Free Speech Takes A Thumping As Thought Control Forces Argue McCorkill Will Is "Again
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 03:41
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Free Speech Takes A Thumping As Thought Control Forces Argue McCorkill
Will Is "Against Public Policy"

ST.JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK. January 27, 2014. "Where is the McCorkill case
being heard?" I asked the court officer just before 9:30 this morning
here in St. John.

"Courtroom 13," he answered.

"Is this our lucky day?" I wondered.

The atmosphere inside Courtroom 13 was more frigid for freedom of
thought than the bitter Maritime winter outside the courtroom. This
morning lawyers argued that the will of the late Professor Robert
McCorkill giving a bequest to the White Nationalist U.S.-based
National Alliance be set aside. It was like an Anti-racist Action
meeting with slogans of "neo-Nazi" "White supremacist" and "racist"
snapping through the air in the Court of Queen' Bench. There was a lot
of "hate" in the air or, at least, how much certain people hate

Moncton lawyer Marc-Antoine Chiasson led off the complainant's case
before Judge William T. Grant. He represents the long-estranged sister
of the late Robert McCorkill who brought this current action to
nullify the bequest. She turned up or was found after being silent
during the nine years since her brother's death, after the militantly
anti-free speech U.S.-based Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) found
about about the bequest soon after the will was probated in May, 2013.
The exceedingly well-funded SPLC, an arch enemy of the National
Alliance, went on the warpath to stop the bequest. The only problem
for them was that they have no legal standing in Canada. Ottawa lawyer
Richard Warman was soon being quoted in the press commenting that the
bequest should be nullified because I was contrary to public policy.
Isabelle McCorkell [yes, different spelling] emerged and, although she
claims to live on $1,000 a month hired a pricey Moncton law firm to
obtain an ex-parte injunction freezing the assets of the will and then
a further application to nullify the bequest. Piling in to support her
were the Attorney General of New Brunswick , the League for Human
Rights of B'nai Brith and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

" This is an unusual case," Mr. Chiasson noted. And then the smears
and name-calling began: "The Court must decide whether it is
acceptable or appropriate to leave a bequest to a White supremacist,
neo-Nazi organization that wants to rid North America of Jews."

"We should not be able to interfere with a will on a whim because we
don't like the beneficiary," he added. [Then, why are we here? I

However, he added, "there is a certain line that cannot be crossed,
but the line has been crossed with the bequest to the National
Alliance and we ask this Court to intervene."

"The Court should intervene in very few cases," he admitted. However,
an exception should be made for "hate propaganda" and "hate groups."
He quote Mr.Justice Cory in the appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals
in the Don Andrews "hate law case" back in the 1970s. The judge had
said that "hate meant the instilling of detestation in others and does
incalculable damage to the Canadian community."

"Sec. 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code prohibit 'hate propaganda' and
the promtion of genocide," he added.

The three lawyers arguing for the application repeatedly demanded
suppression of people and views their clients didn't like. "Any group
that promotes views contrary to the human rights codes is
unacceptable," Mr. Chiasson announced. "The International Convention
for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination condemn all groups
that promote the superiority of a race and the participation in or
financing of such groups," he added. [Did Canada or its Parliament
knowingly sign on to such a mental straight jacket.]

"Multiculturalism and equality are the linchpins of the Charter of
Rights and Freedoms," he said. The Charter, it might be noted, for all
its talk of "equality" grants special privileges to favoured

Paul Fromm being interviewed by Neville Crabbe of CBC News

So, he argued, "we have adopted the view that, in Canada, the
propaganda of the National Alliance, the existence of the National
Alliance and the financing of the National Alliance is contrary to
public policy." Mr. Chiasson professed himself outraged that the
National Alliance believes in "the preservation of the White Race and
racial separation." Reading from the National Alliance's 2005
Membership Handbook, he quoted the NA's programme: "We must have White
work spaces, White farms, White schools. ... We want an environment
where our own nature can express itself. We must root out Semitic and
non-Aryan influences."

Mr. Chiason equated White self-preservation with White Supremacy.

"We just can't stop ideas at the border due to the power of the
Internet," he complained.

Apparently, dissenting in certain historical debates is against the
law, at least in Mr. Chiasson's submissions: "The National Alliance
says 'the holocaust is a myth'. This is hate speech and contrary to
public policy." He expressed further shock at a comment by the
National Alliance: "We have a debt of gratitude to Adolf Hitler who
was the greatest man of our era." [One wonders whether we'd be in
Court with a two volume record o fwell over 600 pages of submissions
and exhibits if the National Alliance had hailed Joseph Stalin or Mao
Tse Tung or even Pol Pot as the greatest man of our era.]

No evidence had been adduced of homicidal inclinations on the part of
the NA, but, Mr. Chiasson concluded: "The sole purpose of the NA is
promoting hate and killing non-Whites, its sole objective is to create
White living space, and, thus, it offends public policy. The gift is
illegal and against public policy and should be voided. Mr. McCorkill
should be declared intestate and, therefore, my client and her brother
would be the beneficiaries of the estate."

Next up was Richard Williams of Fredericton, representing the Attorney
General of New Brunswick. "|Our only interest in this matter is our
belief that the bequest is illegal and contrary to public policy," he
said. A strong voice for repression, he declared: "The theme of the
Charter and human rights codes is that racism will not be allowed in
this country." He professed himself upset at the notion of "White
living space", although he made no mention of native land claims or
special lands for Indians or Eskimos.

He added "there is no redeeming merit" in the National Alliance.
Attempting to answer an argument in CAFE's brief that nullifying the
McCorkill will could launch a flood of similar litigation, he
concluded: "I never expect to have a case like this again in my

The final presentation of the morning came on behalf of another
intervener, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith. Representing
B'nai Brith, Catherine Fawcett insisted: "The National Alliance has a
presence in Canada and is well known to the League." Whether the NA
has actually committed acts of violence "doesn't matter. They put out
ideas that incite hate. Their membership is restricted to White people
who support the objectives of the NA. [One wonders whether certain
Jewish or Catholic groups might not similarly be restricted to
adherents of their faith who support the group's objectives.]

"What you read in their Handbook," she charged, "is we will recruit
and build infrastructure for final victory. But you must read between
the lines. A further danger of the National Alliance is a video game
they produced called Ethnic Cleansing," she added. She didn't explain
what it was about.

"In the NA Handbook, they say: "The holocaust story in engineered by
Jews or is full of exaggerations.' This is contrary to Canadian
values," she insisted.

Elsewhere, the NA says that "AIDS has taken off undesireables among
Whites -- homosexuals, intravenous drug users, and those who have sex
with non-Whites. That, M'lord, is hate."

In a country that does not have a Second Amendment to protect the
right to keep and bear arms, Miss Fawcett was very critical of the NA
Handbook urging members to have weapons for the defence of their
family or to join the state militia, if necessary. The Handbook
recommended a riot gun, a military semi-automatic rifle, a handgun and
at least 500 rounds of ammunition.

She took great exception to the NA saying: "The Aryan Race has the
right to ensure its own survival and it must have a White living space
including Europe, North America and the southern tip of Africa."

NA Chairman Erich Gleibe in an affidavit "says the National Alliance
has no programmes in Canada, but the effect of the National Alliance
message is to corrupt people and turn a small receptive minority
against multiculturalism. We can stop printed material at the border
and we have 'anti-hate' legislation but the Internet can reach so

Concluding, she said: "This Court has the power to strike down the
testamentary gift to the National Alliance and stop it spreading its
message of hate."

The hearing continues tomorrow. -- Paul Fromm

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