Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 18 February 2010 07:49

Ernst Zundel MAY Be Able to Return to the U.S.
Ingrid Rimland Zundel* granted an exclusive intrerview to *CAFE* at a
reception for former *Congressman Jim Traficant* in Washington, DC, February
13. Her husband, political prisoner *Ernst Zundel*, who is scheduled to be
released March 1, after serving every day of a fivv year prison sentence for
expressing dissdent from the establishment account of *World War II*,
especially as regards the new religion of holocaust. Previously, the
publisher and pacifist had spent 25 months in solitary confinement in
Candian prisons prior to being deported as a "terrorist" and "threat to
national security" (he who had never been convicted of any crime in Canada),
under the "national security certificate" procedures which the courts have
now ruled largely illegal.

The* Zundel Defence Team* has recently been back before the American courts
and *Ingrid Rimland* reports that what had previously appeared to be the
U.S. government position -- and an axe that had hung over the couple's heads
for seven years -- that *Ernst Zundel* was banned for returning to the U.S
for 20 years (until 2023), was, in fact, not their position. Apparently, *Ernst
Zundel* will need a German passport and a U.S. visa to return to the U.S. to
be with his wife of 10 years. Now, visa approval is not automatic, but
Ingrid Rimland was hopeful when we talked to her. Ther German government
will also soon be announcing what amount to Mr. Zundel's parole conditions.
He remains subject to the German courts for antoher five years. They might
prohibit him from meeting certain people or, most worrisome, deny him a
passport, she explained.
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 10:56

In discussions I had with one of the giants in racial
anthropology yesterday, he pointed out something amazing. Altruism within
our racial group is both heroic and selfish. I may sacrifice myself for
others of my own kind because in their genes I survive and live on. Altruism
within the group leads to the group's survival.

However, much present day altruism -- like massive handouts for Haiti or
even adoptions of Haitian urchins -- is suicidal. It sacrifices us only to
benefit the OTHER who do not carry our genes and who mean to replace
us.Altruism OUTSIDE the group hastens the group's replacement or downfall

I think we have recognized and hated (and been dismayed by this trend) for
years but did not quite express it in those terms. Very distressing to
think that it has become de rigour to behave in this suicidal manner and to
do so without examining the implications at all. I would guess that - even
among not-very religious people - this is the result of Christian teachings
about considering the needs of others first, not being selfish, etc. For
the not terribly evolved, it is certainly easy enough to recognize that some
countries seem to have so much, while others have so little. Our Christian
tutelage drives us to recognize this without applying the scientific rigours
that would have led an earlier (ironically, much more religious) generation
to ask WHY some countries cannot seem to ever look after themselves?

The religious or nationalistic chauvinism of the Moslems or Chinese would
not matter quite so much if we had not presented them with tools for
survival & overpopulation - but I notice no other group is, lemming-like,
bent on "helping others," as we are. It is about domination, surezenity
(sp). I guess this is the unbreakable mystery at the heart of our willing
genocide - and while I agree with what he says, I still want someone to
explain WHY? So we no longer ask why some countries fail, we tragically do
not ask why we insist on failing ourselves. Is it the tendency of young
kids to pierce, tattoo and otherwise "handicap" themselves writ large? *
*How sad.*
*Have we lost the atavistic wisdom of the ancient Greeks? Remember how
jealously the gods guarded the mystery and knowledge of fire.

Perhaps, we should have kept modern medicine or, at least, massive foreign
aid from the turd world. They have been able to promiscuously and
irresponsibly increase their numbers without responsibility to feed the
results of their breeding. This further increases their aid drain on us and
magnifies their humerical threat to OUR existance.*
*You wrote . . Remember how jealously the gods guarded the mystery and
knowledge of fire.

There's a chilling thought - our myths of the Greek gods recount an earlier,
more evolved race that could not survive once lesser humans (us!) invaded
the foot of Olympus to bask in their accomplishments. Like the Von Daniken
stories of god like visitors, centuries from now, dancing, sweating, heaving
masses speak in conspiratorial terms of an earlier race of super humans that
were wiser, more innovative achievers - now mysteriously vanished. Like the
Tarim Basin people - killed or absorbed into incoming groups - and every
time it happens, it's a massive step down. Race to the bottom. Of course
officially, we can only lament the passing of stone age culture when it runs
up against a more evolved population -- the demise of the more evolved
population serves them right - no one deserves to hold the secret of fire!

I was thinking about this flushing of genes in mixed race offspring -- once
again, Nature has an infallible plan. Nature dictates that the offspring
resemble the Asian or African parent, where the genes of the Caucasian
parent are evident only in producing a lighter skinned Asian or African. We
might ask ourselves how the Caucasian parent can love the child, but of
course, that parent has already declared those characteristics "loveable" in
their mate -- after all, they were attractive enough to put the Caucasian in
bed or in a relationship with the Asian or African in the first place.
Finding those traits in their own child will answer some aesthetic yearning
(not one we necessarily share, but not such a shock to the Caucasian already
programmed to find those traits beautiful and good). A child of rape is
obviously another matter entirely, but where the parent enters into the
relationship willingly, they obviously see some beauty in that "other" type
to begin with -- loving the product (child) of that union is not really such
a stretch.

Finally, I was listening to NPR yesterday and did you know that Whitney
Housten has an admirer? Apparently one of his lieutenants reported that bin
Laden has said that he would have loved to have had this woman as one of his
wives - bit of a crush, it seems. Wandering the wind scraped goat trails of
Tora Bora singing under his breath, Aye-ee-aye, will always lu-uuv
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 10:53
*What I said to Veejay, the Filipino*

*Dear Veejay:*
* *
*Thank you for your eloquent job application.*
* *
*I suggest you stay home.*
* *
*Canada now has 8.4% unemployment. There are not enough jobs for Canadians
* *
*There is growing racial tension.*
* *
*Stay in the Philippines and apply your worthy skills to bettering your own
* *
*Paul Fromm*

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 5:46 AM, Veejay Lord Maligro <
[email protected]> wrote:

> Good day to you!
> My name is Veejay Lord B. Maligro, a Filipino from the Philippines seeking
> employment to your country.
> I'm very hardworking, responsible, trustworthy, fast learner, and a law
> abiding citizen. I can work
> all around cleaner, food attendant, laborer, general worker or any job
> position you want me. Please give me a chance to work with you.
> Kindly open attachment for my resume. I'm willing to email you all
> requirements needed.
> Please hire me. Thank you and God Bless.
> If you have questions, please do reply or call me (24/7) at +639227004855.
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