Political Dissidents Treated More Harshly Than Traitors and Violent Criminals in Cana
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 26 October 2012 05:52
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Political Dissidents Treated More Harshly Than Traitors and Violent
Criminals in Canada's Criminal Justice System

Lina Wertmüller, born Arcangela Felice Assunta Wertmüller von Elgg
Español von Braueich, is an Italian film director of aristocratic
Swiss descent. A contemporary of Fellini's, Wertmüller was the first
female director to be nominated for an Academy Award (four of them, in
fact) for her seminal 1975 movie, Seven Beauties. A typical
Wertmüller vehicle, the film explores northern v. southern Italian
class issues, politics (Wertmüller's are guaranteed to offend
everyone), love, machismo and an offbeat humour that makes you laugh
out loud, in spite of yourself.

The film's hapless protagonist is named Pasqualino Seven Beauties, for
the seven sisters he feels obliged to marry off brilliantly for the
sake of a much adored widowed mother. Dressed in linen, Pasqualino's
progress through the streets of his village is a sustained seduction
of every female he encounters: This one is chucked under the chin,
that is proffered a rose, a third is whirled round in a dance step.
And the women adore him right back. But Pasqualino's idyllic world
comes off the rails in a stunning moment of reckoning -- he sees with
his own horrified eyes -- his eldest sister performing in a burlesque
review. The sister is huge; she has a prominent wen, a big nose and
bigger jaw. Her stage attire is no-nonsense cantilevered vintage
lingerie. Her grotesque stage routine nevertheless drives her male
admirers wild with lust. The shame of it all blinds Pasqualino; he
vows to kill her pimp.

He does so in one of film's most memorably hilarious sequences; after
almost insurmountable logistical problems, Pasqualino has finally
portioned the dismembered body between three suitcases, when his
burden arrests the attention of a passing seeing eye dog. After a
really bad night, Pasquilino must now endure abuses from a blind man.
We see Pasqualino later, as a felon. He encounters a fellow convict as
they are transported to prison. Pasqualino boasts that he has received
a sentence of 12 years for murder. His companion shrugs and replies
that his sentence is set at forty years. Pasqualino gasps and says, "I
killed a man in cold blood; I am an axe murderer. I dismembered a body
and stuffed it into 3 suitcases destined for Rome, Padua and Brindisi.
I'd have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that dog. You
might have heard of me, il monstro di Napoli? But 40 years - what on
earth did you do??" His companion quietly says "I'm political."

And so in Canada today.


* Inveterate letter writer -- 1,,000 in 2o years -- Brad Love was
charged with "hate" under Sec. 319 of Canada's Criminal Code. Yet,
despite the offer of the $250,000 surety of his parents' house, he was
unable to get bail on these non-violent charges.

* More recently, for a mere breach of probation charge (writing
letters and sending an information package to four pubic Jewish groups
having acquired their permission), Brad had to post $22,000 cash bail
and the surety of $110,000 on his sister's house. Yet, his lawyer
remembered numerous gangbangers charged with attempted murder having
gotten bail for under $100,000. It seems dangerous and dissenting
ideas are treated more harshly than dangerous and deadly ACTIONS.

*Terry Tremaine, also charged under the notorious Sec. 319, for
posting controversial views on STORMFRONT.org, under the name
Mathdoktor99, and for posting his views on his own website --
http://nspcanada.nfshost.com ( http://nspcanada.nfshost.com/ ), also
located in another country, was gagged from January, 2008 until just
this September. He was not allowed to post on these or any "White
supremacist" website. Note, he had not yet been tried, let alone found
guilty of thought crimes. Finally, this September, Judge Frederick
Kovach gave him back his freedom and tossed out the charges

* Perhaps,.the most puzzling and egregious victim is Arthur Topham,
like Terry Tremaine a victim of a Richard Warman complaint. In
January, 2008, , he was raided, his computer and firearms taken by the
RCMP's British Columbia thought police, er "hate squad.." He was
arrested and briefly jailed. To get out, he had to sign an
"undertaking" to:

* Surrender his firearms;
* Not to post his political views on the Internet, especially on his
freethinking, anti-Zionist radicalpress.com ( http://radicalpress.com/
) website;
* Not to communicate directly or indirectly with his tormentors, the
complainants Harry Abrams of B'nai Brith, and Richard Warman

What so mind blowing about the Topham case is that he has not even
been charged. We are still trying to get an explanation about how it
is possible to extract an "undertaking" when no charge has been laid,
let alone any wrongdoing proved. The RCMP is still "investigating" and
the Crown has yet to get the consent of the British Columbia Attorney
General for a "hate charged" against the freethinker in the Cariboo.
So, Arthur has been silenced for over five months. Hes been denied his
guns even though he lives in bear country and actively prospects for
gold in Grizzly territory. It's his livelihood.

Now, let's consider a self-admitted Canadian traitor and spy.
Sub.Lieutenant Jeffrey Delisle. this blob-faced employee of the
Canadian Navy admits over a five year period to passing on a treasure
trove of Canadian secrets for $3,000 a month to the Russians. These
secrets were not only Canadian military secrets, but also secrets from
the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, the Privy Council,
Transport Canada, the RCMP, and, most importantly, and most
embarrassingly, secret intelligence from our allies. Our allies -- the
U.S., Britain and Australia -- may be less likely to share or share
fully intelligence with us. The result could be danger to Canadian
soldiers in future missions and to Canadian citizens. He told
interrogators "he sent over conversations gleaned from electronic
surveillance as well a 'contact lists' of intelligence officials."
(Globe and Mail, October 22, 2012)

So, what's the damage assessment CSIS calls the result of Delisle's
admitted treachery "severe and irreparable." The secretive
Communications Security Establishment (CSE), which monitors electronic
and radio communications in many other countries, assesses Delisle's
damage to them as "high." The Navy's trinity Centre in Halifax, where
Delisle worked, rates the damage to the Canadian Armed forces as
"astronomical." The Department of National Defence terms his impact on
them as "exceptionally grave." (Globe and Mail, Ibid.)

And, yet, unlike Terry Tremaine or Arthur Topham, restricted and
punished before ever being found guilty of anything, the already
confessed spy who has done incalculable damage is given kid gloves
treatment. The Globe and Mail (October 12, 2012) report: "SLt. Delisle
will keep his rank and pay for now -- at least until a judge delivers
a guilty verdict [now scheduled for January, 2013.] His title earns
him a monthly salary of about $5,00 to $5,700," So, a confessed
traitor and spy continues to collect salary and benefits, while an
Internet dissident like Arthur Topham is stripped of his right to
speak and the right to the weapons he needs to defend himself on the

The impenetrable Canadian "justice" system truly is an ass!

Paul Fromm

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