Why I’m leaving Canada
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 18 September 2011 19:36
Why I’m leaving Canada

by John Newton

I’m a sixty four year old Canadian born man who watched this country grow
into an amazing place to live, and I never thought I’d ever be forced to
someday leave it. Over the past few decades I’ve been an eye witness to
Canada’s destruction, mostly due to our government flooding the country with
massive numbers of immigrants, and catering to their every demand. I’m not
questioning the quality of immigrants Canada has been accepting, but it is
obvious our government has been taking in way too many each year.

You can’t pump nearly 700,000 people per year into a country with a
population of only thirty million, and expect not to experience problems.
Canada’s health care systems are prime examples, as we went from having
doctors who do house calls to not even being able to find a family doctor.
You have to question the intelligence of a government who continually floods
our country with massive numbers of people when we have an unemployment rate
of more than 8%.

It’s great to be compassionate towards immigrants, but enough is enough. My
wife and I are moving to Costa Rica to escape the destruction of Canada.
It’s just too heart breaking for us to stay here and watch such a good
country continue to deteriorate and eventually die, due to government

Twenty thousand Canadians have already fled to Costa Rica, mostly due to the
much better health care system, a fully democratic government, very low
property taxes, less violent crime, fresh air, moderate climate all year
long, and a pure sense of freedom. If you would like more information about
escaping to Costa Rica, I am more than willing to provide you with
information. *[email protected]* <[email protected]>

*Frankly, I believe in staying and fighting to take back the Dominion of
Canada from the usurpers and interlopers and New World Order
revolutionaries, but Mr. Newton makes some powerful points. -- Paul Fromm*
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Sorting Out Reality
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 18 September 2011 05:56
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Sorting Out

September 13, 2011
[image: Shi Rong]<http://reasonradionetwork.com/images/2011/09/Shi_Rong.jpg>

*Paul Fromm*:

- Warns amorous Tory MP, Bob Deckert, about chasing Xin Hua reporter
cutie, Shi Rong. Xin Hua news agency fronts for Red Chinese intelligence;
- Hammers UNICEF for feeding over-breeding Somalis today who will expand
their population and fuel the next famine;
- Exposes another multicultural “success story”– Ayelech Zenebek Ejigu,
the Ethiopian killing
Scotiabank Prepares Whites for Minority Status
Written by Paul Fromm
Saturday, 17 September 2011 04:02
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By Henry Makow
September 13, 2011

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Not only doesScotiabank,Canada's third largest bank, sell financial
services, its commercials are helping Canadians of European descent
adjust to future minority status.

Scotiabank is a sponsor of the Canadian Football League. Thus,
millions of Canadians repeatedly see the ad above which depicts a well
intentioned but stupid white couple being instructed by a visible
minority woman employed by the bank.

If this were a one-off, I wouldn't be writing this. But much of this
bank's TV advertising discriminate against whites.If white males took
the roles of visible minorities and vice-versa, this racism and sexism
would be apparent.

The couple is returning a refund but the Chinese-Canadian adviser
explains that the money is really theirs (for using one of the bank's
products.) They greedily scoop it up and make their escape afraid the
adviser will change her mind. Indeed, she calls them back and gives
them a $20 bill they dropped in haste.

"I love this bank!" they exclaim.

Indeed, they love "multiculturalism." It pays them to love it.

Scotiabank can focus on social engineering because, with a market cap
of $55 billion, it makes a profit of more than $400 million (
)every month. It has 2000 branches in 50 countries with 70,000

It's motto is "You're Richer than You Think," which one wag changed to
"We're Richer than You Think."


Based on Scotiabank's commercials, you'd think that Canada was full of
visible minority women. In fact, according to the last census in 2006
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Canada ), visible
minorities of both sexes made up about 15% of Canada's 33 million

But don't tell this to Scotiabank. In this commercial (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J50ybQdJayU&NR=1 ), entitled "Who's the
Man?" an East Indian woman adviser gives marriage counseling to a
stupid white couple.

The overbearing white woman confides that her henpecked husband thinks
this is a good time to invest. "Can you set him straight?"

The adviser says that in fact, he may be right. At which the
browbeaten husband tears off his shirt to reveal an "I'm Right"
T-Shirt and emits an adolescent "whoop!" heard throughout the branch.

The commercial drew the following comment on You Tube: "This beat
comes from the great white north. The fat ugly useless white man,
thinks he's right about investing, but needs the black woman to
confirm to the fatso [wife that] he is, in fact, right. The stupid
white man acts retarded and loud, and is so happy that the smart black
has made him feel right." Note the black gentleman looking confused
at the barbarian antics of the white buffoon."

In another commercial (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FiZ2VEoYGQ&NR=1 ), an East Indian male
is able to crash the ranks of Scotiabank's colored female advisers.

He gives the proverbial dumb white couple advice on whether to take a
fixed or variable-rate mortgage. Then, the couple flip a coin to see
whether to have Mexican or Chinese for lunch. The coin stands on its
end. In the final scene, they are eating "Chexican" which is what
Canada will look like in a few years.

In contrast, Chinese Canadian customers get commercials (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwAV5RUSNO4 ) in Cantonese in which
their adviser is a Chinese Canadian. East Indian customers get advice
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQN8rggY6uk )from a white woman who
actually speaks some Hindi! It must be nice to be treated with respect
in commercials.

And customers at Scotiabank's foreign subsidiaries such as Mexico are
spared the social engineering because they aren't in the Illuminati





As an immigrant, and son of immigrants, I always wanted to contribute
to my country.

I didn't want to be used by a foreign-based Cabalist (i.e. Masonic)
financial cartel to subvert the majority and alter the country's
ethnic makeup. I'm sure the majority of visible minority immigrants
feel the same way.

The Illuminati bankers claim they are promoting "equality" and
fighting "discrimination." If this were true, they would be
color-blind and promote on the basis of merit alone. Visible
minorities in commercials would reflect their proportion of the

The Illuminati bankers' agenda is to empower visible minorities at the
expense of people of European descent. The overall agenda is to
undermine the homogenous national character of all European
Christian-based nations so they can be integrated into a totalitarian
one- world government.

"We will undermine every collective identity except our own," they say
in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This applies to race and
nation, as well as religion (God) and family.

This kind of advertising is not limited to banks. There is a recent
Speedy Lube commercial where the single white woman needs "an oil
change." Naturally she doesn't have a man to take care of this
problem. She writes a "Dear John" letter to her dealer, who is a
ruggedly handsome white man, informing him that he has been replaced
by a little Filipino at Speedy Lube. The white man has been

I am not against intermarriage, but I get suspicious when corporations
are pushing it.

If you think I am reading too much into these commercials, don't kid
yourself. They are prepared by advertising agencies who get their
marching orders from the Illuminati bankers via the Tavistock

Message to corporations: Sell your product not your evil Illuminati
social agenda or the public will boycott you.


Related- Makow "Elite Admit to Secret Social Engineering"

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