Report about the July 28 Zundel-Hearing
(Information for this summary report came from several sources, including Günter Deckert who himself spent 5 years in prison for Holocaust Denial, courtesy of "Überzeugungstäter" Hans-Heiko Klein!) Brief Report of the Zundel Hearing of July 28, 2006

Apparently part of this hearing last Friday was highly dramatic!

Hans-Heiko Klein, Germany's head honcho Holocaust Denier hunter, now in retirement, suffered what was described to me as "total moral bankruptcy", embarrassing himself and the BRD legal system to such an extent that even Judge Meinerzhagen was described as having been "plain horrified"!

Hans-Heiko Klein was and is known as a particularly nasty fellow. It must have been sweet justice for Ernst watching his prime enemy, who had no small part in Ernst's political abduction, making an absolute ass out of himself in front of court and media!

Again, since I was not there and no transcript exists, I can only give you a partial description of what was asked by the defense and even the judge, and what was replied by Hans-Heiko Klein.

Here is a sample:

First of all, Klein lied brazenly by testifying that he had nothing to do with Germany's post-war Gestapo shenanigans and their Canadian counterparts in kidnapping Ernst. Then, upon pressure by the defense, he admitted that he had met with members of the Canadian secret police on several occasions but - get this and marvel! - he did not know who they were and what their agenda might have been!

The year 2003, he testified, had been a turning point. Even though arrest warrants had existed for some years and there had been hope that Ernst could have been nabbed during one of his travels in Europe, this did not materialize, and eventually the arrest warrant(s) expired since what Ernst did in Canada and then in the United States was not illegal.

However, after his 2003 arrest in Tennessee and deportation to Canada, the Canadian officials had signalled to their Bundesrepublik buddies that Ernst was now theirs for the asking!

He also testified that there was never any question as to where Ernst would be "allowed" to go - it was simply understood it would be Germany!

In cross-examination:

* Klein claimed "no knowledge" of the Leuchter Report. Not true - as I
remember it, he himself had Ernst arrested briefly in connection with the
planned and then aborted Leuchter Congress in Germany in the early 1990s!

* Klein claimed the Rudolf Report had been scientifically discredited - not
true! When pressured to say more, he replied, "I am not saying another
word!" When the judge ordered him to answer, he said that he was "not prepared"!

* Did he try to find mitigating evidence about Ernst's politically
incorrect ways?

Klein said he hadn't looked and hadn't tried, since he was not a
psychologist nor a psychiatrist.

* Did he know of Fritjof Meyer's findings?

Klein said that he had "read the book." It wasn't a book, it was an
article in an obscure academic journal.

* Did he know the "Auschwitz Act"?

Klein did not. He only said he knew "the outcome".

* What was his definition of Extremism of the Right?

People who are Holocaust Deniers.

* The Zundelsite, he testified, was "Holocaust Denial Pure!"

* Q: The claim is always "six million". How many of those came from

Well, muttered Klein, the numbers had been reduced.

* Q: Yet the number "six million" remains constant. How can that be

Klein remained silent, sweating profusely. So did the court. It was a
very hot day - even the cheese in Ernst's prison cell melted! No wonder Klein
did, too!

* Why did he call himself an "Überzeugungstäter" in a recent interview?
[This is a term that is hard to translate. It means somebody who does not act
by evidence but merely from conviction.]

Klein remained silent. So did the court.

For his grand finale, Klein announced that he could sleep soundly, since
his conscience was clear! Does this worm of a German even have a conscience?
Does he even have a brain, much less a heart?

It is a pity and a shame that no record of this remarkably devastating
testimony exists, since Germany's courts try hard to avoid leaving tracks.