The Dim-Sum Pipeline
Written by Paul Fromm
Friday, 29 April 2011 04:51
*The Dim-Sum Pipeline*
"Canadian Embassy officials in Beijing have turned up the heat on Chinese
nationals posing as chefs to fraudulently obtain visas to enter Canada under
a provincial work programme. The so-called Chinese *dim sum* and gourmet
cooks use phony letters they claim are from Canadian restaurants offering
them a job because of their skill. The letters are given to embassy
officials to obtain a visa under a *provincial nominee programme* since
there is a demand for the cooks in Ontario.

[Under the programme, provinces admit foreign fry cooks and other
'desperately needed' workers who would not qualify under the points system
and fast track citizenship]. 'Beijing has experienced a consistent
incidence of fraud for cases submitted under the provincial nominee
category,' said a report that was drafted by immigration official, *Francesca
Imperato*. The April 2010 '*Fraud in the Provincial Nominee Programme in
Beijing*' report said, in 2009, about 129 cases were refused visas due to
misrepresentation. 'The most common occupation where fraud was identified
was that of cooks with a total of 36 fraudulent cases,' Imperato said. The
report said visa officers in Beijing were busy in 2009 by intercepting eight
bogus welders, six fake electricians and three phony business managers, many
of whom had letters of employment promised by some Ontario firms that did
not exist. 'In 2009 the misrepresentation was determined as a result of
field investigations and or by telephone verifications,' the report said,
adding the remaining fraudulent cases involved lower skilled occupations.
The immigration scam involving phony chefs first surfaced *in 1998* when
Canadian Embassy staffers in Bejing began encountering a rash of fraudulent
cooking certificates. Many of the chefs arrive here and claim refugee
status or head to the U.S., officials said. ... About 1,000 foreign workers
are brought to work yearly in Ontario under the nominee programme. Canada
also requires police officers, journalists, machinists, truck drivers,
secretaries, dressmakers and accountants, according to the 2011 national
occupations list." (*Toronto Sun*, March 9, 2011)

So, we're recruiting for police overseas while young, Canadian-born
Caucasian men cannot even wangle an interview here. Is Canada really
suffering a shortage of homegrown journalists? Accountants? Truck
drivers? Are we supposed to believe that this 13-year-old dim-sum dodge --
phony letters from phony Chinese restaurants in Canada -- is beyond us?
Makes you wonder what the fee for a phony offer of employment from a real
Chinese restaurant is.

[This article appears in the April, 2011 issue of the *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION
HOTLINE*. Published monthly, the *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE* is available
by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or
VISA number and expiry date to *CANADIAN IMMIGRATION HOTLINE*, P.O. Box 332,
Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]
Fromm Sites “Personal Reason” for Running Against Kenney
Written by Paul Fromm
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 04:10
Elect Paul Fromm in Calgary Southeast

April 28, 2011

*For Immediate Release*

* *

*Fromm Sites “Personal Reason” for Running Against Kenney*

“Why I’m running against Jason Kenney is personal,” says Western Block Party
candidate Paul Fromm who is challenging the minister in Calgary Southeast.
“In 2007, he got me banned from the precincts of Parliament. I’d now like to
be able to walk in the front door by right.”

.On a motion by Jason Kenny, then Multiculturalism Minister, House of
Commons passed an order October 17, 2007 banning Mr. Fromm and his
associate Alexan Kulbashian from the precincts of the House of Commons for
the duration of the Parliamentary session., They had booked a half hour
press conference in the Parliamentary Press Gallery to criticize the
Canadian Human Rights Commission's assault on free speech on the Internet.

“Apparently, Kenney told the party House leaders that we might use our press
conference to spread hate,” Mr. Fromm recalls. “In fact, our press
conference was about freedom of speech and the tyranny of the Canadian Human
Rights Commission in its efforts to censor the Internet. Fromm and
Kulbashian worked for the Canadian Association for Free Expression and had
defended a number of the commission’s victims before human rights

“I was flabbergasted,” Mr. Fromm states. “I’d held numerous press
conferences previously, without complaint or incident.”

“The ironic thing,” Mr. Fromm adds, “is that the next year, over 90 per cent
of those present at the Conservative Party’s Winnipeg policy convention
voted to abolish Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. That’s the
Internet censorship section. And that’s exactly what we were advocating at
our press conference which had to be held away from the Parliament

“Mr. Kenney represents the increasingly dictatorial nature of the Harper
government, which has even started ordering press releases to refer to it as
the ‘Harper Government,’ not the ‘conservative Government’ or the
‘Government of Canada,’ Mr. Fromm adds.

* *

*Paul Fromm is a radio journalist and is your Western Block candidate in
Calgary Southeast. Mr. Fromm holds a B.A., B.Ed., and M.A. in English. The
editor of The Canadian Immigration Hotline, he is Canada’s best known
immigration critic and is in demands as a lecturer across Canada, the U.S.
and in Australia and New Zealand. He served some years ago as a school

Phone: 403-542-8426; E-mail **[email protected]* <[email protected]>*;
Facebook Paul Fromm for MP In Calgary Southeast; Western Block Party – *** <>**

* *
Michelle Erstikaitis Update: If You're Little Bad, You're Punished; If You're Big Bad
Written by Paul Fromm
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 06:03
*Michelle Erstikaitis Update: If You're Little Bad, You're Punished; If
You're Big Bad, You're Privileged*

For two years now, CAFE has backed Michelle Erstikaitis faced with a
"Dangerous Offender" designation, we believe, largely for her White
Nationalist political beliefs. Yes, in her late teens she committed several
crimes. She was severely punished. Since then, her offences have been two
minor assaults.

That's in the past. On April 11, Michelle had paid her debt to society and
was free with certain conditions. Within 24 hours, she had signed up as a
volunteer with Toronto Centre Conservative candidate Kevin Moore.
Articulate, attractively dressed and presentable, she was an instant hit.
She canvassed with the candidate, manned the phones and stuffed envelopes.

Planning to get a job and return to school,Michelle was doing everything
society said a person rehabilitating herself should do.

This morning, her efforts to contribute were thwarted because of the
meddling of the anonymous smearmongers at a nasty website called Anti Racist
Canada Blogspot [or is it blot spot?]. When she reported for a day of office
work -- unpaid, we might add -- she was called into a meeting with candidate
Moore and campaign manager David Gentile and unceremoniously "fired" from
her volunteer position. Apparently, this morning someone had posted the ARC
smear of Michelle on the Kevin Moore website.

Yes, that foul odor was the diarrhoea of fear filling up the adult diapers
of the Tories. Michelle was told: "It's about those assault charges against
you. You've been fanatastic here. We hate to do this, but you cant work for
the campaign anymore."

This is wrong and evil on so many levels. First, that would-be Tory
"leaders" would take the word of anonymous leftist smear artists is
disgusting. That's like calling people for dates based on "Call Laura for a
good time" scratched on washroom walls. It isn't even good old fashioned
political whoring. No ARC leftists are likely to be voting Tory.

Secondly. Michelle has behaved impeccably on the job. Isn't reform and a
second chance what society wants of her?

Thirdly, she'd paid her debt to society. Now the web scribblings and
fearmongering of the politically correct ARC hit squad is to rob her of a
chance to contribute.

Some might argue that the Tories must be cleaner than clean and have to get
rid of their new volunteer.

Perhaps, but how does one explain the unsavoury connections of some of
Harper's Big Boys?

Take, for instance their Tamil candidate in Scarborough Southwest Ragavan
[now remodelled for the election as "Gavan"] Paranchothy. He "played host
[on his television programme] last November. which honoured Tamil Tiger
'heroes' and 'freedom fighters' killed in the group's separatist war in Sri
Lanks. The Conservatives listed the Tigers as a terrorist group in
2006." (*Globe
and Mail*, April 25, 2011) But Stephen Harper stoutly defends his bad boy

Then, at the other end of the country in Vancouver South, the Tory
candidate, one Wai Young, is cozy with a man acquitted of participating in
the Air India bombing in 1985: "Liberal candidate Ujjal Dosanjh is calling
on his Conservative rival to explain why she’s enlisted a man into her
campaign who is linked to individuals involved in the Air India bombings.
Dosanjh has also filed an election complaint, alleging that Conservative
candidate Wai Young and Ripudaman Singh Malik are violating election laws by
using the Khalsa School of British Columbia in Vancouver to mount campaign
attacks against him." (*CBC News*, April 22, 2011) The millionaire Malik
initially managed to stick the Canadian taxpayers for millions of dollars
for his defence. So, hobnobbing with the unsavoury Malik passes muster in
Stephen Harper's regime. Malik may contorl some Sikh votes in them thar

And then there's Bruce Carson -- the 66 year-old gentleman with several
ex-call girl girlfriends over the years.The blog *Impolitic* (March 22,
2011) asked: "How did Bruce Carson, 66, come to be appointed as the
executive director of the Canada School of Energy and Environment, a
federally-funded think-tank that links academics from the University of
Alberta, the University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge? How did
Carson come to be named, only this January, to the Alberta government's
"expert panel," which is supposed to create a world-class environmental
monitoring system for Alberta's oilsands?

Carson, after all, was sentenced to 18 months in jail in the 1980s for theft
and fraud in relation to the misappropriation of funds from both his law
firm and his clients. (The thinktank website boasts of Carson's two legal
degrees, without mentioning that he was disbarred by the Upper Canada Law
Society in 1980.) More to the point, perhaps, Carson is a former senior
policy adviser to Stephen Harper, and a federal Conservative campaign
strategist who has been instrumental in structuring the federal government's
prooilsands PR strategy, and in serving as an adviser to CAPP, the Canadian
Association of Petroleum Producers.

He was appointed to the federally created, federally-funded think-tank in
2008 while he was actually working in Harper's office, and he continued to
do campaign strategy work and policy consultation for the Conservative party
and the Harper government even after he was named the school's executive
director. It's a degree of political consanguinity that undermines the
credibility and academic integrity of the think-tank, which is supposed to
be positioning Alberta as a world leader in "green" energy development.

Then, this January, Rob Renner, Alberta's environment minister, named Carson
as one of the 12 experts hand-picked to come up with a way to monitor
environmental impacts of the oilsands. How a person convicted of theft and
fraud, who was also advising CAPP and the federal government on how to put a
positive "spin" on oilsands development, was to add credibility to Alberta's
environmental monitoring practices isn't clear.
monitoring practices isn't clear."

Initially Stephen Harper defended Carson's appointment saying that his fraud
and other crimes had occurred long ago.

It' hard not to conclude that if you're a lowly volunteer there's one set of
rules; if you're a candidate or mover and shaker, there's another set of

Tory cowardice is despicable. So too are the anonymous smearmongers of
political correctness who seek to cost people jobs and ruin lives.

Here's the trashy Anti Racist Canada posting:

Michelle Erstikaitis Working on Conservative
You know, the Conservative Party doesn't seem to do a very good job of vetting
their aids<>or
learning about the people
who they accept endorsements

Latest example. The lovely Michelle
who we have written about on a number of
this blog as a result of Paul Fromm's efforts to have her considered
as a
White Nationalist political prisoner and who has a Facebook profile under
the pseudonym "Michelle
appears to be working the phones for a Conservative Party candidate in

It is difficult to see, but the sign that appears behind the Canadian flag
reads, "Moore." The only Moore we could find is Kevin
Moore<>who is running in Toronto Centre
against Bob Rae.

Interestingly, Mr. Rae was also the victim of vandalism when the tires of
his car were slashed<>.

Ms. Erstikaitis isn't playing a pivotal role in the the campaign of Kevin
Moore. In fact, it's doubtful if Moore, who doesn't seem to want get himself
messy by attending candidate
will do better than third place.

Given her history and her current links to Paul Fromm though, well, we just
thought that we would share this little bit of information with our readers.

Call it a fun fact.

That said, we wonder how Paulie, who is running against Conservative Jason
Kenney in Calgary, feels about Michelle working on the enemy's campaign?

*UPDATE: Our friend
Twitter account<>which
appears to confirm the information above.

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