Defence Silenced at Bahr Hearing
EDMONTON. June 1, 2006. The inquiry by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal headed by radical Alberta lesbian lawyer Julie Lloyd concluded here today, after repeated rulings from Lloyd shut off almost all lines of defence questioning and prevented Paul Fromm, Glenn Bahr’s representative from questioning expert witness Bernard Klatt about Mr. Bahr’s defence that his e-mail and computer had been hacked and phoney messages sent out in his name. Glenn Bahr had been charged under Sec. 13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Act for posting material on U.S. website Stormfront and on Western Canada for Us that was critical of Jews, Blacks, Indians and homosexuals. Sec. 13.1 makes repeated communications over the Internet “likely to expose” privileged minority groups “to hatred or contempt” a discriminatory practice.

On Wednesday, Mr. Fromm was prevented from tendering a rebuttal witness – a woman who had lived with Glenn Bahr and who would testify that Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton “hate squad” had threatened to and did in her presence call child protection services “with a view to removing her 7-year old child” as she might be in a “poisoned environment” because of Mr. Bahr’s immigration reform and free speech views posted on the Internet allegedly in the apartment where she lived. She would have testified that this threat was made to her and Mr. Bahr before – in a desperate effort to save her child from being taken – he agreed to admit that the Western Canada for Us website was his work alone. He also agreed to take down the website, disband Western Canada for us and leave Edmonton.

The defence had earlier played a CBC television story from May 7, 2004, just after the raid on Mr. Bahr’s residence. The tape showed Sgt. Camp saying that peple like Mr. Bahr should “be oppressed and jailed.” He denied telling Mr. Bahr that there was no place for people like him in Edmonton and that he should leave town.

Mr. Fromm denounced Sgt. Camp and a bully for threatening Mr. Bahr’s girlfriend with the second worst nightmare of a parent – the loss of their child.

Key to the defence was the contention that, in February, 2004, Mr. Bahr’s computer and those of other members of WCFU were hacked. Phoney and insulting messages were flying back and forth from people adopting the identities of WCFU members. So concerned was Mr. Bahr that he complained to the RCMP in Red Deer on March 19. An inflammatory posting using Mr. Bahr’s moniker had been made, March 10, calling for the euthanizing of homosexuals as they were freaks of nature. Mr. Fromm presented the transcript of Mr. Bahr’s extensive complaint to the RCMP about this hacking and about a lie-filled poster plastered all over Red Deer, giving his name, address and a series of false accusations about him. The poster eventually had him thrown out of his residence and led to the loss of his job. The poster was circulated by the anarchist Anti-Racist Action (Calgary), led by an Indian Jason Devine who ran for the Communist Party of Canada in the January, 2006 election.

Complainant Richard Warman’s self-appointed task is "weeding" out the Internet of "neo-Nazis" and "White supremacists." Mr. Fromm was not allowed to question his motives or his links with the ARA. Sgt. Camp had testified that he had called Mr. Warman for a copy of the ARA poster plastered up in Red Deer. Warman lives in Ottawa. Mr. Fromm asked why the officer wouldn’t simply call the RCMP in Red Deer. He received no real answer.

Is Warman a Jew or not? Mr. Fromm wanted to ask but was not allowed to. The Alberta Human Rights Commisssion in a report so identifies him as did a draft complaint in the Warman v. Kulbashian case. He seemed to deny it in that case saying he was "not of the Jewish faith." Odd phraseology.

A homosexual newspaper praising him said he was not "gay". He's certainly not a native Indian nor does he appear to be physically crippled.

In his summation Mr. Fromm asked: "What's it to you? Glenn Bahr's writings in no way expose your group to anything. The groups in question (Jews, homosexuals, Aboriginals, and Blacks) did not launch this complaint nor even attend the hearings." Warman is using the Human Rights Commission to further a political agenda of censorship pure and simple.

Like Wiesenthal, who certainly got plenty of Establishment support and protection, Warman is the human rights industry's fair-haired boy, Mr. Fromm contends. He’s a one-man complaints machine and certainly helps keep the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal boys and girls in business and hauling home their fat taxpayer-funded cheques.

Mr. Fromm was repeatedly thwarted from asking any meaningful questions of Warman by the Member (chairman of the Tribunal), activist Julie Lloyd. I couldn't even ask who his employer is or how he is able to get weeks off at a time to appear, at taxpayers' expense, as a witness in these complaints. I couldn't even ask whether he'd written a long Canada round up for the current Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents for the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith. His name is on this report and he mentions Glenn Bahr at length. [Check it out on the Net.]

But that's the protection the industry gives to one of their own in the Soviet-style Human Rights Tribunal kangaroo courts of Canada. If you think that’s overstating the case, consider this: In 28 years no victim has ever been acquitted of a 13.1 charge -- hate on the Internet or on telephone answering machines. No one! Also, ALL the victims have been on the right of the political spectrum. It's Soviet style political censorship.

Have you ever seen John Cleese's hilarious industrial film Meetings, Bloody Meetings. To illustrate how to conduct a meeting properly, Cleese does a number of rib-tickling skits. In one, he's a judge. He's trying to teach people to have a logical agenda. He asks, "What if I ran my court this way? First, we have the verdict, then we have a little evidence and then we'll have the sentence."

Some observers thought I'd stepped into a John Cleese skit. The lawyers actually had to do their main summation BEFORE all the defence evidence and Glenn Bahr's expert witness was heard. Lloyd was in such a hurry to end the hearings and shut the defence down.

Expert witness computer expert Bernard Klatt of Oliver, B.C., testified about techniques used to hacking e-mail and websites but he was not allowed to say anything about Mr. Bahr’s evidence of being hacked nor was he allowed to identify any documents.

In his final summation, Mr. Fromm warned the Tribunal: “You can’t stop the Internet. You can shut down Glenn Bahr, but you can’t stop the message. The message you’re sending to young Canadians who acted as good citizens – they took an interest in public affairs, they informed themselves, they organized a group and leafleted and held public meetings, is that our politically correct Establishment is saying: ‘You shut up!’ Is that healthy for a democracy?” he asked.

Both complainant Warman the hate squad head Sgt. Camp made much of the fact that the novel The Turner Diaries could be downloaded from the Western Canada for Us website. Fromm explained that, in most of the world, governments are changed through violence – coups d’etat or revolutions. Northern Europe developed democracy, where governments are changed at the polls non-violently. “However, democracy requires freedom of speech, freedom to discuss and debate the issues of the day,” Fromm explained.

“The victim here, Glenn Bahr is a man of the Word. He wrote his ideas. He put them and those of others on a website. He circulated flyers. However, there are also men of the Sword. If you shut down the Men of the Word, you will surely get the hard Men of the Sword. You may then get the scenario of violence in The Turner Dairies which you so fear. Shut down the Word and you’ll get the Sword,” he concluded to an ovation of the loyal supporters in the stuffy Tribunal room.

Paul Fromm