CSIS Says I'm A Terrorist
Since 1979, I have been involved with the Alternative Forum. Monthly, we have held a meeting with a speaker or, occasionally, a film. The speakers have covered a wide variety of topics: foreign policy, immigration, freedom of speech, and law. They have included Members of Parliament like Don Blenkarn, John Gamble, and the man who was the inspiration for Prime Minister John Diefenbaker’s Northern Vision, The Hon. Alvin Hamilton.

We have sponsored speeches by writers such as Peter Brimelow (The Patriot Game), James Bacque (Other Losses), James Barros, Petre Worthjington and Michael Collins Piper

For about six months, the Alternative Forum, from October 2004 until April, 2005, held meetings at the Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre. Among the speakers were para-legal crusader David Lindsay, lawyers Ron Leitch and Peter Lindsay, Majoritarian activist and media expert Steve Dumas and U.S. journalist Michael Piper Collins (The High Priests of War).

In April, 2005, a new left-leaning Board of Directors took over. A letter sent, May 14 by Gabor Vaski denying rental space for future meeting to the Alternative Forum seemed in its clunkish English to suggest that the hall feared a cut off of government grants if it rented to controversial groups. Vaski wrote: "Charitable institutions function under the Charities Directorate (Revenue Canada) and there are ongoing efforts to shape and tighten the perimeters which define their existence. While we are encouraged to further develop our role as guardians of our heritage, it is also expected that we do not attempt to perpetuate hostilities towards certain Groups (sic) or uphold former political feuds. We must avail ourselves of the various grants open to groups who adhere to the strictest of rules governing charitable institutions. Therefore, we will not be able to provide space for your meetings in the future." The ponderous letter is bereft of specifics.

It's hard to see how a talk by lawyer Peter Lindsay on threats to free speech in Canada or by lawyer Ron Leitch in opposition to same sex marriage legislation would be "upholding former political feuds."

It’s funny how information eventually seeps out. I have just learned from an unimpeachable source that the Hungarian Hall was approached by a person purporting to be an agent of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) who told them they shouldn’t permit us to hold meetings as I was a “terrorist” and about to be arrested. [That was 14 months ago!] Interestingly, “terrorist” was the lying label CSIS attached to dissident publisher and life long pacifist Ernst Zundel when they declared him a threat to national security in 2003.

I’m left in a quandary. CSIS is, indeed, a political police force and we know has been involved in dirty tricks against patriots. I wouldn’t put such lies past them. Yet, the charge of “terrorist” is preposterous. But, if not CSIS, then who? The only other possibility is one of the “usual suspects” the anti-free speech minority lobby groups, sending a person to impersonate a CSIS agent.

It’s passing strange!