Free Zundel Now," Free Speech Supporters Tell McLellan in Edmonton
EDMONTON. February 5. Two dozen free speech supporters braved frigid cold to protest outside Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLelland's constituency office in downtown Edmonton today and bring her their demands that she intervene and free Canada's most famous political prisoner, Holocaust skeptic and publisher Ernst Zundel.

McLellan is the minister responsible for border security. Paul Fromm, the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression and the spokesman for the protest said Ernst Zundel has been in solitary confinement in the West Toronto Detention Centre for almost two years. He's being warehoused. He hasn't been charged or convicted of any crime. His ongoing imprisonment in inhuman conditions, with the dregs of society is a disgrace."

Ernst Zundel was a landed immigrant in Canada since 1958. He moved to the U.S. to live with his wife Ingrid Rimland, an American citizen in 2000. He was kidnapped by American authorities, his wife insists, and summarily deported for at worst a minor technical violation. Today is the second anniversary of this deportation. Mr. Zundel, a publisher of numerous works questioning the Hollywood version of World War, immortalized in such fictional works as Schindler's List was a highly successful graphic artist in Canada. He was deported to Canada and promptly arrested as a threat to national security.

"Ernst Zundel has been an open book in Canada. He is a pacifist. Yet, the Canadian government, reacting to powerful minority interests, insist Mr. Zundel is a terrorist. This is utterly bogus," Paul Fromm told the protesters gathered around a huge Red Ensign. "If the authorities had proof of any such actions, they should have charged him. He's in prison for having his own take on history and trying to rescue the German people from a 60-year campaign of hate and defamation."

"The Zundel hearings are a blot on Canada's reputation. They rely on days of secret testimony. Mr. Zundel cannot learn the nature of the charges against him and, thus, cannot mount a real defence, " Fromm charged.