National European American Leadership Seminar September 17
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 09 September 2011 02:19
National European American Leadership Seminar September 17
In just over one week, Saturday, September 17, the European American
Leadership Seminar will be held the full day and evening near Knoxville,
Tennessee. It will focus on Practical Politics and the Tactics of White
Awakening and Mobilization.
This will not a be a hand-wringing session bemoaning the sad condition of
our people and nations, but a practical seminar concentrating solely on what
we can do about it. Specifically, it concerns itself with the high mountain
highway of White preservation, renewal and empowerment. It will deal
primarily with the ideological and verbal war against our heritage and how
to counter anti-White racist ideology and psychology pervading the media and
academia. It will focus on methods for our activists and leaders to abandon
the defensive positions of traditional conservatism and go on the
ideological and psychological offense. Also, it will teach our people how to
avoid the traps of the anti-White ideologues and show how the anti-White
minions are the true racists and hypocrites on these critical matters. The
Seminar will be interesting, entertaining, exciting and inspiring! There
will also be music and great fellowship for like-minded people from all over
the United States and from many parts of the Western World.
The seminar is organized by dedicated activists in the Knoxville, Tennessee
area and is sponsored by Stormfront, the Don and Derek Black Radio Show and
by David Duke. Dr. Duke will be a main presenter and will give a practical
and inspiring after dinner talk Saturday evening. The event will have
interaction atmosphere with a purposefully limited attendance. There will be
lots of audience participation and a practical workshop setup.
The speakers will include, among others, the brilliant attorney and writer,
Sam Dickson, activist Paul Fromm of Canada, European American talk show
phenom, James Edwards, the witty White activist, philosopher, and former
Washington insider Bob Whittaker, Horus the Avenger of White Rabbit fame,
along with sponsors Don and Derek Black. Contributors will also include Dr.
Ed Fields and other notable attendees who will be announced on the Day of
this exciting event.
The venue is situated in the Smokey Mountains and there are ample
opportunities for you and your family to enjoy the considerable attractions
of nature in the area. On Sunday, there will be a Mountain walk and
mountaintop discussion with Dr. Duke and Derek Black, which promises to be a
very special event which a number of activists expect to be one of the most
memorable experiences in their life.
Registration is only $45 dollars per person for the event that will last
from 9 am Saturday, September 17, to 10 pm that evening, with a break for a
catered lunch and supper. The optional mountain walk and session will take
place Sunday morning.
To register go to
Because of security considerations, the exact location will not be released
until just prior to the event. It is suggested that you plan to arrive in
the Knoxville area Friday evening by air or automobile, but don't make any
hotel reservations until you are notified, so that you will find
accommodation close to the venue. If you fly into Knoxville, you may wish to
arrange for a rental car in order to reach your accommodations and the venue
efficiently. Again, you can make flight or auto trip planning now, but wait
to make any lodging reservations until we give you more details. There will
be plenty of reasonably-priced rooms available in the area close to the
We look forward to seeing you there!
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Struggling for Freedom
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 08 September 2011 04:07
Hear Paul Fromm -- The Fighting Side of Me: Struggling for

August 30, 2011
[image: Bob Whitaker]

*Paul Fromm:*

- Hammers Big Brother banning cellphone use in Alberta;
- Slams hotels that demand photo ID;
- Marvels at Obama’s uncle, a Kenyan illegal in the U.S., nailed for DUI
in Massachusetts;
- Boosts STORMFRONT’s “Practical Politics Seminar: Non-Voting Politics
and 21st Century Verbal Tactics For Anyone White and Normal” conference,
Sept. 17 near Knoxville, TN. Speakers include Bob Whitaker, James Edwards,
Sam Dickson, Don Black, Paul Fromm;
- Urges Canadian immigration reformers to speak up on
consultation by Sept. 17.

Most Canadians stood by and watched Canada die
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 05 September 2011 02:10
*Most Canadians stood by and watched Canada die*

*Our parents (or grandparents) came to Canada from Europe or the British
Isles and turned this country into an amazing place to live. They were not
handed welfare cheques, subsidized housing, or a free education as soon as
they stepped off the boat. They were given nothing.*

*So what did we do to help maintain our parent’s accomplishments?*

1. *We allowed politicians to stop virtually all moderate immigration
from Europe, and, instead, turned to excessive immigration from
Third World
2. *We stood by and watched government take away the Red Ensign,
the very flag thousands of our ancestors died fighting under, plus the
Imperial measuring system, all in the name of making Third World
feel like a new and special country was being created just for them.*
3. *We continually allow government to flood Canada with immigrants,
even though our unemployment rate is close to 8%, our health
care system is
on the verge of destruction, and our social programmes are
nearly bankrupt.

*The bottom line is that “we”, the children of Canada’s European founding
settlers, screwed up. We stood by and watched everything our ancestors
built be destroyed. We complain about traffic gridlock, having to move to
the suburbs to avoid the smell of curry, and the fact immigrants are willing
to work for less than you can afford to be paid.*

*During the past fifty years you had every opportunity to stand up and
confront government on the issue that “excessive” immigration was having a
negative effect on your quality of life, but you did nothing but complain to
your co-workers or family. Due to this negligence you and your
grandchildren will suffer for the rest of their lives. Due to your
failures Canada will have a fully Third World government by 2050, and your
grandchildren will be minorities.*

*This article has not been prepared to discredit the quality of
immigrants Canada is accepting, it’s a simple matter of our country taking
in too many over such a short period of time. Too much of anything is
poison. It costs us up to $23-billion a year to provide accommodation,
food, health care, and housing for immigrants. This is an amount we cannot

*Do you not have a minute to finally express your concerns to our prime


*Better yet, fill out this survey about Canada's Europeans-destructive
immigration policies. You have until September 19. You must answer every
question and rank alternatives, even if you don't agree, You can really
express your views in the various "comments" sections.*
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