Political Prisoner Tom Winnicki Plans Appeal of 9 Month Sentence
I talked to political prisoner Tom Winnicki who is now being held in solitary confinement, ”for his own protection”, the prison authorities say, outside of London, Ontario. Mr. Winnicki was convicted last week and sentenced to 9 months in prison by Federal Judge Conrad von Finkenstein (no kidding!). The sentence was for contempt of court for Tom’s having posted some remarks on VNN last Fall despite a Court order gagging him and forbidding him from posting “hate” against privileged minorities. Tom, a blunt spoken man who feels strongly about the immigration invasion and Zionism, had toned down his writing, but “hate” is in the eye of the beholder.

Mr. Winnicki has decided to appeal both his conviction and the sentence. He has retained Ottawa lawyer  James Foord who is now doing the paperwork. “The Federal Court requires meticulous preparation” and is a stickler for detail, he told me. Mr. Foord will try to get Tom Winnicki out on bail pending his appeal.

Bail conditions may be very restrictive, Tom Winnicki told me.

He is very upset at the “lies” spread by the London Free Press. Richard Warman’s journalistic buddy Randy Richmond wrote that Tom’s Internet “messages called for the extermination of Jews, a holy war against non-whites and non-Christians and the removal of blacks from Canada.” (London Free Press, July 16, 2006)”I’m not going to let it slide,” Mr. Winnicki told me. “I don’t know where he gets these lies.”

In another development, Mr. Winnicki has learned that the relentless Warman has filed documents with the Federal Court to try to garnishee Mr. Winnicki’s wages to scoop up the $5,500 settlement “plus interest” for hurt feelings awarded by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal earlier this year.

In a puff piece about Warman, hailing him as a “heroic ‘hate’ fighter”, the Edmonton Journal  (July 16, 2006)  explained that Warman’s goal is nothing less that the silencing of populist dissent in Canada: “Warman takes his inspiration from [former]  human rights commission lawyer Eddie Taylor. … ‘One of the things he wanted to do to neo-Nazis was make it so expensive and painful for them that they would never want to come back in a professional context,’ Warman said. “Warman files complaints because those found guilty under Canadian human rights legislation are subject to permanent cease-and-desist orders and fines. ‘By knocking them off the Internet permanently, you've put a major restriction on their ability to communicate and organize,’ Warman said.”

Needless to say, such censorship and silencing of populist dissent meets with the approval of the thought control forces over at the Canadian Jewis Congress: “’The impact of his work is quite incredible,’ said Bernie M. Farber, the CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress who has worked with Warman for years on hate-crime complaints. ‘He's a hero. He's an individual who single-handedly takes on hate mongers and curbs the discourse of hate mongers on the Internet.’"

CAFÉ is collecting money to assist political prisoners Tom Winnicki, Ernst Zundel and  David Irving’s defence. Send an e-mail with your VISA and expiry date or mail your cheque to Canadian Association for Free Expression, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada. Indicate to which of these political prisoners you wish your donation directed.