UNBELIEVABLE! -- The Latest from Brad Love, the Voice of the Working Guy, the Censors
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 25 July 2013 05:08
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UNBELIEVABLE! -- The Latest from Brad Love, the Voice of the Working
Guy, the Censors Want to Silence

Former political prisoner Brad Love was sentenced to 18 months in
prison under Canada's notorious "hate law" (Sec. 319 of the Criminal
Code) in 2003 for writing non-violent letters to public officials,
including a very thin-skinned Chief of Police in York Region, one
Armand LaBarge who would later boast at a B'nai Brith seminar that he
had put Mr. Love in prison. Mr. Love's increasingly Soviet probations
conditions -- eventually one Judge Hogg forbad him to write to
"anybody"! -- saw him serve nearly another year in prison. In July,
2012, he was found guilty of breach of probation and sentenced to
another 18 months in prison, plus an additional three years of
enforced letter-writing silence. [Yes, that's here in Canada, not
North Korea!] His appeal against both this conviction and Soviet-style
sentence will be heard in Toronto, August 29.

More recently, Mr. Love was charged with seven counts of "harassment"
and sending "scurrilous material" to a Fort McMurray newspaper editor,
a local radio disk jockey and an OXFAM campaigner. His original bail
conditions forbad him from sending "mail, e-mail or texts to anybody"
-- not even his relatives. On July 11, Mr. Love appeared in Court and
got these conditions somewhat modified.

CAFE has supported the battles of Mr. Love, a conscience-driven,
courageous and outspoken man, a true opinionated Canadian of the old
school against the mean, censorious politically correct thought police
for the past decade.

Paul Fromm


The main witness (witless?) for the persecution in the Florida, George
Zimmerman, trial was a beefy black woman of 19 years who for some
reason is still in high school. To add to this embarrassment, not
only did she use racist language ('it's part of my culture") but when
asked to read from earlier testimony, she admitted: "I can't read."

'Course no one in the court would dare comment on such borderline
autistic behavior from this future welfare queen. And once the
not-guilty verdict came down, there was little rioting or unrest and
why would there be? The only ones who feel guilty about all of this
are the White hypocrites at the trial and the CNN whiners who
neglected to cover the numerous other trials where Blacks stand
accused of murdering other Blacks in every city throughout the USA.

Here in Canada, darling scientist/doom-and-gloomer David Suzuki says
Canada is now "full up" when it come to immigration. Right on! He
also states that we rob the third world of their best talent, who
then can come here to gobble up our natural resources as they adopt
our Western ways. Now, of course, everyone from our Israel-firster
poster boy, Jason Kenney, to the entire greedy immigration lobby are
calling for Suzuki's head. Only in Canada!

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Arthur Topham Explains His Response to Warman's Libel Threat
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 05:48
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Arthur Topham Explains His Response to Warman's Libel Threat

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Let's never confuse Canada's cankered legal system with fairness or
justice. It may be the "law" but it isn't necessarily fairness or

Free speech hero and anti-Zionist advocate Arthur Topham, is currently
fighting a very serious Sec. 319 ("hate law") charge, instigated by
Richard( the chronic complaint filer Warman) and Harry ("Mr. B'nai
Brith B.C.") Abrams. Not surprisingly, the complaint was swiftly
adopted by the political police out in BC, the RCMP hate squad headed
by Det. Const. Terry Wilson, ex of the London Police Service hate

These charges could send Mr. Topham to prison for two years. His
silencing has for some years been the goal of Canada's thought police.
In 2007, Harry Abrams who had previously tried to use the B.C. Human
Rights Commission to silence war hero and columnist Doug Collins,
filed a complaint against Arthur Topham and his Zionist-critical
website radical[press.com ( http://press.com/ ). under Se. 13 of the
Canadian Human Rights Act (truth is no defence, intent is no defence).
When Marc Lemire won his case -- against yet another Warman complaint
-- on September 2, 2009, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal adjourned
the several outstanding complaints, including the one against Arthur
Topham and Radicalpress.com, sine die.

So, Abrams and Warman, in an effort to silence Mr. Topham, then
launched the present Sec. 319 "hate law" charges.

Back in 2005, speaking to the violence-prone Anti-Racist Action (ARA)
and then in a boastful and expansive mood, Mr. Warman explained the
tactic he called "maximum disruption." He indicated that, depending on
the circumstances and his mood, he'd file Sec. 13 (now repealed by
Parliament) human rights complaints and or Criminal Code Sec. 319
complaints against his ideological targets.

He didn't add, but he might have, that should the victims criticize
him, they might find themselves subject to a libel suit. In fact. Mark
and Connie Fournier of the pro-Zionist but pro-free speech
FreeDominion.com website, who face no fewer than three Warman libel
suits, indicate that, by their reckoning, Warman has filed or
threatened to file no fewer than 60 (yes, sixty!) defamation actions
against critics over the past 13 years.

So, in the effort to silence Arthur Topham and Radicalpress.com, the
Sec. 13 having been stymied, Mr. Warman and Abrams filed the Sec. 319
"hate law" charges. When the gutsy Arthur Topham refused to be
silenced and continued to post his contentious critiques of Richard
Warman on his website the latest libel threat was issued. Maximum

I've been there. From 2003 to final resolution, when the Supreme Court
of Canada refused to hear our appeal in 2009. CAFE and I fought a
Richard Warman libel suit aimed at CAFE's efforts to defend the
victims of Warman's Sec. 13 complaints,. Ultimately, I can't explain
it or believe it, but Madame Justice Monique Metivier decided that our
calling Richard Warman a "censor" was libellous. So, here's one
state-protected person around whom we must tip-toe carefully.

I know it's not the free Anglo-Saxon system of open discussion we
thought we'd inherited, but it's the perverse legal reality of the
present in a Canada with a judicial system, at least at the very top,
firmly in the control of the cultural Marxists. We llive in enemy
occupied territory where many truths can be told, if at all, only with
great circumspection.

Purists may say that Arthur should fight and stand by the truths of
his postings. The problem is that justice in this poxy country, as
even several of the members of the current Supreme Court have noted,
is beyond the means of the ordinary man. Arthur Topham has elected to
withdraw from the libel fight and accept the imposition of extreme
caution in mentioning the name of Canada's legal establishment's fair
haired boy, Richard Warman and, despite his destitution, compensate
the posh Ottawa civil servant $500 for his legal fees. Those who might
criticize Mr. Topham should answer the simple question: "Along with
your keyboard commando critique, have you sent him a cheque for
$50,000 to carry on the fight?" A libel case would almost certainly be
held for the complainant's convenience close to home in Ottawa. How is
the impoverished Arthur Topham,who can barely afford the gas money to
go to Quesnel, to fund a libel case that could last weeks in far-off
Ottawa? Mr. Topham seems to think the action would be fought in
Toronto. Warman's previous modus operandi suggests the venue would
actually be his present home town of Ottawa.

The Ontario courts in Ottawa are hostile territory. A lawyer told me
some years ago "the courts here don't like you guys" -- meaning free
speech supporters. That would be the hostile environment in which
Westerner and free thinker -- both outsider groups in Ottawa -- Arthur
Topham would have to fight. Justice in Canada today is for the rich or
the government-funded, not for rock scrabble freethinking pensioners
like Arthur Topham.

Warman's threat of libel action, of course, comes strategically just
as Arthur Topham's "hate law" case begins. It is difficult, with
limited resources, to fight on two fronts. Warman, who has, one
assumes a full time job somewhere in the Department of National
Defence, seems to somehow find endless time for a legion of lawsuits
and complaints. Outside the weird Ottawa world, a libel suit consumes
one's life. I know, having been there with a previous Warman
defamation action that gobbled up six years (!) of my time and effort,
interestingly at the very time I was being hounded by the Ontario
Teachers' Federation in a prolonged and equally costly action to take
away my teaching certificate for expressing on by own time, off school
property, my political beliefs.

Bottom line: Arthur Topham continues to need and shall receive our
support for his battle against the forces of thought control seeking
to send him to jail for his views through the current Sec. 319 "hate
law" charges he presently faces.

Paul Fromm

Warman Libel Suit Threat Against Radical Press

Arthur Topham
July 22, 2013

"He who fights and runs away
May live to fight another day;
But he who is in battle slain,
Can never rise to fight again."

~Oliver Goldsmith, (1728 - 1774),
Art of Poetry on a New Plan, Vol. 2

On the evening of Wednesday, July 3, 2013 a car drove up my driveway
and parked in the yard. An elderly man got out holding a large brown
envelope in his hand and was proceeding to walk toward the house when
I came out on the front porch. He asked, "Are you Arthur Topham?" I
replied, "That depends on who you are."

He broke out in a kind of a half laugh, half grin and came up to hand
me the envelope. I asked him what it was and he again replied in a
rather subdued tone that it was from some law firm from back east with
a name he couldn't pronounce. At that point my wife also walked out on
the front steps and asked him point blank, "Is it from Richard
Warman?" He said no, but he thought it mentioned his name and had
something to do with him.

As he walked away, as if to cover his back, he mumbled something about
being "only the messenger".

I went back into the house and sat down at the kitchen table, opened
the envelope and read the enclosed letter. It was from Jeff Saikaley
of the law firm of Caza Sailaley out of Toronto. It began, "Dear Sir:
Re: Richard Warman Libel Notice."

The origin of the supposed offending, libellous and defamatory piece
was an article (
) by Marc Lemire which I had received from him December 31, 2012
titled, "Richard Warman's 'Maximum Disruption' Attacks upon Freedom of
Speech in Canada". I published it on the RadicalPress.com (
http://radicalpress.com/ ) website January 3, 2013 and added a Preface
of my own comments. It was the Preface which Richard Warman was
objecting to and using as the basis for his notice.

Having finished reading the letter out loud my wife left the room,
obviously upset. I went upstairs to my office to consider what my
response would be to this latest legal missile from the same person
who, along with B'nai Brith Canada's representative Harry Abrams, had
laid the Sec. 319(2) "hate crime" complaint against me and
RadicalPress.com ( http://radicalpress.com/ ) back in 2012; one that
culminated in my arrest on May 16th, 2012 and the seizure of all of my
computers, electronic files as well as my firearms.

Not being the type of person who takes threats of this nature lightly
I had a lot of things to consider over the next few days, apart from
getting ready for the July 9, 2013 court appearance. Having observed
Warman's incessant, vexatious tactics of filing libel and defamation
suits against anyone who he felt was not treating him in the manner in
which he was accustomed to being treated by those such as the Jewish
lobbyists here in Canada like the Canadian Jewish Congress, who, in
the past have presented special awards to Mr. Warman for his efforts
in combatting what they erroneously perceive to be "racism" and
"anti-Semitism", I realized that this latest assault was one that I
would have to deal with quickly if I wanted to avoid yet another
lengthy and most likely fruitless legal battle.

Warman was demanding a full retraction and apology for the things I
had said about him in my Preface and he also wanted both my comments
plus Lemire's article removed from RadicalPress.com (
http://radicalpress.com/ ) and the retraction posted where the article
once was and left there permanently. I was to post the
retraction/apology as the lead article on the website for five days in
a row as well.

After deliberating on this ultimatum I contacted some of my legal
friends for advice and it was suggested that given my overall
situation with respect to the already onerous legal burdens now before
me that it would be best to bow out of this additional brawl with
Warman and avoid what would likely be the inescapable result.

Having no funds to hire a lawyer was the first consideration that I
had to face. Given that this libel threat would be a civil suit there
would be no possibility of obtaining a Rowbotham application as in my
present sec. 319(2) criminal charge, also brought on by Warman.
Without counsel the case would likely be heard in Toronto and that
would necessitate my having to travel across Canada in order to fight
it. Given that I struggle to find enough gas to get into Quesnel, a
distance of approximately 30 km, the chances of finding the fuel and
money to survive a trip out to Toronto (or possibly more than one
trip) would be extremely thin if not impossible. Then of course was
the possibility of being found guilty and having to face a huge fine
which, because I wouldn't be able to afford to pay it, would likely
mean a judgment registered against my home. Given all of these factors
it was easy to see (being a placer miner or not) that I was between a
rock and a very hard place. Having placed my pawn in the direct path
of Warman's queen there was little left for me to do but retract.

On July 8th, 2013 I replied to Warman's lawyer and stated the

I am in receipt of your June 27, 2013 letter which was hand delivered
to me on the evening of July 3, 2013.

I have read it through and given it my full consideration.

Given the fact that I am currently facing two legal challenges to my
constitutional right to freedom of speech on the Internet, i.e. a
Section 13(1) complaint plus a Section 319(2) CCC which your client
Mr. Richard Warman, along with Mr. Harry Abrams, conspired to initiate
against me, I recognize that a third legal action is beyond my present
ability to meet.

Mr. Warman, as I am confident you are well aware, knows full well that
I am presently without legal counsel due to the untimely death of my
former solicitor Mr. Douglas Christie and that my financial situation
is such that, of necessity, I am currently forced to represent myself
pro ce in both the Sec. 319(2) charge and the stayed Sec. 13(1)
complaint pending the outcome in the Warman v Lemire appeal now before
the federal court. A third civil libel suit wherein I would be
basically at the mercy of forces beyond my immediate capacity to deal
with is therefore not an option for me.

I recognize that I am caught between the proverbial rock and a hard
place and therefore am willing to meet Mr. Warman's demands, as
contained in your letter of June 27, 2013, to publish a complete
retraction and apology for the allegations contained in my January 1,
2013 Article entitled "Richard Warman's 'Maximum Disruption' Attacks
upon Freedom of Speech in Canada from Marc Lemire at freedom site.org
( http://site.org/ )" located at URL http://www.radicalpress.com and a
unique website page containing the Article at Richard Warman?s
?Maximum Disruption? Attacks upon Freedom of Speech in Canada from
Marc Lemire at freedomsite.org ( http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=1877

Prior to removing said Article from www.radicalpress.com I would like
written confirmation from your office stating that in doing so the
matter would be concluded and no further vexatious repercussions would
arise from the Article.

As well I will do everything in my capacity as the copyright holder to
have all third party republications of my Article removed.

Please advise if these steps are sufficient to meet your client's
demands and if so I will proceed to fulfil them immediately.

On July 11th, 2013 I received a reply from Jeff Saikaley stating:

Dear Mr. Topham:

Thank you for your note. I confirm that if you fulfill the conditions
outlined in my letter of 27 June 2013 within 24 hours and pay Mr.
Warman's expenses of $500 incurred to date no later than 15 calendar
days from this email, then Mr. Warman is prepared to not proceed with
the libel action against you.

I wrote Saikaley back confirming that I would immediately attend to
fulfilling all the demands stated in his initial letter and that I
would send the $500.00 blood money before the allotted time period

Following that I sent out an appeal to my list asking for financial
help in raising the money to pay Warman. I'm extremely happy and
grateful for the fact that help came in time to meet the deadline. I
am still awaiting final confirmation from Warman's lawyer that he
received the postal money order that I sent off to him via registered
snail mail. Once that is done then hopefully this will be the end of

Should anything further arise of a weird nature I will alert readers
to it but as it now stands it looks like this episode in the history
of Canada's struggles to maintain the right to freedom of speech is
now over.

My sincerest thanks on behalf of myself and my dear wife for all the
support and financial assistance that was forthcoming. God bless you

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
"Digging to the root of the issues since 1998"


PLEASE NOTE: Now that Section 13 is dead that still leaves me having
to carry on with my own Section 319(2) criminal charge laid against me
by Richard Warman and Harry Abrams. With the untimely death of my
former lawyer Douglas Christie I am all the more in need of financial
support in order to carry on the fight to retain my fundamental rights
to publish on the Internet.

The struggle to retain our inherent right to freedom of speech doesn't
come without costs both financially and otherwise. Out of necessity, I
am forced to ask for financial assistance in this ongoing battle with
the foreign Zionist lobbyist/censors who are determined to stop all
freedom of expression in Canada.

Being a 'Senior Citizen' on a very limited pension and having now been
denied assistance by Legal Aid services here in B.C. I'm left in the
unenviable position of having to rely solely upon donations from
supporters to pay my legal and related expenses.

I would ask readers to give serious consideration to helping out by
either sending a donation via PayPal using either a PayPal account or
a credit card or else sending a cheque or Money Order or cash to me
via snail mail at the following postal address. Please don't make the
cheque out to "RadicalPress" as that account is no longer available to

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C
V2J 6T8

To access my PayPal button please go to either the Home Page at (
http://www.radicalpress.com/ )http://www.radicalpress.com or my blog
( http://www.quesnelcariboosentinel.com/
)http://www.quesnelcariboosentinel.com The PayPal button is up on the
right hand corner of the Home Page on either site. Feel free to click
on it.

For Freedom of Speech, Justice for All,


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press

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Brad Love Gets Bail Conditions Amended -- Now Can Send Father's Day Card
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 01:08
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Brad Love Gets Bail Conditions Amended -- Now Can Send Father's Day
FORT MCMURRAY, ALBERTA. July 11, 2013.There are times when you think
the Canadian judicial system has been transplanted from North Korea or
some similar despotism. When inveterate letter writing Brad Love was
arrested back On May 13 on seven counts of "harassment" and "sending
scurrilous material" through the mail. His initial bail conditions, in
addition of $2,000 of his money, would have made Kim Jong-On of North
Korea blush: Mr. Love was not to "mail, e-mail or text any person."
That's right, nobody! He couldn't even send his own ailing father a
Father's Day card. Nor was he to communicate in any way "with any
public office holder."

To be clear, none of Mr. Love's written or phone communications
contained threats. He was merely his usual forceful and opinionated
self about such issues as foreign aid (opposed), Third World
immigration (opposed) and wasteful politicians (strongly opposed). But
today's media and political class are very nervous and scared of
forceful and opinionated people. The police have targeted Mr. Love for
over 20 years.

Using arguments and case law prepared for him by CAFE, Mr. Love
successfully argued today for a change in these bail conditions. "I
got my mailing (e-mailing and texting) rights back and I also regained
the right to contact public officials, except the ones he was accused
of contacting in the charges. But, I didn't get my money back," he

I explained: "Yes, I''e contacted the newspaper (Fort McMurray Today)
and the radio station and I once had a public give-and-take with the
local OXFAM ( http://oxfam.org.uk/ ) representative. But it was two
guys having a conversation. How does that become 'harassment'?" he

The Judge noted: "I must caution you. You have a prior history" of

Mr. Love observes: "My past was not part of any record disclosed oe
me. This is a bit of an impropriety!"

In the long dragged out, victim breaking process that is Canadian
legal proceedings these days -- Mr. Love must again take time off work
--, he is back in Court, July 24 for his next appearance. "It's to set
a date for the preliminary hearing. I will be asking for disclosure,"
Mr. Love added.

If you want to help CAFE in helping Brad Love and in our battle for
free speech in Canada, use the coupon below to send a contribution.

CAFE, Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

___ Here is my donation of $_______ to help CAFÉ’s ambitious
campaign for free speech across Canada in 2013, to support Brad Love
and other free speech victims and to intervene in Federal Court in the
Marc Lemire Internet freedom case.

___Please renew my subscription for 2013 to the Free Speech Monitor

$___ Doug Christiebooklet order from back of this coupon.

Please charge ______my
VISA#_____________________________________________ ___________________

Expiry date: __________


Address: __________________________________________________


Doug Christie Free Speech Booklets
For 30 years, Doug Christie, the Battling Barrister, has been
Canada’s outstanding free speech attorney. He passed away of liver
cancer, all too young, on March 11, at age 66. Order his outstanding
free speech booklets published in C-FAR’S Canadian Issue Series.

__ The Zundel Trial & Free Speech by Douglas Christie (1985) $4.00
__ Thought Crimes Trial: The Keegstra Case by Douglas Christie (1987)
__ Free Speech IS the Issue by Douglas Christie (1990) ($5)
[Tick booklets you want here and indicate the number and enter dollar
amount on the other side of this coupon

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