Glenn Bahr's Complaint About Edmonton Police "Hate Squad"
“Hate squads” across this country are not a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money, but they have become political police. In some cases, as in the situation of  Glenn Bahr while he headed up the fledgling Western Canada for Us group in Edmonton last year, the police used intimidation and threats to try to get him to disband a perfectly legal group. Glenn has just filed a complaint against members of the Edmonton “hate squad.” It makes infuriating reading. One would think this was Haiti or Cuba. In arresting Glenn and flying him back to Edmonton,. The heartless police risked his life as he suffers from a medical condition that make airplane travel very dangerous.


CAFÉ has contributed money to Glenn’s “hate” law charges. He’s being well represented by Douglas Christie, the “Battling Barrister” from Victoria. If you’d like to help Glenn, send your contribution to CAFÉ (Glenn Barr Defence), Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada, or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.


                                                                                                            Paul Fromm


                                                                                                            CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR FREE EXPRESSION



Complaint against Constable, Stephen Camp #1766,

Constable Dave Huggins and the Edmonton Hate Crime Team.


Complaint Information


Glenn Bahr





I, Glenn Bahr would like to file a complaint against

Constable Stephen Camp, Dave Huggins and the Edmonton Hate Crime Team on the following grounds:


a) discreditable conduct

b) neglect of duty

c) deceit

d) improper disclosure of information

e) corrupt practice

f) abuse of authority and

g) being a party to a disciplinary default


This complaint outlines the series of events to which these complaints are attached. These events will proceed in a linear fashion from the earliest date to the latest date of occurrence. I will provide as much proof as possible with my accusations and label them EXHIBIT A, EXHIBIT B, etc.... These exhibits are included with this complaint.


The following event took place on May 7, 2004, 4:00 p.m. at #1 10644 80th Ave, Edmonton, Alberta. Two police officers and two plain clothed officers from the Edmonton hate Crime Team entered the apartment where I was staying with a search warrant. I was handed the warrant from Camp, handcuffed and

told to sit on the couch. Camp told me I wasn't under arrest but under investigation for breaching 319 of the hate crimes act.


During the conversation that ensued (EXHIBIT A) Camp used deceit, lies and forms of intimidation to scare, threaten and uncover information from me. For example, Camp told me, "The jail sentence for this offence is a maximum of 10 years." I later found out it is two years. However, the threat that concerns me the most is the threat he made about

the removal of my friend Corinne's daughter. Camp

threatened Corrine and I that he would have her daughter taken away if I did not remove the website, and leave Alberta at once. Camp proceeded to tell me he would come by in the morning to see that I was gone. Camp then proceeded to call Children Services. He used the child as a pawn to force us to write written statements, have me leave the city of Edmonton and leave the province of Alberta. He used her daughter because he does not like my political views and wanted me to shut down the website, which by law, I didn't to have to shut down.


On the search warrant I received (EXHIBIT B) they were authorized to seize computer-related equipment; yet, they seized books, clothing and military paraphernalia, which I have collected over the years. All of these items were not on public display but packed away in boxes. Camp then displayed all of my items to the CBC and made comments such

as: "I think people with these ideologies should be removed from society." He refers to "these Ideologies". What are these ideologies he's referring to? He has never asked me about my so-called "ideologies", so how would he even know what my beliefs are? These are all assumptions on his

part. Camp is definitely trying to push his own ideologies in this case at my expense, and publicly label and smear me. I have included the website, (EXHIBIT C) where he publicly made these comments and accusations and the web address where the video that appeared on CBC the National can be viewed here:


In the summer of 2004, Corinne was visited by a Shana Sagera and Constable Milner about the report to Child Services, Camp had sent them


B.S.W. Shanna Sagert

Child Protection Investigator

Emergency Social Services

Child at Risk Response Team

PH DAY: 780-422-2001

PH EVENING: 780-427-3390

FAX: 422-5632


I believe Camp lied in his report to Constable Milner in

order to have Corinne investigated by children services. According to Milner in his report to Camp states that I have been charged. Corinne told Milner that I had not been charged and Milner replied, "No, I'm positive he's been charged. It says so in my report."


On the morning of January 10, 2005, I was arrested at my parents' home in Langley, B.C. by the Edmonton Hate Crime Team. Despite my heart condition, severe anxiety and fear of flying, I was forced to fly to Edmonton. I do not fly because of my phobia of flying and worries about not being able to receive medical attention should I need it for my heart. I repeatedly told them about this and gave them alternate ideas for transporting me. Yet, I was forced to fly and suffered heart palpitations, severe anxiety and panic attacks.


A complaint has been made against me by Richard Warman to the Human Rights Commission with the same charges, the Edmonton Hate Crime Team has against me. Richard Warman, who used to work for the Human Rights tribunal, is a lawyer from Ontario. I believe that Stephen Camp, Dave Huggins and the Edmonton Hate Crieam have been exchanging evidence, and providing legal counsel back and forth with Richard Warman. I believe they are illegally working together to publicly smear my reputation.


During the summer of 2005, Richard Warman publicly spoke against me and my case across the country try. At his lecture here at the University of Alberta, the Edmonton Hate Crime provided security for his lecture. The Edmonton Hate Crime Team denied entrance to his lecture for my friends. Apparently, Mr. Warman boasted that he brought me down. I have just received evidence the Richard Warman has against me from the Human rights Commission. One of the articles of evidence is Stephen Camp's telephone number obviously written down by Mr. Warman, (EXHIBIT D). EXHIBIT D and the fact that the Edmonton Hate Crime Team provided security for Richard Warman proves that the two parties have been in contact and I believe are working together to "remove me from society", like Camp publicly stated.


My concerns are that they are providing each other with confidential evidence. I'm also concerned that the evidence I produce in my defence in either of the cases may be provided to the other party as they know how to prepare for my case and what I will say in my testimony. Whatever case goes first will probably provide the other with a trial run. Also, I'm sure they will contact the media and a smear campaign will take place against me and may persuade the jury's outcome against me. However, I'm sure this has already been accomplished from Warman's speaking tour with the help of the Edmonton Hate Crime Team.


In conclusion, I believe Constable Stephen Camp, Constable Dave Huggins and the Edmonton Hate Crime Team have operated in a very unprofessional manner. I think I have provided evidence to prove my complaints against them and in the very least, should be investigated further. I believe my rights have been infringed upon, that the officers have gone over and above the law to pursue their personal goals and beliefs. I have been caused stress, my health put at risk, and forced out of my home and province. Am I not innocent until proven guilty? I would request that this complaint be investigated as soon as possible because my pre-trial starts in the beginning of January 2006.



Glenn Barr