Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 25 October 2009 04:56
Censorship: Jewish Congressman Gets AmEx to Pull David Irving's
Privileges AmEx
yanks merchant privileges from author who denies Holocaust
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Oct 21st 2009 at 6:30PM
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David Irving is not a man with whom many of us would want to be associated.
The British-born historian has made a career peddling books and speeches
claiming that the Holocaust and Adolph Hilter's realm of genocide are
fabrications. He's run afoul of strict laws in Austria forbidding statements
of Holocaust denial and even has done jail time there for his beliefs.

Now, it seems American Express doesn't want to be associated with him,
either. When Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind learned that Irving accepted
American Express from people who wanted to buy his books or buy tickets to
his book tour events, he got a dozen lawmakers to sign a letter urging AmEx
to drop Irving and alerted the
The result? David Irving is no longer a merchant, according to American
Express. "It's effective immediately, as of yesterday," which is when the
card issuer was made aware of the nature of Irving's business, says AmEx
spokesperson Christine Elliott. "The materials that he sells on his website
are not consistent with the brand policies that we have in our merchant
agreement so we made the decision to terminate his ability to accept the
American Express card," Elliott tells WalletPop.

Irving still accepts Visa and Mastercard; Assemblyman Hikind says his office
would like to see those issuers drop Irving as well. He acknowledges this
will be a longer battle since many different banks use Visa and Mastercard.
If dropped by one, Irving could simply take his biased business to another
one. "We are figuring out how to do that," Hikind tells WalletPop. "It's a
more difficult nut to crack but we intend to crack it. We don't need to have
major corporations working with the guy."

Hikind is pleased with AmEx's response, though. "I'm very happy. I think
[the termination] was incredibly fast," he says of the company's response.
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 25 October 2009 04:55
SPLC: “Racists” are EVERYWHERE! Please send money to fight

When you’ve built an empire worth hundreds of millions under the guise of
“fighting racism,” you have to keep finding more racists to keep the
donations coming in.

Of course the Southern Poverty Law Center spends very little time and money
representing poor people. It only takes a few cases a year. Most of the
money either goes to pay outlandish salaries and bonuses, or it is added to
the $150 million and growing “endowment.” An endowment that never actually
funds anything and is referred to by critics as the “Morris Dees retirement

The SPLC has been denounced by both the right and the left as a con game.
Harper’s Magazine dubbed it little more than a fundraiser hustle, calling it
the “Church of Morris Dees.”

More and more the SPLC has to brand ordinary middle class Americans as
hard-core “racists” to justify its existence and fundraiser letters.

Recent additions to the list of hatemongers have been Tradition Catholics,
Pentecost Tent Revivals, the American Legion, the makers of the “Lord of the
Rings” trilogy, and others.

Yet still new enemies must be found for new SPLC fund-raising letters. The
latest addition to the list includes:

1. People who are defending Rush Limbaugh concerning the NFL deal.
2. Radio Talk Show Host Micheal Savage, whom the SPLC calls “hate radio
3. An online risk-style video game, called United States of Earth, which
portrays Obama as a bad guy.
4. Military and police who say they will disobey orders to disarm
American citizens
5. Dutch EU Parliament member (who’s party received 27% of the vote),
Geert Wilders.
6. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. for inviting Geert Wilders to the US.
7. Craig Bodecker for making a documentary exposing the left-wing
“racism” hustle.
8. People who gave positive reviews for Craig Bodecker’s film.

Of course the #1 group that the SPLC loves to hate, is the Council of
Conservative Citizens. They have attacked us in every single issue of their
free fund-raising magazine for the last ten years!
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 25 October 2009 02:32
*Both the Lemire and Tremaine Cases Show Internet Gag Law Was Punitive, Not
Remedial, Fromm Tells Moncton Crowd*
*MONCTON. October 24, 2009*. Free speech supporters from as far away as
Halifax travelled to Moncton to hear Paul Fromm discuss the significance of
the Marc Lemire constitutional challenge to Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human
Rights Act, the Internet censorship law.

"Marc Lemire has won an important victory but we haven't won the war," Fromm
said. "The Canadian Human Rights Commission is seeking judicial review
(appeal) of this decision. We must win this and toss this evil, un-Canadian
piece of minority-inspired censorship into the garbage can of history. Free
men and women deserve no less."

Paul Fromm, the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression,
was introduced by fellow teacher Malcolm Ross who lost his teaching job over
a decade ago for his Christian writings on his own time off school property,
which criticized Jews. Malcolm Ross is the author of a number of books
including *Cross-Examination* which looks at the long legal war to take his
job and further shut down right-of-centre teachers who might choose to speak
their minds.

"Marc Lemire's battle involved a lot of courage," Mr. Ross said. "We contend
for truth, for our people, for our heritage," he added. "A court doesn't
give us a victory. The truth does."

"We're in this war for the long run. It may take years or even centuries to
overcome the forces of evil censorship," he said.

Paul Fromm, who is finishing an eight city, four province speaking tour to
help raise funds for Terry Tremaine, explained that Mr. Tremaine is a victim
of Richard Warman's "maximum disruptlon" campaign to silence dissidents and
destroy their lives. "Athanasios Hadjis ruled Sec. 13 unconstitutional
because it was no longer 'remedial' as the Supreme Court thought it was when
it upheld an old form of this law in 1990. Warman launched a Sec. 13
complaint against Mr. Tremaine in 2005 for his postings on Stormfront under
the name *Mathdoktor99*. He then went complaining to the University of
Saskatchewan and Mr. Tremaine was fired from his job as a math instructor.
Next, he sought to have Mr. Tremaine charged under Sec. 319 of the Criminal
Code (the "hate law"). He sent bundles of material and his complaint to the
Regina Police."

Even though Mr. Tremaine at one point, while under severe medication at the
Regina Hospital, made a grovelling apology and retraction, neither Mr.
Warman nor the Canadian Human Rights Commission would drop the complaint.
"If the process were really 'remedial,' at that point, there was nothing
further to remediate and the complaint should have been withdrawn or
dismissed," Mr. Fromm insisted.

As with the Lemire case, said Fromm, it was clear that the goal was the
gagging or destruction of the dissident. "At one point, both Warman and the
Commission insisted that the Freedomsite 'in its entirety', even the title
and mailing address, all constituted 'hate'," Mr. Fromm reported. "It was
not about removing a few passages that might offend one of Canada's
priviledged class of minorities. At this time, all the original passages
complained of had been removed. If the process had been 'remedial,' the case
should have ended there. It didn't," Fromm thundered, "because the real
intent was to destroy Marc Lemire and shut him up and shut down the
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