Persecution of Letter Writer Brad Love Continues -- 7 New Charges for Phoning or Writ
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 18 May 2013 04:38
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Persecution of Letter Writer Brad Love Continues -- 7 New Charges for
Phoning or Writing Political Messages

Pinch yourself hard! The following outrage comes NOT from Red China or
some dictator-for-life hell hole in Africa but from right here in
Canada. On Monday, May 13, former political prisoner (18 month
sentence under Canada's notorious "hate law" in 2003 for writing
non-threatening letters to MPs and other public officials) Brad Love
was arrested by the RCMP in Fort McMurray and charged with seven
counts: four of harassment and three of sending "scurrilous" material
through the mail.

Mr. Love, 54, an oil-patch worker who boasts he puts in 84 hour weeks
and resents having half his paycheque seized to pay for foreign aid,
foreign wars for Israel and assistance to poorly screened immigrants,
was freed on $2,000 bail. However, a Justice of the Peace imposed the
type of bail conditions similar to parole conditions that have kept
Mr. Love gagged for almost a decade. In this computer age, he is not
to e-mail or send text messages to anyone, he told CAFE in an
exclusive interview. Furthermore, he is not to contact any politician
and can use the mails only for personal and necessary correspondence.
[Many prisoners inside have greater communication freedoms than Mr.

Mr. Love's supposed crime? This in-your-face opinionated man
frequently calls or writes to the local media and blasts them for not
covering certain stories. He called local talk jock Nic 'the Beard"
Lindsay at K-ROCK 100.5 FM who advertises himself as" pierced and
tattooed" and specializes in boob jokes and Newfie comments. Mr. Love
challenged the outspoken Nic "the Beard" to say something like this:
"He, all you oil workers freezing your butts off in this winter cold,
did you know your government gave $23-million to Somalia today?"

According to Mr. Love, Nic "The Beard" said he couldn't say anything
like that or he'd be fired. Boob jokes, apparently, are okay. Despite
seeking public input, K-ROCK doesn't appear to welcome Mr. Love's
opinions and is one of the complainants.

Another media outlet that apparently complained is the local newspaper
Fort McMurray Today. Their web page invites the public to send in
photos and stories. However, they, too, are one of the complainants.

Another complainant is a local campaigner for OXFAM, who solicits help
to dig wells for Africans. This cause incensed Mr. Love who sent the
man a package of material and denounced OXFAM as "OX-scam." At a
public gathering where the man and his son were promoting his cause,
Mr. Love asked the son: "Is the world running out of water?" The son,
according to Mr. Love "flipped out" and the father towering over Mr.
Love demanded: "Are you Brad Love?" He now alleges he's "afraid" of
Mr. Love.

So, Brad Love expressed strong opinions on foreign aid and
immigration. These seem to be outside the comfort zone of some wussy
media types and the constabulary were called in.

"I didn't know the home addresses of most of these complainers," Mr.
Love reported incredulously, "until I got the bail conditions telling
me not to contact the people at these addresses."

At the bail hearing, the police, who preside over a city awash with
drugs, opposed bail for the non-violent letter writer and telephone
caller Brad Love. They said he had no ties to the community. Mr. Love
was incensed and replied: "I live here and have worked here for seven
years. That's longer than the police officers who laid these charges."
[The RCMP are regularly shifted from community to community across

In an initial disclosure, one of the impugned items sent by Mr. Love
to one media person was Paul Fromm's authoritative Canadian
Immigration Hotline.

The very vague news story reproduced below gives no indication that
most of the complainers are media people, people in the public eye. It
is also clear that it is Mr. Love's opinions that these thin-skinned
media types which to suppress. Mr. Love, according to Fort McMurray
Today communicated "racially motivated verbal and/or written
correspondence, often containing extreme political views on a variety
of topics including immigration laws."

So, "extreme political views" can get you hauled into court and gagged
in the meantime by a bail order. "Such is the state of freedom of
speech in politically correct Canada and the media often lead the
charge to silence dissenters," says Paul Fromm, Director of the
Canadian Association for Free Expression and a long-time supporter of
Brad Love's fight for freedom.

"Brad Love is a victim of discrimination," Mr. Fromm charged. "he's
the wrong sex, age and colour. He's one of the despised middle aged
White guys. He's supposed to work hard, pay his taxes and just shut up
until he can be replaced. But Brad is a scrappy guy with strong
opinions. He hasn't threatened anyone. Now, if he were from a
privileged minority, say a native radical, blocking a railway track in
defiance of a court injunction, the police would be handing him a
coffee, not charging him and trying to ruin his life."

His next court appearance is May 27 and Mr. Love promises a vigorous
fight against continuing state efforts to silence his dissident voice.

"A Fort McMurray man is facing criminal harassment charges after
several police investigations spanning several months came to a head.
The investigations involved several individuals in the community
receiving racially motivated verbal and/or written correspondence,
often containing extreme political views on a variety of topics
including immigration laws. While the investigation is still ongoing,
enough information and evidence had been collected to proceed with
charges." (Fort McMurray Today, May 14, 2013)

Brad Love, 54, has been charged with numerous offences including
criminal harassment, mailing obscene matter and harassing telephone
Love has been released from custody on bail and several conditions,
and is scheduled to appear in court on May 27. " (Fort McMurray Today,
May 14, 2013)

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