Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 23 October 2009 21:23
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Correction RE: Doug Christie Comments

CORRECTION: "In a report on a meeting sponsored Monday night in Regina, I
quoted lawyer Doug Christie, the guest speaker as saying: " The police are
well trained liars and are usually protected by the judiciary." "Liars" and
"lawyers" sound alike. I believe what Mr. Christie said is that policemen
are well trained and are like lawyers in presenting their evidence. I also
want to make clear that Mr. Christie was speaking in general and was not
reflecting on the police evidence at the Terry Tremaine preliminary hearing
that begin that day. There is a publication ban on the substance of that
evidence and Mr. Christie was not reflecting on the evidence given at the
day's hearing.
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 22 October 2009 05:37
*We're Facing a Police State, Doug Christie Warns Regina Audience
*REGINA. October 19, 2009.* In town for the preliminary hearing into Sec.
319 "hate law" charges against math lecturer Terry Tremaine, Doug Christie
promised: "We'll not give up one inch of territory or freedom easily. It's
important to support the victims."

Terry Tremaine is another of Richard Warman's victims, In 2005, Warman filed
a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission about some of Mr.
Warman's posts on STORMFRONT that were critical of Jews. Warman also
complained to Mr. Tremaine's employer the University of Saskatchewan. Mr.
Tremaine quickly lost his job. Warman also filed a hefty complaint with the
Regina Police Service. That and pressure from his close allies the Canadian
Jewish Congress seemed to pressure the "major crimes unit" to lay its first
ever "hate" charge.

We're heading toward totalitarianism, the "Battling Barrister" warned the
meeting organized by the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE).

Referring the his father, an RCAF WW II vet who just celebrated his 90th
birthday, Mr. Christie: "We have a duty to the memory of those who fought
for freedom. So, we must make this battle as costly as possible for the
enemies of freedom." And, he added: "We're here to fight and fight we will.
We're doing the right thing and we'll hold every inch of ground we can."

"The state is growing and the individual is diminishing," Mr. Christie
observed, looking back over his 38 year career, as a defender of the
individual and the underdog. "What we are looking at is more and more of a
police state," he warned,

"We must use all our talent and resources to fight for freedom, ours and
others," he urged.

Speaking of the Tremaine hearing, Mr. Christie promised?: "We've made the
uncomfortable and we'll make them more uncomfortable. We have no weapons but
truth and cross-examination. The police are well trained liars and are
usually protected by the judiciary." Earlier in the day Mr. Christie had
told CBC TV: "The police should get off their fat backsides and stop playing
computer games, surfing the net for dissidents, and start chasing real
criminals." Regina is the murder capital of Canada but the Regina police
major crimes unit has devoted a great deal of time and money to prosecuting
the 62-year old math lecturer.

The preliminary hearing, originally scheduled for three days, will continue
all this week and will resume later in November.

*Donate to the Terry Tremaine Defence Fund*

*If you would like to assist his defence fund, send your cheque payable to
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*CAFE, *
*P.O. Box 332,*
*Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.*
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Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 18 October 2009 15:51
Terry Tremaine Preliminary Hearing Opens in Regina, Monday, October 19

I'm on a four province, seven city speaking tour to inform free speech
supporters about the importance of Marc Lemire's victory in getting Sec. 13
of the Canadian Human Rights Act -- Internet censorship -- declared
unconstitutional. I'...;m also describing the persecution of Terry Tremaine
for his Internet postings, all because of Richard Warman's serial
complaints. Terry faces a preliminary hearing in Regina, Oct. 19. I'm
raising money for his defence.

We've had excellent and enthusaistic meetings so far in Edmonton, Calgary
and Vancouver.

The prelimimary hearing deals with a classic case of double jeopardy. In
2006, a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal convicted university math lecturer
Terry Tremaine for his postings as "mathdoktor99" on Stormfront. Now, most
of these same postings form the substance of another Warman complaint to the
Regina police under the "hate" law.

Warman used the same tactics against Western Canada for Us leader Glen Bahr
in Edmonton several years ago, filing first a human rights complaint and
then a Sec. 319 Criminal Code complaint. After a month long preliminary
hearing, where lawyer Doug Christie exposed the extensive dirty tricks and
personation campaign led by then Edmonton Police Service head Sgt. Steve
Camp, the charges were stayed against Mr. Bahr, who had already been
convicted and fined for his website by the Tribunal.

Warman's campaign in both the Bahr and Tremaine case demonstrates the wisdom
of Athanasios Hadjis's conclusion that Sec. 13 was no longer "remedial." In
both cases, Warman practised "maximum disruption" to try to destroy the
dissident. Sec. 13 had been upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1990
only because it was remedial, not punitive. In both the Bahr and Tremaine
cases "mediation" was the furthest thing from the proceedings. The crushing
of a dissident was what it was all about.

I'll be filing regular reports on the preliminary hearing.

Mr. Tremaine will be represented by Douglas H, Christie, the Battling
Barrister, Canada's most famous free speech lawyer.

If you would like to assist his defence fund, send your cheque payable to

*CAFE, *
*P.O. Box 332,*
*Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.*

We also accept VISA. Mail in or PM me your VISA number and expiry date.

*Paul Fromm*
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