Former Canadian Diplomat to Middle East Denounces Planned Aggression Against Syria
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 08 September 2013 16:34
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Former Canadian Diplomat to Middle East Denounces Planned Aggression
Against Syria

September 4, 2013


Dear Sir

Poison gas and WMD parallel

Just as Saddam's alleged "Weapons of Mass Destruction" were used as
the pretext to destroy Iraq, so will the pretext of Assad's alleged
gassing of innocent civilians be used to destroy Syria, in both cases
to the benefit of Israel and catastrophic detriment of the United
States, to say nothing of the cost in human and economic terms to all
countries of the region.

Your headline "ISRAEL APPLIES PRESSURE ON U.S. TO ACT" is of course
the true explanation of Obama's folly in contemplating the proposed
attack, which could proceed despite recent eye-witness reports and
evidence that the gassings arose from the mishandling of gas weapons
supplied by Saudi Arabia to the "rebel" forces.

That the Canadian Government defies both Canadian and world opinion in
supporting Israeli-American aggression in violating Syrian
sovereignty, further erodes Canada's influence in international
affairs where we once were highly respected. Perhaps it is time for
the Canadian electorate to consider whether unconditional obedience to
the Israeli Lobby is worth the price.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald

[Ian Macdonald was a Canadian diplomat stationed in the Middle East in
the 1970s. He eventually lost his job for his pursuit of a more
even-handed policy as regards Israel and the Arab states. He argued
that Canada's knee-jerk support for the Zionist occupation of
Palestine was costing Canada billions in terms of trade with the Arab

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Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 06 September 2013 18:54
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To: President Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
From: Paul Fromm, Director Canadian Association for Free Expression
Re: Complaints About Your Crackdown on Homosexual Propaganda

Dear President Putin:

I know you're busy hosting the meeting of the G-20 leaders n St.
Petersburg. So, I'll keep this memo brief.

Along with discussion of economic issues and the planned U.S.
aggression against Syria, you may also find yourself criticized for
recent legislation passed by the Duma restricting homosexual
propaganda and recruitment. I know homosexuality is not the issue. It
is legal in Russia. These people can pursue their peculiar practices
in private. However, consistent with your country's Christian
traditions, your parliament does not want to see the sort of
recruitment and aggressive propagandizing that we see in Canada and
the U.S. That is your right as a sovereign country.

The restrictions on homosexual propagandizing have attracted much
criticism in the West in the run-up to your hosting next year's Winter
Olympics in Sochi.

At this Summit, you may run into Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird.
He is an outspoken ultra Zionist and sometimes makes one think he is
really the Honourable Member for Tel Aviv, rather than a minister
charged with promoting Canada's interests.

Even though many in the Conservative caucus are strong Christians, the
Canadian government has recently become a key promoter of the
homosexual agenda. Baird is a preachy pest and may try to bend your
ear with criticisms of your country's law against homosexual
propaganda. He'll tell you pompously how Canada believes in free

I don't know the Russian words for "hypocrite" and "phony", but they
would certainly fit. After he tells you all about Canada's commitment
to free speech, ask him: "What about Brad Love, Arthur Topham, and
Craig Cobb, Mr. Minister? Aren't they your political prisoners facing
prison solely for the non-violent expression of their political or
religious views? Don't you have a 'hate propaganda' law that seeks to
protect privileged groups from criticism?"

And just to send the canting finger-wagger on his way, you can give
him a copy of this "information" laying charges against Craig Cobb
under Canada's notorious "hate law": "Paul Craig Cobb between the 10th
day of January, 2010, and the 18th day of June, 2010, in the Province
of British Columbia by communicating statements other than in private
conversation did willfully promote hatred against identifiable groups,
namely, Jewish people, Black people and non-White people contrary to
Sec. 319(2) of the Criminal Code."

It's not even clear, from this information sworn out by Det/Cst. Terry
Wilson commissar of the "hate squad" on December 31, 2010, how or
where Mr. Cobb is supposed to have communicated these alleged
statements. He is a dual U.S. and Canadian citizen. He went into
political exile in the U.S. to stay beyond the reach of Canada's
thought control police.

So, if John Baird starts any of his free speech is "a core Canadian
value" cong and dance, call his bluff and give him the Russian
equivalent of a big old horse laugh!

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CAFE Accepted As Intervener in McCorkill Case
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 07:24
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CAFE Accepted As Intervener in McCorkill Case

St. John, New Brunswick, September 3, 2013. The Canadian Association
for Free Expression was granted intervener status by the New Brunswick
Court of Queen's bench. CAFE will be supporting the ...Estate of the
late Robert McCorkill who left a large legacy to the National
Alliance. This legacy has been challenged by McCorkill's estranged
sister Isabelle, who came forward nine years after his death after a
U.S. anti-free speech group the Southern Poverty Law Centre of
Montgomery, AL sought to prevent the NA from receiving the legacy.

"This is an incredibly crucial case," says CAFE Director Paul Fromm.
"The enemies of free speech, with significant Establishment
assistance, are seeking to reach the skeletal fingers of political
correctness even into the disposition of a person's private property."

Supporting Isabelle McCorkell's [yes, there's a spelling difference]
motion to negate the legacy are the Attorney General of New Brunswick,
the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the Centre for Israel
and Jewish Affairs. All are arguing that the bequest is contrary to
the public good.

Marc-Antoine Chiasson, Isabelle McCorkell's lawyer has said: “Hate
speech in Canada is criminally prohibited. Secondly, Canada has signed
on to numerous international conventions with the specific goal and
aim to get rid of hate speech, hate groups and the financing of hate
groups.” We signed on to some poxy agreement preventing donations to
groups the biased SPLC says are “hate groups”?

" The National Alliance is a perfectly legal group in the U.S." Paul
Fromm points out. "The New Brunswick Attorney General is arguing that
the bequest is contrary to the public good or public policy. Abortion
on demand is the laws of the land. Would a bequest to a pro-life group
be ruled contrary to the public good? The implications of this case
are frightening!"

Interestingly, neither of the parties, the petitioner Isabelle
McCorkell or John Hughes lawyer for Fred Streed, executor of the
estate, were in Court this morning, CAFE lawyer Andy Lodge reported.
Mr. Hughes had written to the Court giving his consent to CAFE's

Lawyers for the other three interveners did attend Court. The New
Brunswick Attorney General indicated that he neither consented nor
opposed CAFE;s participation. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
indicated it did not oppose CAFE's intervention, but did "want to go
on the record as opposing any substantive evidence CAFE might submit
and CAFE's arguments." It might be noted that these arguments are
still to be filed.


Please Help CAFE Defend Free Speech from Those Who Would Submit
Beneficiaries to Some Politically Correct Litmus Test

Time is of the essence. The case goes to Court September 10. Our
lawyer has had to devote a good deal of time (and our money!) getting
up to speed on this case, We are being billed weekly! We anticipate
that the intervention could cost up to $20,000. WE NEED YOUR HELP AND,

CAFE, Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

__ Here’s my donation of ____to help CAFÉ's autumn programme,
including the intervention in the McCorkill legacy case.

__ Please renew my subscription for 2013 to the Free Speech Monitor

Please charge

Expiry date: __________



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