2006) and forward the required deposit of 7,681.25 payable to the Receiver General of Canada." Here's further insult to the injury of demanding $15,362.50. The information is needed by the end of January, 2007 - the date set for hearing of the case against Marc Lemire. The ten month extension insisted on by the Commission would put the delivery date for the material into April, 2007 - far too late for use. This is nothing but obstruction of access to information and an effort to make certain that justice exists only for the favoured or the rich!

Starship To Stir

Not one of your partisan single-man rights "tribunals," but a real, honest to goodness Alberta "judge handed a Two Hills man a 16-month jail sentence [on September 1] for inciting hatred against Jews on his website in what is being called a groundbreaking Internet hate-crime case.  Reni Sentana-Ries, 63, was convicted last December by a jury on one count of promoting hatred through his site called Federation of Free Planets, which denies the Holocaust and says Jews created diseases such as AIDS and ebola.  'The level of the hatred is appalling,' said Court of Queen's Bench Justice Philip Clarke.  [Crown prosecutor Steven Bilodeau added] 'the Crown wanted a strong message because it's the first hate-crime conviction involving hate on the Internet.'  [Bounding over to join in the hallelujah chorus, Bernie Farber CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress first testified about the site's impact on the Jewish community, then, impartial to the extreme] applauded the sentence ... calling it a precedent-setting longest sentence given to an Internet hate-monger.  'What Justice Clarke has done is put hate-mongers on notice that they and their message will just not be tolerated in multicultural Canada.'  ... Sentana-Ries, acting as his own lawyer, read a long statement detailing the radio messages his wife receives from extraterrestrials."  (Edmonton Journal, September 2, 2006)  So some poor guy who sees himself the chosen conduit of intergalactic radio communications is frog marched off to prison and not one of these co-habiting arbiters of moral hygiene expresses the slightest misgiving?  It kind of makes you wonder when the sanity goal posts were shifted.  Farber's comment confirms our warning that multiculturalism can only be imposed by removing freedom of speech from dissidents.

Amnesty International Refuses to Help Irving

Amnesty International seldom adopts a prisoner of conscience if the case conflicts with powerful establishment interests -- in this case the immensely potent Jewish lobby. They take safe cases, like Nigerian poets who have run afoul of their governments. Amnesty International (UK) was approached by supporters of David Irving. In a breezy letter dated August 2, 2006, Kathy Voss of the "supporter care team" rejected the request to support political prisoner David Irving. Although no AI observer attended Mr. Irving's trial, Miss Voss assumes his guilt. "Amnesty International works for the right to free expression and adopts as prisoners of conscience people who are imprisoned for exercizing their right to freedom of expression. However, it will not adopt as prisoners of conscience people who are imprisoned for using hate speech to deliberately or recklessly incite acts of violence, discrimination, or hostility against another group. The language used to advocate hatred is not always explicit or direct. Sometimes it uses euphemisms which, over the years, become well-known, such as denying the Holocaust. ... Where it determines that an individual who has been imprisoned for denying the Holocaust, has, in effect, advocated hatred as described above, AI would not adopt them as prisoners of conscience." The world's tyrants can rest easy tonight. They can always allege that a dissident is preaching hatred, even if he uses "euphemisms." Such sordid gobbledygook is reminiscent of the way the Soviet communists got around the free speech provisions of their constitution -- "anti-Soviet activities." Sure, you have free speech, but if you oppose the regime, it's an "anti-Soviet activity" and off to the Gulag you go!