Terry Tremaine Keeping the Courts Busy Curbing Dissent
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 17 July 2011 19:17
*Terry Tremaine Keeping the Courts Busy Curbing Dissent*

Some months ago*, Richard Warman*, who filed both the original *Sec. 13
(Internet* censorship) human rights complaint and the subsequent *Sec.
319 *("hate
law") complaint against dissident university lecturer *Terry Tremaine, * said
that the purpose of his serial complaints was to “*knock out a generation of
the neo-Nazi leadership and worst offenders*.” (*Globe and Mail*, March 19,
2011) Perhaps, this explains not just these complaints and his complaint to
the *University of Saskatchewan* that cost Mr. Tremaine his job in 2005, but
the relentless pursuit by Mr. Warman of Mr. Tremaine with further complaints
of "contempt of court" for Mr. Tremaine, for a while, having continued to
air his views on the *Internet* despite the *Canadian Human Rights
Tribunal's* "cease and desist order." Mr. Tremaine would argue that what he
wrote was not the "same or similar expressions" banned by the gag order.**

On June 18, Mr. Tremaine and his lawyer *Doug Christie *appeared in Regina
for a *Rowbotham Application*. Mr. Tremaine, who has been rendered
virtually penniless by the job loss and mysterious harassment his employers
face at each new job he finds, sought *Saskatchewan Court Services* (or
legal aid) to pay for the appointment *of Doug Christie* to represent him in
the *Sec. 319* or hate charges which go to trial probably early next year.
He won a temporary stay of the *Sec. 319* charges as Court Services and Mr.
Christie continue negotiations. At the hearing, Court Services Mr. Mitchell
argued that *Doug Christie* was "top drawer" and that Mr. Tremaine was
entitled only to "competent" representation. Mr. Tremaine points out: "Mr.
Mitchell seemed to argue that anyone with a law degree was competent.
They'll have to bring in someone from out of Province if they are to get
anyone competent for me." There has been only one *Sec. 319* prosecution in
Saskatchewan. The victim there was the late *Chief David Ahenakew* and his
lawyer was ....? *Doug Christie*! No Saskatchewan lawyer has ever
represented a "hate law" victim. The only other lawyer in Canada with any
substantial *Sec. 319* experience is *Peter Lindsay* of Toronto, who
represented many of the young anti-illegals protesters in the "honk if you
hate Gypsies" case. Finally, this aspect of the case has been solved.
Court Services* and Mr. Christie have reached an agreement and “the Battling
Barrister” will be representing Terry Tremaine for the Sec. 319 thought
crimes trial.

On July 15, Mr. Tremaine was supposed to appear before the *Court of
Queen's Bench* for a pre-trial hearing in the "hate law" case. There, case
law motions and preliminary arguments were to be heard. The formal court
hearing was replaced with a conference call. At. The *Crown*’s request the
proceedings were adjourned to September 2. Apparently, they still haven’t
appointed a Crown or prosecutor. “After three and a half years since I was
charged, there is still no Crown,” Mr. Tremaine complains. It seems they
don’t have anyone to handle the case.”

[Amendments to the “hate law” contained in the new *Omnibus Anti-Crime Bill*,
says Mr. Tremaine, give backhanded credit to *Doug Christie’s* arguments
that posting material on a website in a foreign country does not constitute
“communication” as defined by the “hate law.” The government intends to
include” making available” in its definition of communicating “hate” over
the Internet. The censorship lobby tail, it would appear, continues to wag
the government dog, regardless of the party in power.

On July 26, Mr. Tremaine will appear in a breach of undertaking charge. This
hearing will be to set a date for trial. Mr. Tremaine was accused of
violating his bail conditions when, on July 22, 2009, he allegedly posted
his planned defence on *STORMFRONT* on the eve of his trial for *Contempt of
Court.* The trial was abruptly adjourned *sine die*. Finally, and, if these
cases aren't enough, Mr. Tremaine must be in Victoria, September 17.
The *Canadian
Human Rights Commission* is appealing its loss in *Federal Court* last year
of the "contempt of court" charge mentioned above.

Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Surviving Minority-itis
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 17 July 2011 04:41
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Surviving Minority-itis

[image: Capleton]

Host Paul Fromm:

- Blasts Canadian donut chain Tim Horton’s for race mixing propaganda ad;
- Refutes Globe and Mail columnist Marcus Gee’s equating non-support for
a Gay “Pride” parade with “hate” and bigotry;
- Reminds Ontario infrastructure planners that the reason for huge costs
and gridlock is uncontrolled immigration;
- Laughs at privileged minorities in conflict: Toronto “hate squad” and
homosexual lobby get Jamaican Rasta singer Capleton cancelled for queer
critical lyrics.

Vancouver City Council Consulted Red Chinese Consulate "Stakeholders" in Planning Ant
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 15 July 2011 04:53
*Vancouver City Council Consulted Red Chinese Consulate "Stakeholders" in
Planning Anti-Free Speech Bylaw*

Opium addicts coined a phrase "chasing the dragon" to describe the desperate
addict smoking his opium way to ruined health and elusive bliss. For six
decades, some Canadian politicians have chased the dragon in trying to curry
favour with the communist Chinese. Occasionally, it was real support for
communism -- in the case of *Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau*. In most, it was
unprincipled greed -- the vision of billions of dollars in trade with China
dancing before their eyes. For more than a decade, indeed, for more than
2,600 days, members of a strange Chinese group of dissidents have maintained
silent vigil, day in day out, through rain and sunshine, outside the Red
Chinese consulate in Vancouver.

*Globe and Mail* correspondent *Gary Mason* picks up the story: " Ever
since adherents of *Falun Gong*, a spiritual movement banned as a cult in
China, began a silent protest vigil outside the Chinese consulate in
Vancouver in 2001, it was little secret that diplomats from the communist
power weren’t amused by the group’s presence. When the protesters erected a
wooden shack to shield them from the elements during their round-the-clock
remonstration, the protest camp became an even bigger embarrassment for
Chinese officials stationed in the city.

In 2006, then-mayor *Sam Sullivan* decided that the shack and banners had to
go because they contravened local ordinances. Naturally, the matter ended up
in court. The *B.C. Supreme Court* upheld Vancouver’s decision in 2009 (and
the hut was dismantled), but, in October of 2010, the *B.C. Court of
Appeal*reversed the ruling on the grounds that the city’s bylaw was
unconstitutional. The court gave the city six months (with April 19 as the
deadline) to rewrite the bylaw."(*Globe and Mail*, April 14, 2011) In
mid-April," city staff presented *Vancouver City Council* with a new draft
bylaw that would bar political protest structures in residential areas –
site of the Chinese consulate – but would allow them in commercial and
business zones. The draft ordinance also proposed charging licensing fees
for those who wished to erect political protest structures. *Mayor Gregor
Robertson*, uncomfortable with the plan to levy fees and with wording he
feels could lead to the eviction of the homeless from certain locations,
asked staff to take another run at the bylaw. A revised version is expected
to be debated next week.

While the proposed bylaw has ignited a free-speech debate, it’s the Chinese
government’s involvement in the process that has some people even more
upset. Count me among them. As it turns out, Chinese diplomats in Vancouver
were consulted on the proposed new bylaw, allegedly on the grounds that they
are a ‘stakeholder.’ Consulted how? What was said? Apparently, we’ll never
know. *City manager Penny Ballem says those discussions are confidential*."
Let's get this straight: democratically elected officials of a major
Canadian city consulted representatives of a brutal dictatorship on how to
limit protest rights of Canadians right here in Canada! Foreigners are now
considered "stakeholders" by the *Vancouver City Council* and, of course,
this is secrecy riddled Canada, and we're not permitted to know what was
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