Free Speech Monitor: November, 2006
Warman Hobnobbed With ADL In Atlanta & Foxman Won French Award

The sworn enemies of free speech  gathered in Atlanta October 26. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith  held a national meeting. Silencing the Internet was very much on the agenda.  One of the guests on a Thursday morning panel entitled "Terrorists and Hate Groups on the Internet: What Should Be Done?" was Canada's own fervent censorship advocate Richard Warman, vaingloriously described as a "Canadian human rights lawyer." That's accurate as long as you don't consider freedom of speech or expression or belief or freedom of the press to be human rights.

The title of the panel shows the perverse attitude of the enemies of free speech. Terrorists are mixed with "hate groups" on the Internet. If Warman is any model, it's not terrorists that worry the ADL thought police, but free thinkers, anti-Zionists, immigration reformers, monetary critics, and supporters of free speech.  Warman has filed at least 20 Canadian Human Rights Commission Sec. 13.1 complaints. None have been aimed at "terrorists". All have focused on non-violent dissent. It's dissent, not "terrorists" who are the ADL and Warman's  targets.

Speaking of the ADL, Rev. Ted Pike has written a powerful critique of a recent French decision  to bestow its highest civilian award, the Legion of Honour on ADL head Abe Foxman. Rev. Pike comments: "Foxman heads an organization that is responsible for creating and establishing dozens of 'anti-hate'  bureaucracies, which destroy freedom of speech (See, New Federal 'Hate' Bill Means Funeral of Free Speech ). Thanks to the ADL, Christians in Canada have been fined thousands of dollars and impoverished just for publishing passages from the Bible. In our own Pennsylvania, eleven Christians were jailed in 2004 for peacefully evangelizing at a homosexual parade. ADL board member Lynn Abraham authorized their arrest, imprisonment, and the indictment that was later dropped.

Foxman's intolerance of Christians is on display in his book, Never Again: The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism. Foxman smears the Catholic church as "a cradle of hatred" and blames the New Testament for the death and suffering of countless Jews. Foxman denounces Christian evangelists as 'anti-Semitic' merely for witnessing to Jews."

Warman, Free Speech & Real Heroes

I recently read an article in which Richard Warman was described as a hero for his so called fight against those evil "Neo-Nazis." Wel,l I have to respond to this and counter quite harshly. There is nothing heroic about a lawyer with a Master of Laws degree who brings working class folks before tribunals in which truth is no defence! There is nothing heroic about a lawyer who brings working class men before Moscow show trials for nothing more than posting their views! This is not heroism in the least! A hero is someone who fights a dangerous battle he is unlikely to win for a just cause. Warman is not in this boat! These are easy battles for him to win because truth is no defence and he has his working class opposition outclassed due his legal training. How do you win when truth is no defence and you are in a quasi-judicial tribunal against a lawyer? Think about it! This is not heroism but shooting fish in a barrel! If Warman wants to be a hero, he can go to the local military recruitment office, sign up, put on a military uniform, pick up a gun, go to Kandahar and fight like a man in a real battle against the Taliban! When he does that, I will call him a hero!

I want to discuss some real heroes! The first is my old mentor Paul Fromm! I first met Paul in high school. I attended his school but never took one of his classes. However, I had the displeasure of being a student at the school at the same time the trouble broke out over his speaking at a Heritage Front meeting. Oh, yes, I was there folks! I remember someone mass-photocopying a Toronto Star article on Paul Fromm's speech at the HF and they made sure every classroom was plastered with these articles! They made it a point to ensure re all of the student body received a copy of this article!

Most of us in the student body knew nothing about this meeting and many of us did not care. Even non-White students spoke highly of Paul when bothered by media journalists about Mr. Fromm! In my view this was done to create dissension between Paul and his students the motivation was clear, in my view. Since I was a fairly reasonable man though I was a bit of a thug at the tim,e I decided to actually talk to Paul and get his side of the story. I went to his English class after school when he was alone and I asked to speak to him. He was inviting and agreed to speak to me, I closed the door and we started to talk! Of course, within minutes a gang of black faces started to appear at the little window in the door. Of course, they had to know what was going on so I pulled a partition in front of the window. They were not happy but who cares!

What I learned about Paul was his experiences and his beliefs on free speech. He did not indoctrinate me or break his contract, he merely discussed the concepts of freedom and democracy while telling me what he stood for. I found that this maligned man labelled a Nazi by many was more of a representative of democracy than any of the so-called multiculturalists in the school who said we had to get rid of Paul because he was a so-called fascist. Yet, this alleged fascist treated all students of all races fairly which even the non-White students conceded. He  merely loved his race and stood up for his beliefs in public. The seed of white nationalism was placed in my soul by Paul Fromm! After I left high school, I met Paul at Square One Shopping Centre one day and we talked for some time. Even though he was robbed of his career and persecuted by antifa freaks, he never lost his courage and love for his people. That is when I learned you can persecute us but you cannot beat us! Paul reflected this spirit and reality when he took the negative of the loss of his career and turned his curse into a strength by dedicating his life to helping those White nationalists who faced the same persecution he did. He became the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression and represented numerous white nationalist martyrs for free speech against this Warman creature at numerous CHRC hearings.

You see, Mr. Warman, unlike you! Paul is a true hero because he overcame real hardships and fought hopeless battles and survived them all and helps others in their fight against the multiculturalist establishment. Paul is the true hero because he gave his career for the truth and for his people ! What have you sacrificed for your cause Warman? You are no hero! You can persecute us! You can prosecute us! You can cause "maximum disruption" BUT YOU WILL NEVER BREAK US! You cannot stop the truth because for every day multiculturalism reigns we will see our ranks grow and you cannot get us all! You may get me even! You may get a $10,000 judgement against me and a cease and desist order against me, but you will never defeat me because the truth and ideas cannot be defeated. You may succeed in shutting our organisations down but you will never kill the spirit in us that leads us to create those organisations and that spirit is what matters more than anything! Organisations are names and collections of people but the spirit is what binds them together for all time and you are no match for that spirit of these heroes! To all of the martyrs of free speech such as Terry Tremaine,  Jessy Beaumont and Ciaran Donnelly, they may take your money, your right to free speech but they will never kill your spirit! The spirit of our forefathers lives within us and this spirit cannot be extinguished. They can jail and fine our bodies but the truth will live on and our spirits will not be quashed. Keep up the fight and never surrender. These folks are the true heroes! -- F.A.W.

Zundel Offered Reduced Time If He'll Dump Wife & Zundelsite Owner Ingrid Rimland Zundel

My dear Ingrid: "Big hug! I finally got your September 24th letter this afternoon. It was stuck at German Customs and was only received at the court on the 10th and then, censored, sent on to me very fast, as you can see - in only three days! It's amazing how our letters have to run the gauntlet, here and there. You have my absolute priority. We will overcome these indignities. I did not bow to bombs, beatings, fires, imprisonment by these ghetto dwellers in America or Canada.  I'll not likely give in to their lackeys here or anywhere else. About feeling empathy, Ingrid, these people do not deserve your or my empathy. They are eager and willing accomplices not only to something obviously unfair but immoral and cynical and [which] will one day be found to have been illegal, contrary to their own laws and international conventions and treaties they have signed and sworn oaths to uphold. You have seen how the Arar enquiry with all the restrictions imposed on it found the extraordinary renditions to be flawed and illegal and the Canadian Intelligence and Police Agencies to have acted despicably and unprofessionally. No wonder Parliament apologized. The RCMP Chief apologized to Arar, and the Commissioner suggested that they review three others who are held, as I was held, at the Toronto West Detention Centre in isolation also. Naturally they were too cowardly to apologize and rehabilitate me yet! Ingrid, they will apologize! They will do it publicly. They will publish it, and they will pay me and you millions of dollars in compensation. How do I know? Ingrid, Bush and Cheney will be lucky, very lucky if they get to serve out the rest of their terms in office. We are close to an upheaval of horrific proportions that will change the political landscape drastically. Nothing will be as it has been up to now.

I agree with most of these people commenting on the treason that was 9/11. Ingrid, if Franklin Weiss and Rose get 12 years in prison for their merely political betrayals via AIPAC, imagine what it will get Bush and Cheney for allowing 3,000 people to die on 9/11, and 15,000 since from asbestos disease from the planned, collapsing demolition towers! The truth is out there. I was one of the very first, within minutes of the towers collapsing, to point out that we were looking at a planned demolition. To my knowledge, I was the only one to point to that late-into-the-night cabinet meeting with butcher Sharon and his fellow plotters. I was one of the first to give maximum exposure to that Russian economist's warning and to publish President Putin's MSNBC's interview when he was in New York, stating that Russian intelligence had warned Bush. We now know from Newsweek and Bob Woodward's book, State of Denial, that on 10 July'01 Condi Rice was warned by the CIA Chief Tenet  that America was being targeted, and planes were to be involved. I was pleased you sent me that list of prominent Americans demanding a re-opening of the 9/11 Investigation. Remember, Ingrid, I used to say to you that the people who planned this 9/11 operation were older, pre-Internet Special Forces military planners. They did not take into consideration the instant transmission of news - expertise, drawings, photos, and especially video images - of the collapsing, burning towers. Suddenly, a world-wide audience, many of them computer-skilled, most of them university-trained, could see these images and apply their own deductive reasoning and analysis skills and come to the conclusion that you have seen expressed in that list.

Ingrid, what you have reproduced is a list of Who's Who in America in the field of military tactics, technology, policy, etc., far superior in training and education [to me] - and not lacking courage and drive. They took 5 years to come up with what took me 14 days to put down in black and white and from then on to  merely flesh  out. I reread everything from that moment on until my arrest.  I am glad to have it confirmed from such experts and highly placed people. You see, the Internet made it possible. What would have taken 50-60 years in the last century has been exposed and solved beyond many doubts in 5-6 years. That policemen, intelligence officers, prosecutors, and judges in the US and Canada would lend their reputations and policies [to this crime] has already been condemned by the US Supreme Court, by the US Federal Courts and the Canadian Arar Commission  and that's only the beginning! The Iraq and Afghanistan debacle now unravelling will shake up the corrupt old political order to a degree not experienced in the Western World since the Bolshevik Revolution. For the first time, I sense that there may well be a quasi military coup in the USA by an officers' and intelligence corps alert to the subversion and usurpation of power by non-elected or fraudulently elected and appointed people. Gangsters of a new kind! All the people you listed have colleagues, circles of friends in the officers' mess halls. They attend the same golf clubs and lodges. The tone is quiet fury - that's a pre-revolutionary mood! That's what precedes seismic shifts in calcified old orders. It is like in Ancient Rome, pre-French Revolution France, pre-Bolshevik Revolution Russia - and Weimar 1929-30.  .... Ingrid, my dear lady! Don't waste your empathy on these perpetrators. Do not worry about me. There is no need for you to worry about our relationship. Nobody is going to make me do anything, even though they hold me hostage. I love my freedom, but my honour, my life's work and, yes, my role in history are more important to me than to be free in a place that is a mental concentration camp unworthy of a once great people. I am sorry that you will be alone until history and justice have caught up with the perpetrators of the crimes now in progress. You look after your health, see your son through this. You are the custodian. You, too, are close to me, and I am more there than here.  -- Ernst Zundel

"What Ernst refers to in these last two paragraphs is yet another unbelievable story, the details of which I can only surmise. I have it from a highly reliable source, quoted from a letter that Ernst wrote, that he was offered a reduction in his sentence if he were to 'dump' me. Can you believe this!? Doesn't this really take the cake? I had to laugh out loud when I read about that. Is that desperation on the part of our enemies, or what?! So I asked him with bated breath: 'Just what does that mean? Divorce me? Disown me? Dump the Zundelsite?' He only told me that the 'offer' was an 'insult.' I haven't yet gotten any details, but as soon as I find out, I will surely let you know! And the irony of it all is that I don't even see myself as that important on the political landscape with my website any more. That might have been true in 1996, when I was practically the only one blasting away at the Hoax, but now there are zillions of websites doing what I used to do. These days, I more or less stand back and watch what is going to unfold before I get my fellow back to the magnificent hills of Tennessee, now shedding its foliage like crazy. -- Ingrid Rimland