Immigration should be about policy, not politics
Written by Paul Fromm
Thursday, 21 April 2011 02:36
Immigration should be about policy, not politics

*By Georgialee Lang,* April 18, 2011 Comments (59)

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[image: Georgialee Lang: "Canada’s politicians spar for immigrant votes,
with each party doing its best to hold on to its immigrant base."]

Georgialee Lang: "Canada’s politicians spar for immigrant votes, with each
party doing its best to hold on to its immigrant base."

You could wait a long time to hear a Canadian politician admit that our
immigration policies have little to do with Canadians’ interests, but much
to do with boosting their political fortunes.

Cynical, you say? Not in the face of Obama’s sweep of the polls in 2008 with
a torrent of Latino voters. What else could justify the numbers of
immigrants allowed into Canada, particularly in light of the 2008 recession,
our current fiscal deficit — the largest it has been in decades — and an
unemployment rate of 7.7 per cent?

The fact is that Canada cannot afford to support the influx of immigrants,
which in 2008 consisted of 272,000 foreign students and 247,000 permanent
residents made up of 149,000 skilled workers and entrepreneur/investors,
65,000 family members and 33,000 refugees or asylum applicants. Government
monies expended on immigrants and immigrant programs far surpass any
contribution they make to Revenue Canada’s coffers.

Why, even Hollywood’s disaffected run to the true north, strong and free.
Although in the case of Randy and Evi Quaid, it turned out that unbeknownst
to her, she was a Canadian citizen by virtue of her Saskatchewan father, and
now happily lives in Vancouver with her Canadian passport, husband by her

Add to all of this the estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants who sneak into
Canada each year, and you have a situation that cannot continue despite
cries from the NDP that we need immigrants to replace our aging population.
They propose increasing the quota to 330,000 every year.

Even with a significant number of skilled and professional immigrants
admitted each year, the hoops they must jump through to work in their
occupations are onerous. Consider all the health care professionals working
as nannies or medical aides instead of nursing or practicing medicine.

While it may be true that immigrants are twice as likely than those born in
Canada to hold a Master’s degree or a doctorate, a lot of them are still
driving taxicabs and working at McDonald’s.

The issue of accreditation is left to self-governing bodies in each
province. For example, an immigrant who is an engineer must be approved by
British Columbia’s Association of Engineers and Geoscientists, a body that
operates under provincial legislation.

Approval is difficult to obtain and skilled immigrants rarely end up
practicing their professions. Advocates for immigrants refer to this as the
“broken contract.” They are admitted under the skilled category but do not
work in their professional capacity.

It makes no sense to admit university educated immigrants to work in menial,
low-paying jobs. Another impractical flaw in the system.

A report in 2006 indicated that immigrants arriving in Canada between 2001
and 2006 had an unemployment rate of 11.5 per cent.

Canadians who dare raise the issue of our failed immigration policies are
quickly silenced and labeled bigots. Yet, can there be any right-thinking
citizen who is not outraged by the four and a half years it takes to banish
an illegal immigrant from Canada after endless appeals are exhausted, and
all benefits available have been wrung from the system, including free

Canada’s politicians spar for immigrant votes, with each party doing its
best to hold on to its immigrant base.

Liberal MPs Ruby Dhalla and Bob Rae have ridings with a heavy ethnic
presence. Dhalla’s riding is 50 per cent visible minority, while Rae’s, in
Toronto Centre, is 40 per cent. Not surprisingly, Dhalla and Rae introduced
a private member’s bill that sought to extend Old Age Security benefits to
immigrants after three years of residence in Canada, rather than the 10
years they must now wait. Canada’s baby boomers surely would not support
pensions for immigrants after a mere three years. This one wouldn’t.

Statistics Canada tells us that in 20 years almost 50 per cent of our
population will be foreign-born, or have at least one foreign-born parent.
The enhancement of our cultural mosaic may have to give way to practical
fiscal realities.

It’s time for Canadians to put aside their fears of being “politically
incorrect” and demand that our leaders overhaul Canada’s immigration laws,
free of any political considerations, and focused on what is best for

*Georgialee Lang is a Vancouver lawyer and arbitrator named in “Best Lawyers
in Canada.” She blogs at, and her website is .*
Fromm Accuses Sign Company of Discrimination
Written by Paul Fromm
Monday, 18 April 2011 21:06
*Elect Paul Fromm in Calgary Southeast*

* *

*For Immediate Release*

* *

*April 18, 2011*

*Fromm Accuses Sign Company of Discrimination*

Paul Fromm who is challenging Immigration Minister Jason Keeney in Calgary
Southeast accuses outdoor sign giant Pattison Outdoor Advertising of
discriminating against him and his immigration reform message..

Mr. Fromm approached the company twice to book space on some Calgary Transit
buses to advertise his candidacy. “We were finalizing the artwork on April
4,” Fromm recounts, “when sales representative Martin Kuzian informed me: ‘
Our designer was in the process of creating your ad and was told by
management that they cannot continue with this campaign as a result of our
sensitive relationship with Calgary transit and them not allowing for any
political campaigns on the transit system.’”

“I felt that this was discrimination because of my political message,” Fromm
explains. “My message read ‘Protect Alberta Jobs; Fight Traffic Gridlock –

Mr. Fromm decided to check with Calgary Transit. “I called them and told
them I wanted to place an ad for the federal election. They indicated they
had no problems with political ads and referred me back to Pattison Outdoor
Advertising back in Calgary.”

When Mr. Fromm approached the Calgary Office of Pattison Outdoor
Advertising, his business was initially accepted and work began on the art.
On April 7, Doug Forsythe Vice-President of Development informed the
candidate: “We have learned from our Oakville head office, who I understand
you were in previous contact with, that we are unable to accept your
campaign ad. “

“This is outright discrimination and very anti-democratic,” Mr. Fromm, 62, a
broadcaster and well known immigration critic charges. “The short election
period makes it a real challenge to put the issues before the voters.
Pattison’s refusal to carry this paid ad obstructs my campaign and impedes

Mr. Fromm indicates he has discussed this discrimination with Western Block
Party leader Douglas H,. Christie of Victoria. “We’re seriously considering
legal action against Pattison Outdoor Advertising,” Mr. Fromm adds.


Paul Fromm is a radio journalist and is your Western Block candidate in
Calgary Southeast. Mr. Fromm holds a B.A., B.Ed., and M.A. in English. The
editor of The *Canadian Immigration Hotline*, he is Canada’s best known
immigration critic and is in demands as a lecturer across Canada, the U.S.
and in Australia and New Zealand. He served some years ago as a school

Phone: 403-542-8426; E-mail [email protected]; Facebook Paul Fromm for MP
In Calgary Southeast; Western Block Party –
Hear Paul Fromm -- "The Fighting Side of Me" -- Voice of Reason Network. Tuesday Even
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 17 April 2011 03:54
Hear Paul Fromm -- "The Fighting Side of Me" -- Voice of Reason Network.
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of Tamil illegals headed for Canada and will examine why liberals just don’t
get it about race and racial differences.

*About Paul Fromm*

Paul Fromm is a former English instructor from Canada. He has a B.A., B.Ed.,
and M.A. in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of
Toronto and has taken post-graduate studies in Education and literature at
Waterloo University, Webster College in Missouri and the University of San
Francisco. He is a director of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He is
in demand as a speaker in Canada, Australia, and the United States on
immigration reform and the battle for free speech on the Internet.
He is the founder of the Citizens for Foreign Aid
Reform<>(C-FAR), the Canadian
Association for Free Expression <> (CAFE),
and the Canada First Immigration Reform
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