A Hundred People join the March of Pride at European American Heritage Festival
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 03 November 2013 06:44
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A Hundred People join the March of Pride at European American Heritage

PULASKI, Tennessee. October 26, 2013. With a parade of more than 30
European flags fluttering and led off my several dozen enthusiastic
youths and children, a hundred folk formed the March of Pride to
celebrate their European American heritage for the 28th year in a row,
starting from the historic courthouse square in Pulaski, Tennessee.
The parade, with a Pulaski police escort, wound its way along eight
blocks through downtown Pulaski.

In her welcoming remarks at the festival, Rachel Pendergraft noted the
"many children in attendance. Many White Nationalist events," she
mourned, "have no role for children. Children and family are the
foremost focus." And, she added, "this is not just a fight for the
family, but it must be a fight with the family."

In an impassioned greeting to the celebrants before the March of
Pride, organizer Pastor Thomas Robb told the crowd: "Like you, I am a
child of Europe. My forefathers hunted in the Black Forest; they
farmed in the Ukraine; they fished in the North Sea. My ancestors were
Vikings who invaded England and my ancestors were English who defended
their land."

In what many observers said was one of the long-time White activists
best speeches, Pastor Robb added: "I was an archer at the Battle of
Hastings. I was on the ship with William the Conqueror." Applause
greeted his next comment: "I was with Charles Martel when he repelled
the Moslems from France."

"My ancestors," he added, "marched with Julius Caesar across the
Rubicon. My ancestors were at Runnymede demanding that King John sign
the Magna Carta."

His voice rising, he proclaimed: "I am a child of a thousand fathers
and mothers. I am descended from kings and noblemen and peasants."

The pastor painted the picture of a Negro and a White man 500 years
ago looking out over the vast Atlantic. The Negro looked and retreated
back into the forest. Our ancestors went back into the forest and cut
down trees to make boats to sail out and conquer distant lands," he

"The enemies of Our Race and homeland are swarming upon us," the
Harrison Arkansas pastor warned. "Why are Blacks and Asians and
Mexicans encouraged to have racial pride, but if Whites express pride
in their European heritage, they are viciously attacked."

The reason, he explained, "that they don't want you to have pride in
your race is that we are a race of conquerors. Wherever we have raised
our banners, the lands have become ours! Other races submitted." The
fact is, he emphasized, "the very moment you become proud of who you
are, you become conquerors" and they hate that! "You were born to be
strong and rule and conquer."

"Even those who disagree with me know I am right," he added. "they
avoid certain areas of St. Louis, Kansas City or Atlanta. All those
areas have a certain colour," and they know it, he said.

"There's a war against your children and against your blood," he
warned. "Diversity is a code word for White genocide," he added.

"Those who stand against us may slander us, they may take our
livelihoods, they may take our freedom and even our lives, but we will
never bow," he concluded.

The European American Heritage Festival featured arts and crafts
booths, patriotic tee-shirts and literature, music by the dynamic
country duo, Heritage Connection, and a delicious lunch of hot dogs,
chili and home-made pumpkin pies provided by Muriel Robb, on a brisk
Tennessee October day. Sponsors included The Nationalist Times, the
Christian Revival Center, the American Free Press, the Canadian
Association for Free Expression, the Political Cesspool radio show of
James Edwards, Dr.Tom Sunic of the American Freedom Party. The
festival attracted many young couples with children and visitors from
many surrounding states.



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