Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 30 August 2009 22:37
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*[This is an executive summary of our position. We have not included
footnotes and documentation, which would be included in a more formal
submission. This is the thrust of the remarks we would present should we be
called to appear at the hearings the Coalition proposes to hold later this


There are many problems confronting Canadians today. “Anti-Semitism” isn’t
one of them. The raison d’etre of the Parliamentary Coalition to Combat
Antisemitism reads, in part: “The extent and severity of antisemitism is
widely regarded as at its worst level since the end of the Second World

This is factually false, fearmongering and absolutely ludicrous.


* Jews constitute a little over one per cent of Canada’s population, yet,
comprise fully one third (3 of the nine Justices) of the Supreme Court of
Canada. The by The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) states
that, in 2005, the Jewish POPULATION OF Canada was 372,000.

* Jews are well regarded on both wings of the political spectrum.
“Rightwing” Stephen Harper recently announced nine new appointments to the
Senate. Of these, two Linda Frum Sokokowski and Judith Seidman are Jewish.
Again, while Jews comprise a trifle over one per cent of the population,
they gained 22 per cent of the new Senate appointees.

*The stridently pro-Israel Asper family controls Canada’s largest media
giant, CanWest Global, with chains of major daily newspapers (from the
Victoria Times-Colonist, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Calgary Herald,
Edmonton Journal, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, etc.)
community weeklies, and, of course, the Global Television Network. Given the
prominence of Jews, as well, in editorial and journalist positions in other
media, it is safe to say that Jewish media influence is way out of
proportion to their numbers.

* In business, the professions and academe, Jews in Canada are represented
out of all proportion to their share of the population.

* As reported by StatsCan, the 2001 census revealed that Jews were Canada’s
wealthiest ethnic or religious group.

* While representing a tiny minority, Jews are widely welcomed into
leadership positions. The largely non-Jewish NDP was led by David Lewis
federally; later, his son Stephen Lewis led the provincial NDP in Ontario.
Over the years, non-Jewish ridings have returned Jewish politicians, like
Liberal Herb Gray.

None of these facts, we hasten to add, implies misdeeds on the part of Jews,
but their prominence and success certainly give the lie to cries of
anti-Semitism unparalleled since World War II. Does the Coalition seriously
believe there are pogroms under way or extermination facilities or in place
in Canada?
The very suggestion is offensive.

Canadians are tolerant and accepting. Jews have earned a privileged and
comfortable place in Canadian society. There are no barriers to their
progress financially or socially or politically.

The creation of this Coalition with its “crisis” language is insulting to

Yearly, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith publishes its Audit of
Anti-Semitic Incidents. Predictably, each year, the situation is worse,
“anti-Semitic” incidents are up; maybe, there’s a spike this year in Quebec;
maybe, it’s in Alberta. This Audit is a crude, propagandistic concoction of
highly subjective reports. B’nai Brith even runs a hotline to stir up
business. It turns out that the vast majority of these “incidents” are
occurrences of “hate literature” – so identified by a complainant – or
instances of grafitti. Almost none of these incidents results in a criminal
charge or conviction or, thus, even the most rudimentary form of

Indeed, Bernie Farber, now CEO of the rival Canadian Jewish Congress,
commented some years ago, that a spike in “anti-Semitic” incidents might
well be explained by the fact that the local critic now had enough money
for two reams of paper this year, instead of one, and had handed out 1,000
flyers, instead of 500.
Interestingly, the few serious incidents -- the firebombing of a Jewish
school in Montreal and the arson at an Edmonton synagogue -- actually proved
to be immigration control issues. Perpetrators in both these incidents
sought to bring the quarrel from the Middle East (as do many Zionist Jews)
to Canadian soil.

As there is virtually no crisis of anti-Semitism, we urge that this
Coalition disband as there is no useful work for them to do.

Inter Group Conflict

Having said that Canadians are extremely tolerant and accepting of
minorities, especially Jews, there are nonetheless some points of inter
group tension in Canada.

1, First, is the correct perception that organized Jewish groups like the
Canadian Jewish Congress, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the
Friends of the Simon Weisenthal Centre actively lobby to restrict free
speech in Canada. [It must be noted that many individual Jews, like Ezra
Levant and journalist George Jonas are outspoken opponents of such

Going back to the 1930s, the Canadian Jewish Congress persistently lobbied
for restrictions on free speech, which eventually saw the light of day in
Canadian law as Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, the so-called "hate law."

Groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress, the League for Human Rights of
B'nai Brith and the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, remain outspoken
defenders of the widely discredited Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights
Act, the Internet censorship provisions where truth is no defence, intent is
no defence and the threshold is so low that merely criticizing privileged
minorities can get the poster into trouble. All three groups intervened in
favour of censorship in Ricihard Warman v Marc Lemire, a case wherein Mr.
Lemire launched a constitutional challenge against Sec. 13.

Currently, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and their Victoria
operative Harry Abrams have launched a Canadian Human Rights Commission Sec.
13 complaint against Quesnel, BC journalist Arthur Topham and his This complaint seeks to make criticism of Israeli policies
a discriminatory offence.

Recommendation: It's unhealthy for a group, especially a minority, to be
seen trying to take away rights from other people. Organized Jewish groups
should adopt a more libertarian approach to free speech and not be seen to
be trying to silence critics.

2. Second, perhaps the major factor in intergroup conflict involving Jews is
the pernicious and ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

There are really two irreconcilable positions. One, is the Zionist position,
apparently endorsed by this Coalition. This position holds that large
numbers of Jewish foreigners, some claiming a distant ancestral attachment
to Palestine, were justified in the 20th century to occupy the land of
others; namely, Palestinians, Christian and Moslem. The land of many of
these people was seized and they were expelled, many to live for decades in
wretched refugee camps. When some of these Palestinians armed and used
guerilla warfare tactics (as the Zionists had used in the 1940s) to regain
their homeland, they were denounced as terrorists. It is hard to explain to
Palestinians why they should have to sacrifice their homeland to outsiders
and be second class citizens, if citizens at all, in the land of their

In the Zionist view, Jews have a right to their homeland in Palestine,
Palestinians should meekly accept their dispossession, and neighbouring Arab
nations should live in peace with the State of Israel.

There are, of course, many shades of Zionist and anti-Zionist opinion. The
Middle East is a snakepit or irreconcilable differences that would test the
wisdom of Solomon.

Recommendation: The Coalition cites tensions among Zionist Jews and
anti-Zionists, especially on university campuses in Canada. Here, we urge a
Canada First approach. The Middle East is not Canada's problem. Both
factions, the Zionists and the anti-Zionists, should be encouraged to leave
their quarrels in the old country. They are in Canada now and should be
loyal to Canada.

Politicians, especially, should not pander to either faction, but should
pursue a strict Canada First policy of neutrality: trade with all; aid to

Finally, we urge the Coalition to disband as the "problem" it seeks to solve
is wildly overblown and the formation of such a Coalition, with much media
fanfare, is provocative and offensive. -- *Paul Fromm, Director*

*[Founded in 1981, the Canadian Association for Free Expression is a
non-profit educational organization incorporated in the Province of Ontario.
CAFE seeks the maximum application of the Charter guarantees of freedom of
speech and expression. These are not merely Charter rights of permissions
but fundamental human rights, essential to adults in a democracy. CAFE
publishes the Free Speech Monitor and regularly intervenes in human rights
tribunals on behalf of the victims of censorship*.]
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 30 August 2009 07:53
*Political Prisoner Terry Tremaine, Out of Jail, but Totally Gagged*
*REGINA. Poltical prisoner Terry Tremaine was granted bail, Friday, August
28, here, but is now hobbled with restrictions more in keeping with
tyrannies like Burma or Red China. Arrested August 6 for "breach of
undertaking" (breach of bail conditions), Mr. Tremaine, a former lecturer of
math and computer science at the the University of Saskatchewan, had spent
15 days in jail for posting his defence on the Internet. *
*Mr. Tremaine's alleged offence was posting on the Internet on Stormfront,
July 22, the statement of defence he planned to deliver to a contempt of
court hearing in Federal Court the next day. Attending court, July 23, Mr.
Tremaine and CAFE's Director Paul Fromm learned that the hearing, at the
request of the Crown, had been adjourned sine die; that is, indefinitely.*
*It took nearly 10 days for Mr. Tremaine's lawyer Gene Jacobson to obtain
the transcripts of Mr. Tremaine's several bail hearings before the Court of
Queen's Bench -- incredible when the court is only a few blocks away.*
*On August 27, the Crown argued strenuously for continued incarceration of
political prisoner Terry Tremaine. The judge reserved his decision.*
*When the hearing resumed on Friday, the judge said: "It is not my role to
judge Mr. Tremaine's political views. The two questions before me are: is he
likely to appear for his trial and is he likely to reoffend?"*
*The judge noted that the 61 year old scholar had no criminal record, and
was, therfore, likely to show up for his trial,*
*The Crown charged that Mr. Tremaine was "cavalier" in his attitude to his
previous bail conditions.*
*The judge seemd to take Mr. Tremaine's side: He noted that Mr. Tremaine
"had made the effort to go to the Court of Queen's Bench to seek an
amendment to his bail conditions and had, thus, acted responsibly."*
*He went on to note that "multiple amendmentds had created an ambiguity in
Mr. Tremaine's bail conditions" -- he been permitted to use the Internet for
his defence in his case. That was the reason, said the judge, that the Crown
had now charged Mr. Tremaine again.*
*So, to remove any ambiguity, the judge decided to shackle Mr. Tremaine
entirely. He is not to possess a computer, or use one or access the Internet
in a library or Internet CAFE.*
*These conditions will hobble Mr. Tremaine's preparation for his preliminary
hearing in October on "hate law" (Sec. 319) charges about his Internet
postings. The charge followed a complaint by arch complainer Richard Warman,
whose compalints also led to Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act
charges against Mr. Tremaine and to the loss of his job at the University of
* "Mr. Tremaine is almost condemned to unemployment as many jobs are
advertised online and applications received online," Paul Fromm of the
Canadian Association exploded, when informed of the Court's Soviet gag
*Douglas H. Christie, Mr. Tremaine's lawyer in the upcoming (0ctober 19-21)
preliminary hearing, fumed: "The system says: 'You're free, but you're not
allowed to breathe.'"*
Mr. Tremaine is unemployed and penniless. He needs your support for his
defence fund to fight the hate law charges this fall.

You can send cheque, money order or cash to:

*Box 332,*
*Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3,*

You can also send money by e-mailing your VISA number and expiry date.
Terry is a remarkable man putting up an amazing fight.
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 29 August 2009 09:23
*I Blame My Wife*

In most cases, when a grow-op farmer is busted, he claims that he was
"tricked," or "didn't understand" what he was getting into. A few have
taken the measure of Canada and know which levers to pull: "A Chinese
immigrant got involved in one of* Waterloo Region'*s largest marijuana grow
operations because he needed money to bring his wife to Canada, a court
heard yesterday. *Dejian Li*, 55, pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana
for the purpose of trafficking and was sentenced to the equivalent of 18
months in jail. He has 12 months left to serve after getting credit for
time he spent in pre-trial custody. Li is the fourth of five people to be
convicted on charges related to the seizure of $1 million of marijuana from
a Pine Valley Drive bungalow in Kitchener's Doon area last September. Police
carried out 1,074 marijuana plants in a raid on Sept. 11. They'd been
watching the house at 366 Pine Valley Dr. for several weeks because of tips
from the community and other investigations. That day, they saw Li pull out
of the garage in his van with two other people. Police followed as the trio
headed to Toronto and pulled into the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant. Two
other vehicles drove up beside them. Li and another man took two cardboard
boxes from the van and carried them to one of the other cars. The boxes
held 10.7 kilograms of marijuana. The second driver then handed a package
containing $24,000 in cash to the driver of the third car. As police moved
in, one of the drivers sped off. He drove in circles around the parking lot
and hit an officer [other reports suggest the driver was deliberately
bearing down on police.] Police fired five shots before his van finally hit
an abutment and came to a stop. They seized more marijuana from the car
driven by *Vincent Fung*, court heard. He is the only person left to deal
with his charges. Li came to Canada from China in 2001, said his
lawyer, *James
Jordan*. He was a refugee claimant who ultimately got permanent resident
status. He wanted to sponsor his wife to come to Canada. He was working
two jobs to earn money, Jordan said. [But hard work just wasn't Mr. Li's
cup of tea.] The conviction will likely affect his status in this country,
the lawyer said. 'This was an extremely significant grow-op,'' said Justice
*Michael* *Epstein*. Li faces more legal proceedings in the fall. *Prosecutor
Kathleen Nolan* will ask a Superior Court judge to order Li and his surety
to forfeit $100,000 each man pledged when Li was released on bail. Li was
basically under house arrest and couldn't go out unless he was with his
surety. He breached the court order by being out alone in Markham. He
pleaded guilty to the charge. Nolan wants him to give up the $100,000 he
pledged as a guarantee he would obey his bail terms. 'They pledged it. They
filled out an affidavit that they have it,' Nolan said yesterday." (*
Kitchener** Waterloo Record*, July 14, 2009)

Less than three weeks later, Li was pulled over. So, far from
being just another hard working immigrant holding down two jobs to bring
wifey over, this rather impenetrable "news" story suggests that farmer Li
was already in trouble and out on bail on some earlier offence. Nor does it
explain how Li, who cannot afford to bring the wife over, can pony up a
$100,000 surety. Li's cronies were, *Weisheng Lu*, 51, *Vincent Fung*, 53,
*Qunzhu He*, 50 and *Tuan Ky Quach*, 38. "Neighbours said a man bought the
home about a year and a half [before the raid.] ''He immediately put up a
fence,' *Peter Mazza* said. 'Right away, they painted the windows on the
garage so you couldn't see in.' [They] dug down through the garage floor
and the foundation and altered the path from the hydro meter out of sight of
neighbours, said *Staff Sgt. Scott Buchanan* of the drug unit. ... 'That
represents significant value in the whole scheme of the operation,' Buchanan
said. 'It's just not about marijuana any more. That type of operation is
very consistent and connected to an organized criminal activity.'" (*
Kitchener** Waterloo Record*, September 13, 2008)

And the judge, in his infinite wisdom, imposes a sentence of less
than two years -- meaning this accomplished lowlife cannot be deported upon

*[This article appears in the August, 2009 issue of the CANADIAN
available by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a
cheque or VISA number and expiry date to CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE, P.O.
Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]*
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