Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 04 August 2009 07:15
*Former Political Prisoner Brad Love on Anti-Racist Hypocrisy, the Toronto
Garbage Strike & Bruno*

*July 7, 2009*

Riots in Greece, clampdowns in Italy, France on the lookout, and Brits,
fed up with living in violent non-white cities where nervous cops round up
only the Brits who dare to speak up about out-of-control immigration are
finally waking up. Not only that, they’re actually taking the time to vote
(unlike Canadian sheeple) for people who are only interested in their own
kind. God Bless! And God Bless the nationalistic British National Party
that won two seats in recent elections for the European Parliament.

And in Communist China, the uncontrolled masses are overwhelming the
cops to chase out ethnic Muslims. I love this stuff! Now I’m wondering,
where are all those whining Chinese groups here who use our $$$ to scream
“racism” whenever they want something when all of the murderous hate crimes
are going on back home? And the local B’nail B’rith who frequently denounce
naughty letter writers like me, will they be dispatching a delegation ASAP
to investigate? And will the Chinese gov’t even let them in? And if they
don’t, is that ‘racism’? And can I even inquire or is that ‘racism’ also?
I’m so freak’n confused, aren’t you?

Back in my non-white city of Toronto, the garbage piles up while a
city that spends millions on a homo parade complains that they’ve got no
cash to pay wage increases. It's odd though, Toronto has 25,000 or more
illegals, migrants, gypsies, refugees - you name it, collecting welfare. Why
not have these layabouts pick up the trash in the meantime and make some
small contribution? Or can I even ask this? Should I clear this with the
B’nai B’rith as well? Should I be writing? Should I be speaking? Should I
even by thinking, or will that get me in trouble as well? I am sooooo
GLAD that I live in “free and democratic” Canada, land of 10000 ‘rights”
groups who all want to imprison me. And notice: It is never about violent
porn or the publication of secret gov’t documents that provokes such
re-examination of free speech, but speak, write, even hint at some
inconsistencies in immigration/Islam/Israel/Indians, you get the idea and
just watch who comes for you with drawn guns and subpoenas.

Alas, mor hilarity from “Borats’ Sacha Baron Cohen. His new flick,
“BRUNO’ has him dressed up as a transvestite-version of Hasidic Jew in
Israel only to be chased down by ... other Hasidic Jews. Cohen who is
Jewish, runs for his life. Now as funny as this is, just imagine anyone
chasing down a Hassidic Jew in Canada. Even a gay one. Seriously, how much
time would you have to spend in jail for “hate crimes’ once our
minority -run justice system chewed you up and spat you out? Spot the irony
here? The hypocrisy: to hell with it! In the name of ‘showbiz’, I am going
to do just that! “Hymie, get the hell over here!”


*[Former political prisoner Brad Love, who was sentenced, in 2003, to 18
months in prison for writing non-threatening letters to public officials,
keeps his writing skills sharp with his comments from Alberta. He served two
further terms for writing non-threatening letters to other politicians and
newspapers for alleged “breach of probation” gag orders, yes, here in
Canada, not in North Korea or Burma. He faces a "breach of probation" trial
for writing non-violent letters to York University Student Union and the
Canadian Jewish Congress next May. Apparently, the Crown wants to toss this
dissident in jail for THREE ( yes that 3!) years.] *
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 04 August 2009 07:15
*Mother of Kidnapped Children Sends Cri du Coeur to Manitoba Court*

*The young Winnipeg mother, who, of course, under Canada's poxy laws, cannot
be named, continues to fight for contact with and eventually to regain some
form of custody of her two children, kidnapped by Manitoba Child and Family
Services in March, 2008. The children were seized because the social work
meddlers deemed that the parents' White nationalist views might inflict
emotional harm on the youngsters, a girl, then 7, and a boy, then, 2.
Hearings have stumbled along for nearly 18 months and resume in September.
The following is an eloquent cry from the heart that the mother has sent to
the court for the upcoming hearings:*

"On March 25, 2008 [*the girl and boy*] were taken by *Manitoba Child and
Family Services*, as a result of a 45 minute conversation about black people
(re: Kim Rowan) and some drawings on *[the girl's]* arm. No investigation
was to follow, they just took the kids based on an assumption that *[she and
her husband]* were causing emotional harm to our children.

Our home was by no means perfect and *[the husband]* had a lot of personal
problems that interfered with his ability to parent, but our children were
never in danger. They were always clean, well dressed and fed. I understand
that I worked a lot, probably too much but that has changed. My life has
changed for the better. I live in a nice house in a small town and am
working from home doing medical transcriptions. We don't drink in the house.
Nor do we use drugs of any sort, we don't associate with those who do. I
have been asking *MCFS* workers to please send someone from the Quebec
agency (*La Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la
jeunesse or 'DPJ*') to inspect the home and possibly get me in contact with
the programmes that I have been asked to complete. The only thing we've
heard from the *DPJ *is that a complaint was made by the *MCFS* office that
the children here are now in danger because they are around me. They (The *
DPJ*) have investigated and found that there is no problem in the home or
with me. They will, at some point, report to the *MCFS* complainer that
there is, in fact, no problem, I don't expect that information to be
presented in the court however. The *DPJ* would be willing to help me if
they thought there was a problem, however they do not feel there is an
issue. Instead they have told me to contact the *CLSC* for information on
getting a psychological evaluation done if I feel it is necessary. I will do
so because *MCFS* feels it is important. ...

I love my children with all of my being. It has been seven months since I
have been allowed to see them and seven months since they have been allowed
to see me, which is just criminal. The emotional harm that this has caused
my children is beyond comprehension. The agency has lied under oath, has
created false testimony and encouraged our family to turn against one
another. The testimony from Dr. Ducharme although maybe somewhat accurate
was biased at best. He came to the conclusion that I am emotionally stuck at
14 because that's all we talked about. I'm sure that it was my fault for at
least some of it because I failed to make it to a couple of appointments but
I don't think his evaluation of me was fair as we had only spent a total of
5 hours together, one of those hours was me alone in a room completing a
parenting assessment (written).

If things had not gone so horribly awry for me following the seizure of my
children I would have been better able to prove my worth as a parent. My
life was turned upside down, I was losing jobs left, right and centre I
couldn't eat or sleep, I essentially began to self destruct. When my lawyer
asked for $10,000, that was it for me. I thought there is no way I will get
my kids back, I couldn't get a lawyer I couldn't keep a job, my family had
stopped talking to me, I was no longer able to see my kids, I didn't know
what to do or where to turn. So, I left the province not to abandon my
children but to try to fix the problems I was having, I have done that. I am
in a secure stable environment and anyone can see that. I have sent pictures
of my home to *Donna Pierc*e and have requested her over and over again for
some form of help from the agency which she continues to acknowledge and
promises that she will put me in touch with the necessary people but five
months later she has still done nothing. My biggest fear is that the agency
is so dead-set on being victorious here that they have lost sight of the
reason we're all involved in this, my children. They are the ones who are
suffering. They are the ones who are feeling neglected and abandoned. *MCFS
*has been lying to us they have done it over and over again. They have made
promises they had no intention of following through with, they demanded a
meeting with me because they said that the t-shirts I gave to the kids were
inappropriate they were skate shirts from a well known skateboard magazine.
I had mentioned the possibility of my kids appearing in the magazine but
acknowledged and accepted when Donna Pierce had said no, for me that was the
end of the discussion, but they took it further than that I'm not entirely
sure why they felt it necessary to do such a thing but they came up with the
idea that maybe I said something to [the girl] in the bathroom... I never
took [the girl] to the bathroom, just [the boy]; [the girl] is 8 years old
and is perfectly capable of going by herself. Our visits were supervised,
every minute of them. I never once said anything to [the girl] that could
confuse her, I asked her if I could see her report card I don't see how that
is an issue. After that they revoked our visits.

The agency knows they were wrong for seizing our children the way they did,
I fear they are fabricating the truth to justify their actions. They
intervened in our life based on our politics. They heard stories from a 7
year old girl who was probably terrified and who probably still is and they
put horrific words in her mouth. I still to this day don't believe
that*[the girl
*] said such horrible things. [Her ex-husband] is not fit to parent on his
own, but no matter what they and I have said about him, he still loves them,
he never would intentionally put them in harm's way. He has done stupid
things yes, as have I, but I don't see it as a reason to take our children.
I question why the agency did not try to step in another way, like maybe
talk to us, maybe come into our house, maybe use more of "preventive and
supportive services directed to preserving the family unit" to which I
understand is our right.

My children are being denied the opportunity to have a relationship with me.
My children's needs were met on every parameter while in my custody, but as
a result of the agency's actions their emotional well being is being
greatly neglected.

* [The boy]* was 2 years old at the time the agency intervened. At his stage
of development, the agency's actions have proven to be detrimental to his
sense of security. He has been deprived of his strong bond with me and, in
turn, has regressed in many stages of development both mentally and

The agency's actions have caused more disruption than can even be put into
the Queens English to ALL members of not only the immediate family but
extended family as well.

The agency has had 18 months to come up with valid evidence to prove in any
way shape or form that there is any risk in returning my children.

* [The girl]* needs and desire to be with me, have not been honoured. She is
8 years old now and does know what is going on, maybe someone should
actually ask her what she wants. The delay of proceedings has clearly had an
effect on both children and all family members. We come from a family with
strong Scottish and English roots. Having *[the children] *attend any
church that isn't Anglican is a refusal to acknowledge their religious and
cultural rights. My family (esp maternal grandmother) is strongly opposed to
the practice of Christian Science [the faith of their current custodians] as
we feel it is unsafe to trust only the hand of God.

The agency has yet to provide any solid grounds for their case. All they
have done is propagate rumours and innuendo. They took the testimony of
people who had, up until now, paid no attention to my son, people who had
never been inside my home. ... The agency has not done its job; the only
thing it has done is back themselves so far into a corner that they had to
make up stories to justify their wrongdoing. My children were never
physically or emotionally abused, they were loved and cared for. They never
went without anything. If *[she and her husband]* had to sacrifice
ourselves or miss a meal, we did but our children never went without
anything. I don't believe that any home can provide the perfection that the
agency demands, but we can do our best which is what I intend to do. I have
made mistakes and I have suffered a severe punishment for them, but it's my
children who are suffering most of all. My daughter has made it very clear
to everyone that her desire is to be with me and her brother." -- *Winnipeg*
* Mom *
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 31 July 2009 08:04
*Warman Can Seize Edmonton Seniors' House & Toss Them on the Street*

You have to wonder about the Canadian "justice" system. *William
Grosvenor *is a former forensic auditor and curmudgeonly Edmontonian, not
unused to controversies and taking on the rich and powerful. He's
former *Canadian
Human Rights Commissio*n investigator and serial complainant *Richard
Warman's* latest victim. In late 2007, Grosvenor was served with a notice of
libel, as Warman critics so often are. At issue were some pungent comments
online. Warman says Grosvenor wrote them; Grosvenor denies most of them. The
matter was heard in Ontario. As often happens, Warman's targets are poor.
Mr. Grosvenor didn't have the money to travel to Ontario or the money to
hire a lawyer. He filed over 600 pages of response. He was duly found guilty
*in absentia* by the *Ontario Superior Court* in a November 5, 2008
judgement. He received a severe tongue lashing and Warman walked off with a
hefty award that is now in excess of $82,000.

An appeal has failed and Warman now is trying to enforce the
judgement, the $82,176.44 pound of flesh, plus additional costs in Alberta
against the impoverished Grosvenor who survives on a very meagre monthly

At issue is Mr. Grosvenor's one tangible asset -- the family home,
worth approximately $250,000. He says it was purchased with his wife's
retirement funds and was held in her name, until the couple decided to apply
for an* Alberta Seniors Benefi*t grant to replace the aged furnace and fix
the roof. Apparently, both names were required on the deed of ownership. Mr.
Grosvenor's name was added and then removed somewhat later. However, his
name was removed after the notice of libel was received from. Mr. Warman.
Mr. Warman wants his money and sent his pricey legal team from *Heenan
Blaikie* to the *Court of Queen's Bench* in Calgary. The case was heard July
10 by *Madam Justice K.M Horner*. In essence, Mr. Grosvenor is deemed to
have fraudulently removed his name from the deed. He's back as co-owner and
the house can now be sold out from under the old couple. Oh, yes, the judge
also tacked on costs.

Fraser Gordon, writing for the court, explains: "Under the *Statute
of Frauds,* transactions can be set aside in cases where it is shown that a
debtor -- or someone with the possibility of becoming a debtor --
transferred assets with the intent of frustrating enforcement. The Court so
ruled in this case, noting (1) that the transfer from Mr. Grosvenor to Mrs.
Grosvenor was done after Mr. Grosvenor was served with a Libel notice, and
(2) that the transfer was between family members and for no consideration.
(The Court had little interest in Mr. Grosvenor's argument that he was
never the beneficial owner of the home. ) ... I would expect the next steps
taken by the judgement creditor will be enforcement of the debt, which may
include sale of this house." Mr. Grosvenor has until August 7 to file an
appeal and seek a stay of enforcement.

Dissent in politically correct Canada and criticism of* Richard War
*man are both dangerous and costly. Freedom is never free and, apparently,
with Canada's politicized courts, never cheap!
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