The Danzig Street Shoot-out: Poorly Screened Immigration the Cause They Won't Discuss
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 23 July 2012 15:07
*The Danzig Street Shoot-out: Poorly Screened Immigration the Cause They
Won't Discuss*

On the evening of Monday, July 16, about 200 people were gathered outside a
welfare housing complex in the Morningside-Lawrence Ave. area of
Scarborough (a suburb on the east side of Toronto). There was raucous music
and a crowd of men, women and many children. Until there was a noise
complaint, the police weren't even aware of the event.What happened next is
a bit hazy. Reportedly several blacks, not from the complex, appeared.
There was some bad blood. Shooting started. One man fell injured and
continued firing furiously while on the ground. [Hence, many of the
wounded, perhaps, luckily only sustained wounds to their legs.] People fled
in all directions. Several were trampled and hurt. When the gun smoke had
cleared, two people lay dead and 24 were wounded.

Immediately politicians and editorialists denounced the shooting. "Cowards
and thugs," fumed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. But like so many silly willys,
none would utter the truth. In an otherwise peaceful city, this latest
outrage followed a depressing pattern -- Black (Jamaican or Somali) gang

So dainty was the media in describing the shootings -- the victims, the
nature of the gathering, or the suspected gunmen -- that a visitor from St.
John's Nfld., who didn't know the city, might be forgiven for being
apprehensive about accepting a block party invitation at friends, say, in
the area of middle Etobicoke (solidly middle class) or southwest
Scarborough (largely middle class) or the Beaches (yuppie and trendy). Such
fear would be unjustified. What the media only reluctantly reported and
only in dribs and drabs was that this welfare housing area, like most in
Toronto, was heavily populated with Blacks.

Pictures of the two murdered victims and their mourning relatives showed
they were black. In a telling description of the complex the next day Peter
Kuitenbrouwer wrote: "Men and women sat in faded plastic chairs drinking
white rum mixed with Oasis fruit and vegetable juice from plastic cups,
smoking marijuana and tobacco, and talking about the events of Monday
night. One man, who said he had 12 children, flashed a smile that showed
teeth capped in gold and diamonds, before taking a call from his mother in
Jamaica on his smart phone." (*National Post*, July 18, 2012)

This is not the picture of poverty but of taxpayer subsidized indolence and
entitlement -- a mouth full of bling, smart phones, 12 children, the
denizens sitting around and doing drugs.

*Globe and Mail* columnist Margaret Wente, while denying race was an issue,
came close to the truth when she wrote (July 18, 2012): ""But make no
mistake: In certain neighbourhoods, a war is on. It’s a war against peace
and order waged by the forces of social disintegration. It’s the same war
that killed Jane Creba in 2005, two people at the Eaton Centre last month
and dozens of other victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the
wrong time. The single most significant root cause is not guns or crummy
housing or racism or inadequate policing or lenient sentencing or lack of
jobs or insufficient social programs. It is family and community breakdown.
Most especially, it’s absent fathers.Social programs are essential. But all
the social programs in the world can’t make up for family disintegration."

While Canadians of European descent sometimes have illegitimate children,
illegitimacy is the norm is rampant, among Blacks, especially Jamaicans.
The illegitimacy rate is over 70 per cent! Since the immigration revolution
of 1965, when Canada turned its back on our traditional sources of
immigration, we have flung the doors open to the Third World.

Former diplomat Ian Macdonald explains what happened: "The issue, at least
as far as Canada is concerned, is not numbers but quality. Under the Old
Immigration Act only applicants who met minimum standards of education,
health, character and, above all, assimilability, were admitted, ensuring
that they would make a net contribution and enrich both the Canadian
society and gene pool. As a result very few resorted to welfare or
required medical services. Today, the screening process no longer exists
and the vast majority are self-selected, clogging up and pre-empting the
intake process to the point that healthy, better-qualified,
eminently-assimilable potential immigrants, including Britons, in many
cases are not even given the application forms.

Immigration Canada bureaucrats have been aware of the dangerous folly of
the open-door policy since its inception in 1970 but senior officials and
front- line officers who objected were quickly silenced and threatened with
dismissal if they opposed the sinister plan to 'achieve racial balance in
Canada', a quotation from Trudeau that appeared in a Confidential letter to
Immigration officers circa 1970. Unqualified blacks from the West Indies
were then admitted without examination while Whites were virtually banned,
except those with jobs in Canada."

Canada then embraced multiculturalism. This idiot doctrine proclaims that
all cultures are equal and people should be encouraged to practise their
culture. Under Trudeau, Canada allowed in many Jamaicans. Jamaica has a
violent drug and gun culture. Add to that, there is rampant promiscuity and
illegitimacy rates over 70 per cent.

This is not to be morally self-righteous. However, illegitimacy is the
biggest single predictor of serious problems in life. Patrick Buchanan
underscores the importance of the two-parent family in his book *Suicide of
a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?:* "In 2007, illegitimacy rates
began to rise again. For black Americans, it went from 69.9 per cent to
71.6 per cent of all births. For Hispanics, it rose above 50 per cent for
the first time. ... Why are these dramatic increases significant? Because
the correlation between illegitimacy rates, dropout rates, crime rates,
and incarceration is absolute, The more children born out of wedlock, the
more who will never graduate from high school and will get into trouble
before they are adults. The social scientist Charles Murray calls
illegitimacy 'the single most important social problem of our time -- more
important than crime, drugs, poverty, illiteracy, welfare of homelessness
because it drives everything else. ...

The *Village Voice* found that children brought up in single-,mother homes
'are five times more likely to commit suicide, nine times more likely to
drop out of high school, 10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,
14 times more likely to commit rape (for boys), 20 times more likely to end
up in prison, and 32 times more likely to run away from home.'" And, we've
important people from a culture with a 70%-plus illegitimacy rate and
wonder why there is this rash of shooting. It's a failed immigration
policy, friends!

Many unskilled Jamaican women were admitted for low paying jobs. Even if
they held these jobs, they often were so poor, wit their imported children,
that they lived in subsidized housing. More children are born and more
often than not fathered by a series of fathers, none who stayed around in
marriage. We are now into the third or fourth generation of welfare mamas,
living in public housing. Boys grow up with no real father figure. The role
models are violent rap singers or drug pushers.

A series of high profile shootings typically occurs in the weeks leading up
to Caribana. But even by the standards of a community that fully expects
crowds to be strafed with bullets, this year's carnage is unusual. On June
2, Guyanese Christopher Husbands killed fellow *Sic Thugs* gang member,
Somali Ahmed Hassan and injured six bystanders in the Eaton Centre
shooting. On July 5, Hassan's cousin, Abdulle Elmi (born here to Somali
parents), was mysteriously transported to an upscale
Etobicokeneighbourhood in his underwear where he too was shot and

On July 16, the day before Caribana opened, a BBQ at a Scarborough housing
project erupted in gunfire that would leave black celebrants
ShyanneCharles, 14, and Joshua
Yasay, 23, dead and an unprecedented two dozen injured. Three days later,
police would lay the first charge against a 19-year-old black named Nahom
Tsegazab (*AKA '2ToneShorty'*) [*Where do they dream up these names?]* .
The day Caribana opened, the body of another black shooting victim was
found dumped on a lonely soccer pitch: Jamaican victim Clayton Wright's
brother Winston surrendered to police the following day and was charged
with 1st degree murder.

Two days after Caribana got underway, the body of yet another black
shooting victim, Daniel Davis *(AKA 'Snoop'*), 27, was found dumped in a
schoolyard. Police are seeking a suspect described as a black male.
Caribana celebrations lurched into the first weekend: On Friday evening, a
31-year-old man was found outside a townhouse in the Jane-Finch corridor,
suffering a gunshot wound to the head. The man is in critical condition and
police are looking for a suspect described as a black male in his 20s.
About midnight Saturday, police found two men in a car riddled with bullet
holes at the Jane Bloor intersection. Both men are expected to survive and
police are looking for a suspect described as a black male with a shaved

"Around 4 a.m. on Saturday, a 43-year-old man was rushed to a trauma centre
after a shooting near Kennedy and Ellesmere Rds. in Scarborough. He
suffered several gunshot wounds to his abdomen. His injuries are not
thought to be life-threatening. ... Thirty-one people were shot in the city
in the last six days, including the shooting at a Danzig St. [BBQ]." (*Toronto
Star*, July 21, 2012)

At 30 dead in mid-July, Toronto is averaging more than one murder a week
this year. And Caribana, *AKA The Adoration of the Bouncing Cellulite, AKA
Tit For Tat Deadly Payback*, has barely creased this year's feather and
sequin market. From available data, 19 of Toronto's 30 dead were black, one
was Vietnamese, 5 were white (including a skateboarder killed by an
Ethiopian cabbie in an apparent road rage incident) and 5 were unknown,
unidentified, or no photo available. Toronto mayor Rob Ford was pummelled
for straying near forbidden territory when he suggested that perpetrators
should be deported. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was pummelled for
tweeting that foreign criminals should be booted promptly, rather than
being allowed to commit more mayhem while fighting removal orders. Less
constructive was the pouting strategy: "Leaders of Toronto’s
African-Canadian community criticized all levels of government at a news
conference for what they say is a failure to include them in discussions of
gun violence prevention." (*National Post*, July 19, 2012)

In a visit to the Danzig Road project, columnist Margaret Wente found a
dysfunctional and unco-operative community, unwilling to assist the police
in finding those who had killed or wounded more than two dozen from their
community: "But today nobody is interested in talking about the killers.
Nobody is speculating about who did it or urging the police to catch them.
... In fact, hardly anyone is helping the police at all." (*Globe and Mail*,
July 21, 2012)

Oddly, for public housing, the cars in the driveways and parking lot seem
amazingly posh, she notices: " The parking lots are full of the same cars
and vans you'd find on any prosperous suburban street -- Toyotas, Caravans,
Hondas, Nissans, a Honda Odyssey, a couple of Lexuses, a Volvo S40, even a
shiny black BMW." The affluence of the pampered poor must be galling to
taxpayers hauling themselves to work to pay for all this.

Wente goes on to observe: "Weed smoking is rampant but the police don't
interfere.. ... The tenants out and about ... are predominantly black. Most
I talked to were born in Canada. Most have lived here for years. Most are
single mothers and their children. Most of the adult men here seem to be

Many of the recent deaths in Toronto and Alberta involve Somalis, most
involved in pushing drugs. Again, in the early 1990s, this time thanks to
Brian Mulroney, we imported tens of thousands of Somali "refugees." They
came from one of the most violent drug and gun cultures in the world. Two
decades later large numbers remain in subsidized housing and many of their
young men are drug peddlers,and gang members.

Several thousand headed from the public housing projects of Toronto to
Alberta for work in the oil sands. Many, apparently unqualified for such
employment, took to cocaine dealing. Some 23 have been killed. Almost none
on the murders have been solved and, while Somali community leaders demand
that the government do something, like the Jamaicans, the community gives
little co-operation to the police: " Law enforcement officials share a
common frustration in getting Somali community members to talk to
investigators." (*Globe and Mail*, June 23, 2012) And in an incident so
typical of befuddled Canada, dealing with high-maintenance, high
crime, unco-operative
newcomers, it's we who end up apologizing: "In one Edmonton murder case on
New Year's Day in 2011, a restaurant full of people yielded just one
suspect description. Homicide detective Bill Clark complained publicly
forcing the police chief to apologize [for what??!!] and mend fences with
Somali leaders."
It May Me Nothing But, .... Colorado Shooter Was Camp Counselor for Jewish Big Brothe
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 22 July 2012 23:16
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By: Tibbi Singer ( )
Published: July 21st, 2012
Latest update: July 22nd, 2012

tell a friend

An undated handout photo released by the University of Colorado shows
James Holmes, reportedly the shooter at a theater in Aurora, Colorado.
James Holmes, the Colorado graduate student who is suspected of
killing 12 moviegoers and wounding 58 others on Friday during the
premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” worked as a camp counselor
in Los Angeles County in 2008 that was run by Jewish Big Brothers and
Sisters (JBBBS) ( ), the group’s CEO
told NBC4 on Saturday.
James Holmes, 24, worked as cabin counselor at Camp Max Straus in the
summer of 2008, according to Randy Schwab, the CEO of Jewish Big
Brothers Big Sisters.
Schwab’s statement read: “It is with shock and sorrow that we
learned of the incident in Aurora. Our hearts and prayers go out to
all the families and friends of those involved in this horrible
tragedy. On behalf of Camp Max Straus I want to offer our deepest
sympathies and condolences.”
Schwab said that, as cabin counselor, Holmes was in charge of the care
and guidance of about 10 children. His role was to ensure that the
children had a “wonderful camp experience.”
According to Schwab, Holmes helped the children in his care “learn
confidence, self esteem and how to work in small teams to effect
positive outcomes.”
His statement continued: “These skills are learned through
activities such as archery, horseback riding, swimming, art, sports
and high ropes course.”
Camp Max Straus is a nonsectarian program for children ages 7-14,
which is run by Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles.
Holmes is not Jewish.

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Hear Paul Fromm Fill in for Maggie Rodden on "The Unsolicited Opinion" Monday- Frida
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 22 July 2012 23:11
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Hear Paul Fromm Fill in for Maggie Rodden on "The Unsolicited Opinion"
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Monday: -- aftermath of the Danzig Rd. welfare housing shootout
-- aftermath of the Colorado shooting
-- special guest -- long-time member of Canada's gun

Tuesday: -- cutting through excuses for minority misbehaviour
- special guest Gordon Lee Baum, CEO, Council of
Conservative Citizens, largest grassroots activist White Rights
group in the U.S.

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