25th Annual European American Heritage Festival in P=?windows-1252?Q?ulaski_Celebrate
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 05:10
*25th Annual European American Heritage Festival in Pulaski *
Celebrates America’s European Founding/Settler People

*PULASKI, TN. October 22, 2011*. The march of pride stretched out more than
a city block here. Over 100 patriots, two from as far away as Canada,
marched behind a fluttering sea of the flags of their European homelands on
a crisp Autumn day to celebrate European achievements and pride. The
25thannual European American Heritage Festival was pronounced a “solid
by organizer Pastor Thomas Robb of the Christian Revival Center in Harrison,

The event started 25 years ago to protest plans to proclaim Martin Luther
King Day. In recent years, it morphed into a celebration of pride in the
European founding/settler people of the United States. The event featured
literature tables, tables displaying teeshirts, with a goodly display of
Confederate memorabilia, and tables with home crafts and jewellery .For the
first time, there was a custom and antique car show. Lively music was
provided by Heritage Connection – Charity Dunscombe and Shelby Pendergraft,
Pastor Robb’s grand daughters, who have just brought out their fourth CD.

The purpose of the European-American Heritage Festival is “to offer an
opportunity to European-Americans (usually called White Americans) to
demonstrate love for their heritage, people and culture,” explains Pastor

“We gather here to exercise free speech in this beautiful Tennessee town
founded by our White ancestors,” Rachel Pendergraft the MC told the crowd
gathered in the spacious parking lot of the Giles C County Court House’s.

“Every single signer of the Declaration of Independence was of European
descent,” Pastor Robb told the crowd. This is our land,” he added. “It was
your forefathers who faced savage Indians, tilled the soil, and irrigated
parched land, once considered worthless and made it produce food to feed the
nation and to feed many others. It was your forefathers who harnessed the
forces of Nature.”

The reason the politically correct hate you, Pastor Robb explained “is
because the moment you become proud again, you become a conqueror again.
Europeans came to this continent as free men, not as slaves in a ship or
sneaking across another people’s border. Our frontier was their ‘New
England’ – a European country,” he added.

“White students are ashamed that they have no culture. They are told by
those who wish our genocide that they have no ‘groove’, ‘soul’ or rhythm’.
But out of the European blood of their ancestors came waltzes, symphonies,
classical and country music. While others were hanging on a hollow log, our
European ancestors were making pianos and guitars,” he said.

“What happened to the republic given to us by our forefathers?” Pastor Robb

He reminded the festival attendees that, coming out of Independence Hall in
Philadelphia after signing the Declaration of Independence, a then aged and
feeble Benjamin Franklin was confronted by a woman who demanded: “ Dr.
Franklin, what have you given us?”

“Lady,” Benjamin Franklin replied,” we have given you a republic, if you
can keep it.”

In a stirring conclusion to his remarks, Pastor Robb reminded the crowd:
“The Fifth Commandment says, ‘Honour thy Father and thy Mother that your
days may be long upon the land.’ If we lose it now, it will be because of
our failure to love our heritage, to love our people and to do our duty.”

The festival attracted a film crew from New York City and a reporter from
French television Channel Plus who had travelled from Paris specially to
cover this aspect of American politics.

Festival sponsors included the *American Free Press* and the *Barnes Review*,
the Derek Black Show, broadcaster James Edwards and the Political Cesspool,
Reason Radio Network the Abundant Life Fellowship, author and broadcaster
Dr. Tomislav Sunic, the *Nationalist Times*, and the Canadian Association
for Free Expression.

CAFÉ Director Paul Fromm gave extensive interviews to the press. “I was
delighted to see two giant Red Ensigns, the flag of the real Canada, proudly
carried in the ranks of the flags of our European homelands,” he said.
Moslems Can Discriminate in Ontario; The Dispossessed Majority Cannot
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 23 October 2011 16:30
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Moslems Can Discriminate in Ontario; The Dispossessed Majority Cannot

The following expose by lawyer/journalist Ezra Levant demonstrates why
human rights commissions across the Dominion of Canada should be
abolished. Most are a menace to free speech. However, beyond that,
they are captives of people who hate the European founding/settler
Majority and shamelessly favour and promote minorities of every sort.
In housing rental, the owner should be free to rent to people who suit
him; in a word, he should be able to "discriminate." The weirdos at
the Ontario Human Rights Commission have no problem with Moslems
discriminating, but the Majority may not. Ontario could start its
fight against the deficit by firing the entire OHRC and repealing the

Paul Fromm

No Common Sense -- There's a word for what the OHRC allows: Bigotry
by Ezra Levant, The Calgary Sun
October 11, 2011
The Ontario Human Rights Commission says it’s illegal to advertise
an apartment for “students” or “seniors” only — that’s age

But when the OHRC was asked about dozens of “Muslims-only”
apartment-for-rent ads in the Toronto area, they said it’s out of
their hands.

Earlier this summer, the OHRC was clearly short of real work to do, so
it started creeping through apartment rental ads online —
cyberstalking is what some people might call it. It was appalled by
severely normal things landlords were saying.

They came up with an official list of illegal words to use in
apartment ads. “Perfect apartment for a student” is illegal.
Seriously — that’s one of the examples from the OHRC website. It
said that’s age discrimination. Calling your apartment an “adult
building?” Illegal. “Perfect for female student”. Illegal.

This summer, the OHRC threatened landlords and even the websites that
advertised these “discriminatory” words. But reporter Sarah
Boesveld was poking around the website Kijiji.ca and found 32
apartments that say “only Muslims need apply.” She called up the
human rights commission … which said it’s out of its hands.

Now, a part of private property is the right to choose who gets to
come on it — no matter what your reason is. Think of the middle-aged
male who wants to move into a sorority house. But that right goes
further — including the right to exclude people for any reason at
all. If you don’t like their personality, their annoying laugh, the
colour of their eyes.

And even the colour of their skin. That’s the point about private
property: You have the right to be wrong — you even have the right
to be racist.

We don’t like the idea of people being racist. “Muslims only” is
another way of saying “no Jews allowed” or “no Christians
allowed.” But it’s their property, not ours. If people don’t
like it, they can have a little picket outside the property, on the
street. A restaurant that discriminated that way might soon lose the
business of fair-minded customers. But there is a market for some
kinds of discrimination.

Take women-only fitness clubs. Surely they have the right to
discriminate against men. Surely the Black Students Society can only
allow blacks in. Surely a movie theatre can charge kids less than
adults.Discrimination is something we do every day — it’s really
another word for choosing. Sometimes people make choices for odious
reasons. That’s the price of freedom — and it’s a far lower
price to pay than the costs of having a government so invasive that it
can barge its way into every wrinkle of our lives, including our own

I’m not for prosecuting these 32 Muslims-only landlords. If they
want someone who follows their religion — for example, who won’t
bring pork or alcohol into the house, and who will respect their
religious traditions — that’s fine.
But the Ontario Human Rights Commission doesn’t believe in property
rights or freedom of association. They believe in counterfeit rights
— like the right not to be offended. Except, of course, if the
person doing the offending is Muslim, and the people being offended
are Jews and Christians and Sikhs and Hindus and atheists.

There’s a word for people like those at the OHRC who have different
standards for different religions: Bigots.
Source: http://www.calgarysun.com/2011/10/07/no-common-sense

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Pulitzer Demanded Mass Murder of Germans
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 23 October 2011 16:00
*Pulitzer Demanded Mass Murder of Germans*

*The following article appeared in the* *New York Times **(23 May, 1945; p.
11), regarding Jewish publishing magnate Joseph Pulitzer:*

* *


*Pulitzer Tells Rally Here That General Staff, Gestapo, SS and
Industrialists Should Be Shot*

*"Declaring that the entire German General Staff, the German industrialists
and financiers, and almost all, if not all, of the members of the Gestapo
and the SS should be put to death as war criminals, Joseph Pulitzer, editor
and publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, estimated last night that this
might involve the execution of possibly 1,500,000 individuals."*

* *

*'It is difficult to get any accurate figures on the numbers involved,' Mr.
Pulitzer said. 'But I estimate that somewhere between 1,000,000 and
2,000,000 is a reasonable figure. Possibly 1,500,000 may be the final

Sounds like genocide to me!*
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