Jessy Destruction & Der Totenkopf Raided in Vancouver
Const. Sean McGowan, head of the B.C. Hate Squad, led a raid with 10 officers on Jess Destruction & Ciaran's (Deer Totenkopf's) place today in Vancouver, 10-3pm. Thankfully Ciaran's daughter wasn't home. The raid is for a "violation of section 319", but what they did, they
don't know.

Offense date - December 8.03 to February 11.06

During the raid, both were forced to sit outside the house, past the
driveway, Jess was in her pajama's, Ciaran in his boxers. They asked for
clothes, but were refused.

The search warrant covers computers, storage equipment, cameras [not
taken] , cds, software manuals, and "any other source material"

They took
books [including ones that had nothing to do with "hate"]
boots [work boots w/red laces]
flight jackets [3 had no patches]
family photo albums
computers [not encrypted]
music [including country music]
quilt work of Jessy's

When they were leaving, Jess & Ciaran asked what they took, McGowan said
he didn't need to tell them, but it was 85 articles.

This is typical of the actions of Canada's political thought police. The personal degradation -- making the couple sit half naked outside their house --- smacks of the usual abuse of power by hate squads. The overkill of having 10 officers raid a young couple adds to this pattern.

Note this was a fishing raid. Neither has been charged. As well, the seizure of the couple's personal property -- clothes, family album -- far exceeds the scope of the warrant.