Will Another Phoney Set-up Drag Us Into A War for Israel Against Iran?
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 02 February 2012 19:53
*Will Another Phoney Set-up Drag Us Into A War for Israel Against Iran?*

Dear colleagues and friends

Have you seen this brief yet stunning film?

View with a view to distribute far and wide as a matter of urgency!


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My Friend Earl On "White Skin Privilege"
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 20:07
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My Friend Earl On "White Skin Privilege"

This idiot is the Mayor of Duluth, MN. He is funding billboards
deploring "White Skin Privilege."

Mayor Don Ness
Duluth, MN

Count me as someone who is grateful for my "White Skin Privilege."

I am grateful for my WSP because it allows me the privilege of paying
taxes to the Yankee Government, which then distributes more than $1
Trillion of such taxes per year to every baby-daddy, baby-momma,
welfare cheat, drug-dealer, Oprah-watcher, petty criminal, alcoholic,
drug-addict and deadbeat in Duluth and every other large, urban area
in the U.S.

It also teaches me patience, as I observe non-whites with I.Q.s lower
than their shoe size moved to the front of every employment line,
while those of us with WSP obligingly move to the back of those lines.

WSP also affords me the opportunity to hear -- at 100 to 120 decibels
-- all the latest "Hip-Hop" songs composed and sung by illiterate and
criminal drug-addicts, whenever I venture out into traffic in any
urban area: It's such a joy to be able to hear them so clearly without
having to purchase them, first !

WSP also gives me the motivation to work on Martin Luther King Day --
despite it's being a holiday -- so I can reject the canonizing of a
communist party member, who routinely savaged and sodomized white
prostitutes, as he was caught doing the night he was awarded the Nobel
Prize in Oslo. (Instead, it has motivated me to celebrate Robert E.
Lee Day with a greater enthusiasm and reverence than ever before.)

It has also made me recognize the absolute necessity of purchasing a
great many weapons, and becoming proficient with them. It has further
convinced me to get a concealed-carry license, so that my WSP doesn't
get me randomly murdered by that demographic you love so much in
theory, as has occurred to over 200,000 Americans sharing my WSP since
the mid-1960s...

Finally, what my WSP has really done for me is make me (and nearly
everyone I know) a conservative to the right of Rush Limbaugh, who
will never vote for a "Democrat" as long as I live, and who cannot
wait to use my C/C License when the opportunity presents itself...

Earl P. Holt III
Longview, TX

P.S. I know damned well you don't live amongst them, just like every
other leftist Yankee hypocrite, who loves them in the abstract, but
runs like hell from them

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Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Old Problems & New Hopes
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 20:03
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Old Problems & New

January 24, 2012
[image: Merlin Miller]<http://reasonradionetwork.com/images/2012/01/Merlin_Miller-outside.jpg>

*Paul Fromm*

- … exposes “multicultural” re-education programme a Canadian worker
must undergo, after his employer spies on him and finds him posting White
nationalist views on Facebook;
- … warns about loose talk about killing Obama; ultra-Zionist editor in
Atlanta urges Mossad to assassinate the U.S. president;
- … interviews hard-line immigration reformer and supporter of
intelligent isolationism, Merlin Miller, graduate of West Point and movie
producer, candidate for President for the American Third Position.

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